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Great birthday wishes of Angelika, Hartmut & Dante


!!! Happy Birthday Msumari`s A-Wurf !!!



We got a lovely X-Mas card from Msumari`s Aza Amina, Dante, Angelika & Hartmut - thank you very much for it!
Besides this, there are 2 new films of Amina, which can be seen here!

Thanks a lot as well for all the lovely X-Mas greetings via mail, e-mail and facebook!

We wish everybody Merry X-mas & Happy New Year!



Msumari`s Ayo Azibo aka "Beau" was here for 6 days. We had a little bit of sun on sunday, so I took some lovely photos of him in the woods.

IMG_0772.jpg IMG_7650.jpg IMG_7676.jpg IMG_7652.jpg IMG_7679.jpg
IMG_7655.jpg IMG_7660.jpg IMG_7661.jpg IMG_7668.jpg IMG_7687.jpg
IMG_7693.jpg IMG_7696.jpg IMG_7715.jpg IMG_7718.jpg IMG_7691.jpg

Lovely birthday wishes for Iloua of her daughter Amina - Thank you !


It`s Ilouas birthday!

That means: 6 years of luck, love, joy and fun!

!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Iloua !!!




Msumari`s Aza Aloua was shown successful the last weekend in Nitra (SK) under the judge Vlado Piskay (SK) and gets V1, CAC, CACIB & BOS!
Well done Dorota, congrats!



Die Msumari`s girls Aza Aminouh & Aza Aloua have been successfull this weekend at the dogshow at Stuttgart (D)
On saturday, 05.11 2011 Aloua wins under the judge E. Clerc (CH) the Open Class with Exc1, CAC & Res.-CACIB!
Aminouh get in the Intermediate Class Exc.1, CAC, CACIB and BOB and wins under the judge M. Blaha (A) BOG3 !
On sunday, 06.11.2011 Aloua gets Exc.1 in the Open Class under the judge C. Méry (F), Aminouh gets Exc.1 & Res.-CAC in the Intermediate Class!
What a successfull weekend!
And it was great to see Aloua with Kibibi, Dorota und Tomek again!
Some photos can be seen below!

From Dortmund we got lovely halloween photos from Msumari`s Aza Amina. She was very relaxt, doing the pumpkin photos, which can be seen in Aminas Gallery!
Thank you Angelika!

IMG_0507.jpg IMG_0525.jpg IMG_5111.jpg IMG_5100.jpg IMG_5115.jpg IMG_5106.jpg IMG_5142.jpg IMG_5157.jpg
IMG_5158.jpg IMG_5182.jpg IMG_5183.jpg IMG_5185.jpg IMG_5186.jpg IMG_5187.jpg IMG_5194.jpg IMG_0562.jpg


We have been again at the race court at Mammendorf and there we met Marion & Tsula and Camilla & Ciara for the end of the season.
At the first run, all 4 basenjis did run together, means Msumari`s Aza Aminouh (r/w, ~ 2 Jahre), Loki`s Iloua (r/w, ~ 6 Jahre), Jangua G´Tsula (b/w, ~ 11 Jahre) & Liljeborg`s Dan Galina Of Phoebus (r/w, ~ 6 Jahre) und Aminouh was the fastest!
Aminouh & Iloua did the second run by themselves and they had as always a lot of fun!
No photos this time, but a short video!

Besides this, there is a new HALLOWEEN-photoserie of Iloua, Aminouh & "Beau" in the gallery!



We had a great & sunny autumn-sunday, and we went to the racecourt for the last time this year, I guess.
It was still quite misty and cold (1°C) during the first race, but the sun came out for the second round.
This time, it worked out very good with the muzzle on Aminouh! The first try in summer was a desaster, because she only tried to get rid of it and didn`t run. But in the meantime, she is even more excited about running, that the muzzle didn`t bother her anymore! Great!
Some photos can be seen bolow!
Besides this, we took some photos in the autumn evening sun of Iloua & Aminouh which can be seen in the gallery!

Great news came yesterday from Poland!
Msumari`s Aza Aloua won her class at the international dogshow at Poznan with
Exc.1 & CAC and is now new Polish Champion!
She is the first adult Msumari`s Champion! (the others are Msumari`s Junior Champions)
Super, well done, congrats to Dorota, Tomek & Aloua!

