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I wish everybody a Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year!

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole!"



It`s Ilouas birthday - she gets 3 years today!
As present, she got a saussage and we had a lot of fun taking photos!



My new photo-homepage is ready!
I wish everybody a lot of fun with my pics!



Iloua wins BOB at the dogshow at Stuttgart on saturday (international show) under the special judge Rosemarie Lüscher of swizerland!
Sunday (national show) she wins best bitch under the judge Hans Müller of swizerland.
We are very proud of our little championesse!



Asali is getting better and better!
During our short walks, I have to slow her down a bit, because she wants to run around! She started to play with her toys again!
Next week, the vet will take the stitches out!



Asali had to be operated again today!
Since about 2 years she has got an inguinal hernia which has grown on Monday evening very strongly. Investigations by ultrasound & x-ray examination proved that, fortunately, no bowel broke trough.
But anyway, because of the size of the swell, a surgery was unavoidably!
During the surgery today the vet asserted, that a part of the uterus broke through. The uterus was already abnormal and there have been already cysts in the ovaries, so a complete surgery was made and the inguinal hernia was closed.
As already 3 weeks ago, Asali got along quite good with the anaesthesia, and I am confident that the wound heals cleanly and she will be fine again soon!



Unfortunately, the summer is over, and we don`t take the bicycle anymore. 
To make sure, that Iloua and me get our daily workout, we bought a buggy for Asali, and with this converted baby carriage we are on the run of a distance of 12 km daily (our way from and to my business) and Asali can sit in the buggy. 
Since she has got rid of her lighted molars, Asali is in a very good condition and she wants to walk most of the time.
I am so glad that she is fine!



Asali got her 2 molars removed in a one hour surgery this afternoon, and everything is ok!
We are very, very happy, that she is fine again!
Thank you very much to the vet Dr. von Gleichenstein of the animal hospital!



Tonight we had to go to the animal hospital because Asali is having a thick cheek. She has 2 carious molars, and now one is totally cankerous. She gets painkillers and antibiotics now and the next week the vet has to remove them in a surgery next wednesday.



We have good news!!!
Today we have been again at the animal hospital at the university in munich and Professor Köstlin examined for the second time Ilouas eyes!
Professor Köstlin said once more, that it is not PRA!
We are so happy and will remain with our original plan, to make one more examination in march 09, and then, I will apply for a decisive expert opinion.
Marion was also there with Tsula, and everything is fine with him as well!
Professor Köstlin has weakened Tsulas PRA suspicion 6 years ago in a decisive expert opinion, and his diagnosis was right!



We had nice sunshine today, and we have been again on the racecourt, where Iloua had a lot of fun!



We have been in Austria for a long weekend and we had a great time! We have been very high in the mountains, and it was quite cold. Photos of our stay can be seen in the gallery!



Asali is quite good at the moment - according to the circumstances! I spare her a lot - instead of walks of 8-10 km we walk just 1-3 km. She is still very interested  in all - everything goes just a bit more slowly.
Therefore, we are on the move a lot with the bicycle, so that Iloua also gets enough action. Asali sits - according to weather - warmly wrapped up (partly with hot-water bottle) in the basket and examines the world comfortably from above.
She gets, several times a day, Nux Vomica Globuli, and in my opinoion, she is not that shaky anymore. Indeed we notice it immediately if she walked to much. There are good and less good days, and I hope for many of the good ones!
From Saturday on, we are for a few days on vacation in Austria and we are looking forward to this!



We have been again at the racecourt at Mammendorf  last sunday together with Marion and Tsula.
It was great weather, and our basenjis enjoyed the time.
Some photos can be seen in the gallery!



We are back from a wonderful vacation in Castiglione della Pescaia on the Toskanian coast. The dog beach was really first-class - I can recommend to everybody - and Iloua and Asali had a lot of fun.
There have been many other dogs Iloua could play with. She was tired and happy in the evening!
We had great weather and I met many nice (dogs) people and have made a lot of (dogs) photos - own photo side is in work!
Pictures of our vacation can be seen in the gallery under "Vacation in Tuscany".



I`m a bit worried about my little Asali at the moment!
She has been very shaky and weak the last days, so we went to the animal hospital and we made a complete health cheque. Ultrasound and blood count have been ok, but the X-ray picture wasn`t!
Asali has, on account of the age, strong wears in the backbone. At 2 places no more gap is to be recognised between the whirls. Unfortunately, we can`t do very much!
She gets special additional food for bone and joints, now the walks are rather short and she is carried on steps and sales. Obviously she has no pains, and I hope that this also remains so! Otherwise she is rather fit and high-spirited and with good appetitt! She sleeps just a lot and very deeply, however, this is quite normal at the age!

