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The puppies are all healthy & gaining weight!
Thank you to everybody for all the lovely congratulations!

We wish everybody Happy New Year 2010!


Iloua gave birth to 4 wonderful, healthy puppies last night!
It took her 4 hours for three red/white girls and one tri boy!
We are very happy and tired!
More photos in the puppydiary!



My dear friend Claudia came last night, and we are very happy, to have a vet with us!
Thank you very much Claudia!
Ilouas temperature went down one degree at midnight, that means, that the birth will start the next 12-48 hours!
Iloua was very restless last night, she needed to go out very often! She had some food this morning, but started to get very restless after it, and she is scratching all her baskets now!
The birth will start soon!



We wish everybody

Merry X-Mas & Happy New Year!

Sabine & Andreas with Asali & Iloua


Just in time for the cold season of the year, Asali & Iloua got new coats from Marion & Tsula!
Asali got 3 cool sweater with hood in black&red, and Iloua got one fleece in mulberry, where her babybelly fits in perfectly! Many thank to Marion & Tsula!




4 years young is our little american girl today, and at least 4 puppies is she carrying herself now... - it`s so great!



We have great news - Iloua ist pregnant!!!
The vet saw with the ultrasound at least 4 puppies today, and we are so happy!
We expect the puppies after christmas, which is perfect, because we have holidays from christmas till 10th of january!



We met Nora and Ruben at Zürich in Switzerland, and Iloua was mated on sunday, 25.10.09 for the first time.
Now, we have to wait, if the mating was successful - in a few weeks, we`ll know more!
Here - coming soon - can be seen some more photos of Iloua and Ruben!



After having her season always beginning of september the last years, Iloua took her time this year!
But now she started, and we will visit Ruben the end of october!
And I finally found some time, to put the photos I took of Asali & Iloua during our autumn-vacations in Austria on my  photopage!



ALEA IACTA EST - the die is cast!

The sire for our A-litter in the kennel "Msumari`s" is confirmed!
It`s "Faraoland Xcuse Me Desmond" of Nora Lindqvist from Finland, bred by Helena Strömbert, Faraoland Kennel in Sweden.
"Ruben" is World Winner 08, Multichampion and multiple BISS/BIS-Winner with a gentle character!

Out of this unique combination we expect red-white and tricolor puppies!
For further information look at Breeding!



We are having a long basenji-weekend at Trechtingshausen behind us!
Saturday, Iloua got V3 in the championclass under the british judge Christine Rix, and sunday, she got the special breedingpermission of the german basenji club!
It was a great weekend, with good weather, and we have seen a lot of friends again!
Photos of the show can be seen here - part 1, and here - part 2!



We have been at the clubrace and show at Lorch. Although it rained a lot, we had a lot of fun these two days.
Iloua got 6th out of 16 females at the race on saturday, and sunday, she got v2 in the championclass under the french judge christian jouanchicot.
More photos can be seen in my webalbum! Saturdayphotos - Sundayphotos



We had some great holidays at the tuscany coast in Italy, where we enjoyed the good weather!
We met lovely friends from last year again, and we met nice new people.
Hello to all of them - I´m working on your photos :-)
Pictures of the beachlife can be seen in the gallery.
As well as some new photos of Iloua stacked and moving.



With a good result of Ilouas hips  - she has got A2 hips - we leave for 2 weeks of holidays!
As last  year, we go to the tuscany in Italy, and the girls will have a lot of fun again at the dogbeach!



Hard to believe...!!!

After 14 month, I finally got the certificat of the FCI of Iloua`s International Champion!
We are so proud of our little multichampionesse!



Today, I have been with Iloua at the vet to x-ray her hips. The pictures look good, but we have to wait for the results from the expert. Iloua behaved very good, and she had no problems with the anaesthesia!
A few days ago I took a funny film of Asali, which can be seen here! She`s such a happy little girl, and really fine at the moment. Thank you, to all the lovely people, who always ask about her!



I have been at Dortmund with Iloua for the decisive expert opinion about her eyes.
Three independent vets of ophthalmology examined Iloua and they said, that
Iloua has NO PRA !!!
This is finally the end of a 2 year odysee, and we are so happy about this!!!
Thanks a lot lot to everybody, who thought about us!
After the stressy eye-exam, Iloua was great in the showring, and got V2 in the championclass under the finnish judge Gunnel Holm.



We - Marion with Tsula, and me with Iloua - have been at the meeting of the members of the basenjiclub and the clubshow at Kirchheim.
We had to elect a new president, which was quite emotional. I wish everybody good luck with the new positions!
Sunday, at the clubshow, Iloua got V2 in the championclass under judge Lothar Mende, and Tsula got V2 in the veteran class.
A lot of my photos can be seen here!



Last sunday the racetrack at Mammendorf opend for the season.
We met there with Marion and Tsula, and Camilla with Nala and Ciara.
It was a great, sunny day and our basenjis had a lot of fun!
Photos can be seen shortly at my photopage!



Today we received the certificat of the Clubchampion of Iloua!
Thank you very much to Uschi & Friedhelm Grewe for the fast handling!
And thank you very much for all the congratulations we got!
We are very proud of our little championesse!



Happy Easter to everybody!!!



We have been at the dogshow at Berlin, and Iloua wins the championclass under the polish judge Elzbieta Chwalibog and she gets best bitch and BOS!
She got now the last ticket for the clubchampion!



We visited again Professor Köstlin and he examined Ilouas eyes the third time. 
He`ll apply for the decisive expert opinion, cause nothing changed in her eyes - for him it`s no PRA!
Now we have to wait for the confirmation of the decisive expert opinion at the dogshow at Dortmund in may.



Ilouas big friend Bongi - Ndoki Bongana Lady in Red - died in a disastrous accident. She got a splenic rupture, playing with another dog, and although, everything was done for her, it was to late.
We are so sad, and our toughts are with Claudia, Max and Vuana!



Iloua has been sucessful again today!
She got best bitch unter the romanian judge C. Stefanescu with this report:
very elegant bitch, in excellent condition, a real champion



This weekend, we have been at a double show at Fribourg in Swizerland.
Saturday, Iloua gets BOB under the suisse judge Lisbeth Mach, 
and Sunday, she sets BOB under the spanish judge Galofre Morages!
With her first visit in swizerland she already got 2 of 4 tickets for the suisse champion!
It was a sucessful weekend, and we met again very nice basenjipeople!



It`s Asalis birthday - she is getting 14 today!
At the moment, she is very fine - she playing and jodeling very often!
It was love at first sight, when I saw her the first time, when she was just 2 weeks old!
I hope she`ll be with us for a long time!



We have been very sucessful again this weekend!
Saturday Iloua won BOB at the national Show at Innsbruck under judge E. Clerc (CH) and
sunday she won BOB at the international Show under judge P. Machtanz (D)!
Besides this she got 4th place in group 5 at the international show on sunday!



Yesterday we met again Marion & Tsula at munich. Although is was quite cold, the dogs had a lot of fun, running and playing with others.
Furthermore I took a video of Asali and Iloua which can be seen at youtube!