IMG_5736.jpg IMG_5742.jpg IMG_5747.jpg IMG_5748.jpg IMG_5749.jpg IMG_5757.jpg


Msumari`s Aza Amina & her friend Dante have been in holidays in the netherlands & her owner Angelika Joswig has send us wonderful photos which can be seen in Aminas gallery! Thank you for the photos!
There are as well new photos of Msumari`s Aza Aloua which can be seen on her own homepage!



We have benn sucessful at Lausanne (CH) the last weekend!
On saturday, 15.10.11, Msumari`s Ayo Azibo aka "Beau" unfortunatly gets only very good 1 in the intermediate class under the judge I. Beradze (GE) , but Msumari`s Aza Aminouh gets in the intermediate class V1, CAC, CACIB & BOB!
On sunday, 16.10.11 "Beau" gets  V1, CAC & CACIB in the intermediate class under the judge R. Spörr (A), and Aminouh in the intermediate class V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB & BOG3 under the judge J-C. Klein (F)!
So it was well worth to wake up that early on saturday (2.30h - uuuah) and to wait for the group contest on sunday!
Besides this, Aminouh & "Beau" both got with the CACIB on sunday the qualification for Crufts 2012 in England!



In September we have been again in Austria for one week and we had a great time with beautiful sunshine. We enjoyed the warm autumn weather and we have been outside and in the mountains a lot.
In the neighborhood of our domicile there is now an australian shepherd puppy, and the girls will meet him more often in the future. Till now, only Aminouh met him, because Iloua isn`t that thrilled about pups.
Photos can be seen in the gallery/holidayphotos!



Msumari`s Ayo Azibo aka "Beau" is back in Switzerland again with his owner Nora, after he stayed with us for a bit longer summerholisay. It`s a quiter now in our small pack.
The combination of 2 girls and one boy is not that easy, specially when the dogs run free and when we meet other (male) dogs.
The girls are getting more quiet, because they are getting in season soon, and the boys are getting much more excited about this!
But anyway, we miss this little big man and we had a great summer together!
I took lots of photos of them - coming soon!



On saturday last weekend we met Dani, Matthias und their two Basenjis Zuri & Thabo at the zoo at munich.
They are for holidays in bavaria, and finally, we managed to meet each other.
The dogs loved the zoo animals although they drove even more crazy about a squirrel running free at the entrance.
"Beau" (Msumari`s Ayo Azibo) relized, that there exist more female good smelling basenjis - sweet Zuri - and I didn`t know, how perseveringly a male Basenji can whine - the whole afternoon in the zoo!
After the zoo we went to a traditional bavarian beergarden and in the evening we had barbeque at home. My basenjis had to stay in the house - Zuri & Thabo have been in the garden with us.
Sunday, we went all together to the racecourt at Mammendorf, and there we had 6 basenjis with all 4 colours - Marion & Ebi with Tsula did come as well!
Aminouh was the fastest and loudest of my three, and after 2 runs in over 30°C they have been quite satisfied and tired and we had a chilled afternoon in the garden!
It was a lovely weekend! Photos below!

IMG_9203.jpg IMG_9198.jpg IMG_8876.jpg IMG_8880.jpg IMG_8882.jpg IMG_8884.jpg IMG_8915.jpg IMG_8929.jpg
IMG_8932.jpg IMG_8937.jpg IMG_8938.jpg IMG_8941.jpg IMG_8943.jpg IMG_8951.jpg IMG_9191.jpg IMG_8963.jpg
IMG_8968.jpg IMG_8972.jpg IMG_8977.jpg IMG_8973.jpg IMG_8994.jpg IMG_9006.jpg IMG_9019.jpg IMG_9032.jpg
IMG_9236.jpg IMG_9072.jpg IMG_9076.jpg IMG_9084.jpg IMG_9125.jpg IMG_9216.jpg IMG_9234.jpg IMG_9261.jpg
IMG_9272.jpg IMG_9277.jpg IMG_9278.jpg IMG_9285.jpg IMG_9291.jpg IMG_9295.jpg IMG_9298_(2).jpg IMG_9299.jpg
IMG_9300.jpg IMG_9315.jpg IMG_9318.jpg IMG_9319.jpg IMG_9322.jpg IMG_9329.jpg IMG_4515.jpg IMG_4520.jpg


Last weekend, the BKD had again invited to the clubshow at Trechtingshausen. The great event was again organized by Noel Baaser & Rainer Fendel (Mutabaruga Basenjis).
Judeg was the wellknown basenji breeder Sally Wallis (Zande Basenjis) from England.
We had the record entry of 66 Basenjis.