Today we´re going for 2 weeks to the toscanische coast for summer vacation! There are specially dog beaches, and we are very curious about them! In 2 weeks there will be new pictures of our stay!



We have been at the race court today, and Iloua and her friend Kira (Viszla) had a lot of fun racing behind the rabbit!
It was a great afternoon!



We had a great long weekend with sunny weather!
We have been outside a lot and I took some more photos with my new camera.
They can be seen in the gallery - May 2008.



Iloua got her next official champion title!
She is now Austrian Champion!



Today we received for Iloua the recognition of the VDH for the German Champion (VDH) together with the title document!
Our first champion's title - we are so proud!



Iloua has received on the weekend in Wieselburg the fourth and therefore the last necessary ticket for the Austrian champion!
She received, under the austrian judge Roland Spörr, first place V1 in the open class  and the Reseve Cacib!



We have been again at the ophthalmologist because of Ilouas PRA suspicion and we have, once again, an odysee behind ourselves!
It took a while, until I have brought everything in written form, but now the whole history can be seen under Misc.



I fulfilled myself a big wish, and bought a digital reflex camera!
It`s so much fun, to take photos with it, but I have to learn a lot about it!
The first photos can be seen in the gallery - march 2008



I took my time eastersunday, and wrote an artikel about our trip to crufts in march. 
Sorry, there is no english translation yet, but have a look at the photos!
And finally I managed it, to put the lovely photos, Michèle took of Iloua, on my site! You can find them in the gallery - photos of Iloua from Michèle Spatschke!



Happy Easter to everybody!



Iloua wins the open class at Offenburg and gets best bitch (CAC & CACIB)!
She has now all the tickets she needs for VDH-Champion & International Champion!
We are so proud!

Our friends have been sucessfull as well! Bomani got BOB and BOG2 and Vuana and her daughter Bongana won their classes! What a sucessful weekend for us!



We have been at Crufts, the greatest dogshow in the world!!!
There has been 70 basenjis entered, and Iloua got 3rd in the Open Class under the judge Mr G. A. Dymock!
It was a great adventure, together with
Claudia & Vuana, Tina & Bomani and Michèle!
More to come soon under Misc.!



Today we have been at the dogshow at munich.
Iloua started first time open class and got V2 under judge Steffi Kirschbichler from Austria!



Today, Iloua and me did a tour of 1 1/2 hours with the bike. We met a flock of sheep, and luckily I saw them just in time to put Iloua on the leash!
After the tour we four visited Tutzing at the lake of Starnberg, where we had great weather!
I took some lovely photos of  Asali & Iloua, which could be seen in the gallery!



It`s Asalis birthday!
Hard to believe, but my little sweetheart is getting 13 years today!
She is still in a good condition and hoggish as always!
I hope we can sing her the song " Sweet little sixteen" in the future!



Today, I tried to take a photo of Iloua, jumping over a little stream. Unfortunatly the bank was very slippery, and suddenly, I stood with both legs in the stream. You can imagine, how cold this was - and I had to get home 3 km with the bicycle! But at least, I got my photo, as you can see!
Besides this, I filmed Iloua, and cutted some pics out, where you can see her movement.
Have a look in the gallery under Iloua - On the move!



Carnival, Mardi Gras, Shrovetide
            ....the crazy  time is over again!

But we basenjiowners are always having a lot of fun with our doggies... ;-)



We had a very nice weekend with a lot of sun - hopefully the spring/summer is coming soon!
We`ve been outside with the bicycle, although we had a bit of snow sometimes.
All you need is warm clothes and gloves - and Iloua loves to race with me.



And again - new pics of Asali & Iloua in the Gallery.
Have a look at "Late Summer 07" and "Iloua - wanna play"!



New pics in the gallery under fun - fun - fun!
I took some funny photos of Asali & Iloua the last two years.
Have fun, watching them!



Today, we - Iloua and Sabine - met  Bindy Sue  - a 4 1/2 month old Kromfohrländer-puppy and her family.
We walked about 1 1/2 hours and had most of the time sunny weather.
We all had a lot of fun - and a Kromi has a lot of power as well!
More pics in the gallery under Asali, Iloua and friends.



Today we met a Husky and a Labbymix! Iloua had a lot of fun, speeding around with them.
Of course, she was the fastest! More photos of them in the gallery - Asali, Iloua & Friends.



We are back from holidays, and we had a great time!
I took a lot of photos from us, and I`ll put them into the gallerie the next days.
I hope, everybody had a good turn of the year, and I wish again a great year 2008!
Thank you to everybody for all the lovely X-Mas and New Year Wishes!