The journey took us very long - 8 hours instead of 4 1/2, because one highway was totally closed. At our arrival at Trechtingshausen there was a thunderstorm, so we couldn`t do our planed boattrip.

Dorota & Tomek, the owners of Msumari`s Aza Aloua arrived as well - they had a 1000km trip - and we had a nice evening at our hotel.

We had quite bad weather on saturday, and the judging had to be stopped several times because of the rain.

Msumari`s Ayo Azibo got Exc.4 in the Intermediate Class of the males.
Loki`s Iloua got 2. place in the Honour Class
Msumari`s Aza Aminouh won the strong Intermediate Class with Exc.1, CAC & Klub-CAC!!!
Msumari`s Aza Aminouh got V in the Open Class females.
Besides this, we started for the first time breeders group with Msumari`s Ayo Azibo, Aza Aloua & Aza Aminouh and we won!!!
Graet success for Msumari`s Basenjis!
All entered dogs and results can be seen here!

In the evening a lot of exhibitors met at the hotel, and it was a very nice and funny evening!

Sunday Msumari`s Aza Aminouh und Msumari`s Ayo Azibo had to take part at the breeding permission test of the German Basenji Club. They both passed the test!
They could get 11x10 points the most.
Msumari`s Aza Aminouh is 41 cm high & she got 9x10 points & 2x8 points!
Msumari`s Ayo Azibo is 42 cm high & he got 8x10 points,1x9 points, 2x8 points!
He is now the first Msumari`s Stud Dog!!!

After the test, we went to the racetrack at Hünstetten, and the dogs had a lot of fun. It was the first time for Aloua & Kibibi at the racecourt and they both knew straight, what to do.

It was a great & successfull weekend for the Msumari`s Basenjis!
Photos can be seen below and here!

IMG_6683.jpg IMG_6684.jpg IMG_6690.jpg IMG_6693.jpg IMG_6722.jpg IMG_6777.jpg IMG_6782.jpg IMG_6792.jpg
IMG_6800.jpg IMG_6804.jpg IMG_6805.jpg IMG_6865.jpg IMG_6917.jpg IMG_6967.jpg IMG_6968.jpg IMG_7024.jpg
IMG_7029.jpg IMG_7033.jpg IMG_7037.jpg IMG_7038.jpg IMG_7046.jpg IMG_7047.jpg IMG_7049.jpg IMG_7063.jpg
IMG_7081.jpg IMG_7181.jpg IMG_7192.jpg IMG_7220.jpg IMG_7228.jpg IMG_7257.jpg IMG_7272.jpg IMG_7273.jpg
IMG_7306.jpg IMG_7312.jpg IMG_7313.jpg IMG_7321.jpg IMG_7484.jpg IMG_7494.jpg IMG_7600.jpg IMG_7602.jpg
IMG_7603.jpg IMG_7617.jpg IMG_7624.jpg IMG_7630.jpg IMG_7643.jpg IMG_7656.jpg IMG_7665.jpg IMG_7666.jpg


Today we have been the first time this year at the racecourt at Mammandorf.
It was very hot - over 30°C - but Iloua & Aminouh had anyway a lot of fun racing after the rabbit.
It was the first time for Beau (Msumari`s Ayo Azibo) on the racecourt. He wasn`t that thrilled about it, but I think, that he suffers more of the heat with his black coat.
Aminouh was "not amused" about the muzzle, so it seems, that I have to get her used to it at home.
After the race, Aminouh & Beau played a bit with two whippetgirls, and they had a lot of fun.
Fotos of the day below.

IMG_2929.jpg IMG_2931.jpg IMG_2935.jpg IMG_2936.jpg IMG_2937.jpg IMG_2941.jpg IMG_2942.jpg IMG_2944.jpg
IMG_2951.jpg IMG_2952.jpg IMG_2955.jpg IMG_2956.jpg IMG_2957.jpg IMG_2958.jpg IMG_2959.jpg IMG_2960.jpg
IMG_2970.jpg IMG_2980.jpg IMG_2981.jpg IMG_2982.jpg IMG_2983.jpg IMG_2984.jpg IMG_2991.jpg IMG_2995.jpg
IMG_3008.jpg IMG_3010.jpg IMG_3014.jpg IMG_3016.jpg IMG_3019.jpg IMG_3023.jpg IMG_3024.jpg IMG_4443.jpg


We spend a sunny & nice weekend at the double-CACIB at Innsbruck/Austria.
On both days 12 basenjis have been entered.
On saturday, 13.08. Msumari`s Ayo Azibo wins the Intermediate Class with Exc 1 & CAC under the judge Elsbeth Clerc (CH).
Msumari`s Aza Aminouh wins as well the Intermediate Class with Exc 1, CAC & CACIB!
On sunday, 14.08. Msumari`s Ayo Azibo gets Exc 2 in the Intermediate Class under the judge Richter Otto Schimpf (A).
Msumari`s Aza Aminouh wins again the Intermediate Class with Exc 1, CAC & CACIB!

Saturday after the show, we have been on tour at the lovely "Ötztal" and we had great weather. We did a little bit of hiking, took some "mountain-pics", watched wildwater rafting, ate delicious "Kaiserschmarrn, an austrian speciality and met good old friends.

Again we had a lovely & successful weekend! Photos (Andreas took almost all of them) can be seen below!

IMG_4300.jpg IMG_4301.jpg IMG_4304.jpg IMG_4306.jpg IMG_4310.jpg IMG_4377.jpg IMG_4385.jpg IMG_4369.jpg
IMG_4400.jpg IMG_4387.jpg IMG_4389.jpg IMG_4315.jpg IMG_4319.jpg IMG_4371.jpg IMG_4396.jpg IMG_4428.jpg




We have been at Ludwigshafen at the CACIB-Show with Clubshow of the basenjiclub the 06.08.2011. Judge Noel Baaser (Basenjikennel Mutabaruga`s) judged the basenjis in an outside ring in a relaxed and nice atmosphere.
Loki`s Iloua started in the honour class and was places first, Msumari`s Aza Aminouh gets  excellent 1 with CAC and Club-CAC in the intermediate class and Msumari`s Ayo Azibo gets excellent 1 with CAC, Club-CAC and Res.- CACIB in the intermediate class as well.
Besides this, Aminouh & Beau got their temperament test for the breeding permission of the club.



We had a lovely weekend with our friends Hedi & Harald and their 11 month old Shepard Finley
The weather was at least dry, and the dogs had a lot of fun playing in the garden.
Finley is such a sweetheart who didn`t react at all to the behavior of  "Beau", who sometimes behaves like a rowdy.
And "Beau" realized, that after he had the fight with another male basenji in switzerland 4 weeks ago, not every male is aggressive, and that it can be a lot of fun, just to play with other dogs!
And he felt totally in love with the little girl "Jacky" of the neighbours, who was allowed to play with them for a while.
Fotos of them can be seen below!

Loulka (Msumari`s Aza Aloua) was shown successfully again last weekend.
On the IRA at Bremen on saturday 30.07.11 she wins under the judge Iuza Berazde (GE) the intermediate class with excellent 1 and CAC! On the NRA at Bremen on sunday 31.07.11 she gets excellent 3 in the intermediate class under the judge Roberto Schill (RO).
Congrats, Dorota!

IMG_1007.jpg IMG_0987.jpg IMG_1016.jpg IMG_1022.jpg IMG_1029.jpg IMG_1037.jpg IMG_1057.jpg
IMG_1061.jpg IMG_1075.jpg IMG_1084.jpg IMG_1087.jpg IMG_1088.jpg IMG_1091.jpg IMG_1092.jpg
IMG_1105.jpg IMG_1107.jpg IMG_1114.jpg IMG_1120.jpg IMG_1122.jpg IMG_1127.jpg IMG_1138.jpg
IMG_1141.jpg IMG_1148.jpg IMG_1149.jpg IMG_1283.jpg IMG_1150.jpg IMG_1152.jpg IMG_1155.jpg
IMG_1156.jpg IMG_1157.jpg IMG_1158.jpg IMG_1160.jpg IMG_1163.jpg IMG_1167.jpg IMG_1174.jpg
IMG_1184.jpg IMG_1211.jpg IMG_1214.jpg IMG_1215.jpg IMG_1217.jpg IMG_1219.jpg IMG_1259.jpg
IMG_1265.jpg IMG_1267.jpg IMG_1274.jpg IMG_1277.jpg IMG_1319.jpg IMG_1321.jpg IMG_1327.jpg
IMG_1336.jpg IMG_1344.jpg IMG_1346.jpg IMG_1348.jpg IMG_1349.jpg IMG_1354.jpg IMG_1357.jpg
IMG_1358.jpg IMG_1362.jpg IMG_1368.jpg IMG_1394.jpg IMG_1396.jpg IMG_1406.jpg IMG_1407.jpg
IMG_1419.jpg IMG_1420.jpg IMG_1421.jpg IMG_1428.jpg IMG_1467.jpg IMG_1472.jpg IMG_1443.jpg


Things always come in a different way than expected...
Unfortunatly, we can`t realize our breeding plans with Iloua this year.

We have been for the eye-exam last monday with Iloua, Aminouh & "Beau" at professor Köstlin at the university in munich.
Aminouh & "Beau" both got PPM (iris-iris) and both are PRA free.
"Beau" got the unusual but benign pigmentation of the netskin like his mommy Iloua, which can be mixed up with PRA by unexperienced vets.

In one of Ilouas eyes, Professor Köstlin saw one small spot of cataract.

There are different forms of cataract.
One is hereditary, normally in both eyes, and with this form, you`re not allowed to breed anymore.
The other one comes of different reasons, for example of a metabolic disease or a injury or hit.
This form doesn`t change, and you`re allowed to breed, because they are inheritable.

Professor Köstlin didn`t give Iloua free now for the next 6 month, because he wants to see, if somethings changing.
If the cataract doesn`t modify, she`ll be free again.

But this means now, that I´m not allowed to breed with her the next season.
Thats a great pity, because it wasn`t easy to find a male I like and I was so happy, to have puppies again this winter.

I don`t know, if I´m going to have a litter again with Iloua in 2012, because Iloua will be almost 7 then. Perhaps it will be Aminouh then having the Msumari`s B-Litter. We´ll see...
Thank you as well again to all the puppy-buyers for their understanding and thanks a lot for the sympathy of the owners of the male!

But now something nice in the end:
The photos of the BKD-race at Tüttleben the 16.&17.07.2011 are online in the gallery!



Since one week "Beau" (Msumari`s Ayo Azibo) is for 3 weeks of holiday with us and mon and kids are having a lot of fun. In the meantime, Beau is used to our rhythm, he got a bit quiter and he`s enjoying the time with us.

Today, we have been at the Internationalen Show at Augsburg, where the basenjis got judged in an outside ring with cold and windy weather - luckily in the afternoon, when it had stopped raining.
Msumari`s Ayo Azibo wins the Intermediate Class of the males with very good 1.
Msumari`s Aza Aminouh wins the Intermediate Class of the females with excellent 1 an gets



The breeders seminar & the basenji-race of the BKD at Tüttleben was on our scedule for last two days, and what should I say - we had great 2 days again!
Before the seminar started, we went for an inlining tour around Tüttleben with the girls to make them tired.
Dr. Kröll from the animal hospital of Erfurt reported about the very interessting theme " From the season of a bitch to the hand over of the puppies".
This was followed by a report of our new club leaders about all the new projekts of the BKD.
The members can be curious besides others about the new website of the club and the new layout of our club magazin!
We did spend the rest of the evening in our super nice hotel at Gotha - there has only been the romanic suite available ;-))

Sunday was raceday.
Although they had pronounced rain, luckily the weather stayed dry. But it was very cloudy, therefore I don`t have that many good pics of the race!
Aminouh had her first race ever, and straightaway she got vice winner in a strong open class with 12 entrants! It took her 31,89s for the 350m on gras! She wasn`t used to the startbox yet, so I guess with some more experience, she`ll be even faster!
We`re very proud of our fast little girl!
Iloua had a lot of fun as always on the court, and she got a respectable 8. place with 33,18s. Not bad for 5 1/2 years!
Fotos of the weekend below!

And there are lovely new photos of Msumari`s Aza Amina from Angelika Joswig!
Many thanks for them - Amina is such a supersweet girl!

Breeders seminar & BKD-Race at Tüttleben

IMG_3598.jpg IMG_3591.jpg IMG_3661.jpg IMG_3674.jpg IMG_3676.jpg IMG_3663.jpg IMG_3678.jpg IMG_0593.jpg
IMG_0595.jpg IMG_0599.jpg IMG_0601.jpg IMG_0622.jpg IMG_0625.jpg IMG_0421.jpg IMG_0425.jpg IMG_0665.jpg
IMG_0666.jpg IMG_0671.jpg IMG_0485.jpg IMG_3840.jpg IMG_3977.jpg IMG_0486.jpg IMG_3780.jpg IMG_0228.jpg


We`re back from our short trip to France and the World Dog Show at Paris.
After our arrival thursday night at our Hotel in the suburb of Paris (full with Showpeople) and a turbulent night (great, that our basenjis don`t bark) we had a nice sightseeing day around Paris on friday with visits at Versailles, Auvers sur Oise and Sacre Coeur.

Saturday was showtime in a not really beautiful hall - but the rings have been big.
The australian judge was ill, so the around 80 basenjis have been judged with really high speed and without judge reports by M. Velez Pico of Puerto Rico.
Aminouh, Beau und their sister Aloua from far Poland all got a unplaced V in the Intermediate Class, Iloua as well in the Champion Class. They all showed super - ok, Beau needs a bit of showtraining with me ;-) and I´m very proud of them!
It was very nice and interesting to see and meet some basenjipeople of Europe personally and to see them in the showring, and it was great to meet Dorota, Tomek & Marta mit Aloua & Kibibi again! Congrats as well to all the winners!

After the show we travelled to the direction of Troyes, where we stayed the next 2 days at a lovely auberge at Mesnil St. Père at the Lake D`Orient.
Sunday was sightseeing day again at Troyes and the dogs had their fun at the lake in the evening.
Monday we travelled back home 800km.
We had a great trip, photos can be seen in the gallery!



We´re back from our great holidays in tuscany, where we & the girls had two weeks of fun at the dogbeach! I finally found some time, to sort some of the photos I took, and now they can be seen in the gallery holidayphotos.
More photos of Iloua & Aminouh will follow soon on my photopage!

During our holiday in Italy we have been at the International Show in Viterbo.
Iloua gets V1 & CACIB in the Champion Class under the italian judge Pierluigi Buratti.
Aminouh gets V1, CAC & Res.-CACIB in the Intermediate Class!
Aminouh has got now already 3 tickets of 3 countries for the International Champion!!!
In Italy, the best dog/bitch of the Intermediate & Open Class have to compete for the CAC.
Starters in the Champion Class don`t get a CAC.

Msumari`s Aza Aloua
was successful shown by Marta Müller at the Internationalen Show at Krakau (Pl)! She gets V1, CACIB and BOB under the judge Magdalena Musial (Pl)!!!
Well done, Marta!

Msumari`s Aza Amina did send me sweet birthday greetings! Thank you Angelika & Hartmut Joswig!



The result of Aminouhs hip x-ray finally arrived - A1 - nothing better! Great!

Saturday & sunday, we have been at Greifenberg at H.UND, and we had a lot of fun!
I ordered two new, custommade harnesses for the girls, and already I´m very curious, how they will look like!
Almost every booth offered free treats, and the girls loved it!
Besides this, we met a lot of friends, for example Anja Jakob from the Click`n Trick Dogschool, who took the lovely photos of Aminouh & Iloua, because I was exceptionally there without a camera.

Msumari`s Aza Aloua was again very successful in the showring last weekend!
She wins in Litomerice (CZ) 2x CAC und 1x CACIB!
Super! Congrats, Dorota!!!

And there are again a lot of new photos on my photopage!



Msumari`s Ayo Azibo was with Nora at the dogshow at St. Gallen - 14.+15.05.11
"Beau" wins on both days under the judges Ch. Rossier (CH) & C. Z. Lokodi (RO)
the intermediate class with V1 & CAC!
Congrats, Nora!

While "Beau" was successful in the showring, we had our friends Hedi & Harald with their shepard Finley with us for a visit.
Finley is almost 9 month now and such a beautiful boy.
We had a great weekend, unfortunatly with not that much (photo-) sun. But I took some pics anyway, which can bee seen below.

IMG_4279.jpg IMG_4280.jpg IMG_4347.jpg IMG_4281.jpg IMG_4282.jpg
IMG_4286.jpg IMG_4314.jpg IMG_4338.jpg IMG_4357.jpg IMG_4341.jpg


We had a lovely long weekend!
After a short stay at my moms place in Styria on Friday, we have been on show at Maribor (SLO) on saturday & sunday.
Iloua (championclass) wins on both days CAC, CACIB & BOB,
Aminouh (intermediate class) on both days CAC & Res.-CACIB (useable).
On saturday, Iloua was with the last 4 in the group competition. 
We didn`t join the group competition on sunday because of the long way home, and we`d rather stoped again at my moms place.
At Maribor, we met as well my Facebook friends Tisa, Darinka & Katja with Zadi, and it was very nice, to met them personally!
It was a lovely weekend and the restaurant "Pri Florjanu" in the pedestrian area at Maribor is very recommendable!

Msumari`s Aza Aloua was as well sucessfull shown last weekend at Lodz (Pl) 07.05.2011.
She wins the intermediate class with CAC and gets Res-CACIB! Gratulations, Dorota!

Angelika & Hartmut Joswig have been on short holiday in holland at easter with Amina und Dante and they did send great photos. Amina tried, how she would look like as a brindle Basenji ;-)

Holland_24.4.11_171.jpg Holland_24.4.11_175.jpg Holland_24.4.11_189.jpg Holland_24.4.11_201.jpg
Holland_24.4.11_217.jpg Holland_24.4.11_745.jpg Holland_24.4.11_951.jpg Holland_24.4.11_940.jpg

There are new photos of Iloua & Aminouh on

IMG_2166.jpg IMG_2135.jpg IMG_2475.jpg IMG_3423.jpg IMG_2512.jpg IMG_2824.jpg IMG_2875.jpg

Aminouh, 16 month & Iloua, 5 1/2 years in april 2011

IMG_1880.jpg IMG_1891.jpg IMG_1959.jpg IMG_1979.jpg


Ostern.jpg Ostern2.jpg OsternJoswig2011.jpg


Last weekend Msumari`s Aza Aloua has been on the national Show in Grudziadz (Pl) and she got BOB under the judge Elzbieta Augustyniak!!!
Well done, Dorota!!! Congrats!!!

And Angelika Joswig did send lovely photos of Msumari`s Aza Amina helping her in the garden!
The photos can be seen here!



We have been at Wieselburg/Austria at the show, and Aminouh wins under S. Sinko (SLO) V1, CAC & CACIB!
This is the start for her Austrian & International Champion!
Iloua was with us for her support, but she wasn`t entered.



Berlin, Berlin, we´re going to Berlin...
Last week, we had 4 great days in Berlin with visits in 2 theaters, sightseeing, & good food, and even a dogshow, which is not worth to be commentated could blur our good mood!
We met Msumari`s Aza Aloua with her owners Dorota & Tomek and Nirse Kibibi again, and it was great to see, how Aloua recognized me!
Aloua looks like her mommy Iloua and she is grown up to such a pretty young basenjilady!

0001.jpg 0002.jpg 0003.jpg 0004.jpg 0005.jpg 0006.jpg 0007.jpg 0057.jpg su17.jpg su10.jpg
su32.jpg su11.jpg su12.jpg su13.jpg su14.jpg su16.jpg su18.jpg su19.jpg su7.jpg su8.jpg
su34.jpg su9.jpg su35.jpg su36.jpg su1.jpg su2.jpg su4.jpg su5.jpg su6.jpg su37.jpg

The girls enjoy the sun & the spring !

IMG_1404.jpg IMG_1406.jpg IMG_1407.jpg IMG_1411.jpg IMG_1394.jpg IMG_1393.jpg IMG_1416.jpg IMG_1423.jpg IMG_1447.jpg IMG_1434.jpg
IMG_1428.jpg IMG_1450.jpg IMG_1455.jpg IMG_1443.jpg IMG_1445.jpg IMG_1457.jpg IMG_1462.jpg IMG_1466.jpg IMG_1476.jpg IMG_1477.jpg
IMG_1481.jpg IMG_1486.jpg IMG_1511.jpg IMG_1537.jpg IMG_1539.jpg IMG_1540.jpg IMG_1555.jpg IMG_1563.jpg IMG_1573.jpg IMG_1569.jpg


Aminouh is recovering great of her hernia surgery!
She is already very fit, and I have to take care, that she`s not running and playing that wild with her toys!
Thanks to all for the get well messages!



Aminouh obviously had pain this morning at her hernia - she wined, when I took her up - and therefore, she got the hernia surgery done this afternoon.
We took the chanced and x-rayed her hips also!
I wanted to do this anyway the next month - now all happend a bit earlier!
She has to stay on a lead the next days, and the stiches will be removed in 2 weeks.
Of course, we`ll not go to the show at munich next weekend!



Angelika & Hartmut Joswig did send me 2 videos of Msumari`s Aza Amina.
Amina is learning to retrieve!
Video 1 (click)
       Video 2 (click)
Super, how she is doing this!
Thanks a lot to you, giving Amina such a great & diversified basenjihome!



Aminouh is always good for a surprise - she`s in season since last week!
None of my girls ever had a spring season, and I´m curious, if Iloua will follow!

I found a photo of Aminouhs Junior BOG3 at Graz (26.02.2011) - it can be seen in her Show-Gallery!

Besides this, the photos of our short-holidays in Austria are finally online and can be seen in the Gallery/Holidayphotos!
We had 3 days with great & sunny weather, and I took a lot of pics on a golf court, where Iloua & Aminouh loved to play with the golfballs.



In the topical issue of the UH, the magazin of the Austrian Kennelclub, there is a portrait of the Basenji, written by the wellknown austrian basenjibreeder & judge Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner.
It was a big honour for me, to supply the photos for the article, and my girls Iloua & Aminouh are on the coverpicture!
The text can be seen here (sorry - no english translation) and the photos with the dogs and their owners are listed below.

IMG_7168.jpg IMG_6668.jpg 539Q7276.jpg IMG_4715.jpg IMG_5518.jpg IMG_8401.jpg _R0R7721.jpg


Aminouh gets Junior Winner & Junior BOG3 at Graz/Austria and gets, with 3 starts & wins in a row Austrian Junior Champion!
She is now - with exactly 14 month - German, Suisse & Austrian Junior Champion!
We are very proud of our little girl!



We had a great & sucessful Show-Weekend!
On the international Show at Rzeszow/Polen Msumari`s Aza Aloua gets Best Junior!
Gratulation Dorota!
On the first day of the internationalen Show at Friborg/Schweiz Msumari`s Aza Aminouh wins the female junior class and is now, with 3 starts and wins in a row Suisse Junior-Champion!
Msumari`s Ayo Azibo wins the male junior class and gets Best Junior! With 3 starts and wins in a row, he is Suisse Junior-Champion as well!
The mother of both - Loki`s Iloua - wins the champion class and gets BOB!
The second day, Iloua wins the champion class with CAC & CACIB!
Msumari`s Aza Aminouh gets a excellent 2!
Msumari`s Ayo Azibo wins again the junior class and gets, with only 13 month BOB!!!
What a sucess!!!

IMG_1026.jpg IMG_1027.jpg IMG_1029.jpg IMG_1039.jpg IMG_1042.jpg IMG_1047.jpg IMG_1059.jpg
IMG_1079.jpg IMG_1086.jpg IMG_1087.jpg IMG_1060.jpg IMG_1093.jpg IMG_1095.jpg IMG_0487.jpg
IMG_0488.jpg IMG_0494.jpg IMG_0489.jpg IMG_1152.jpg IMG_1168.jpg IMG_1173.jpg Beau_BOBFribourg_(2).jpg


Today, our little Asali would have been 16 years old!
For this reason, there is again a short video of our little sweetheart from may 2009!
We miss her so much and we´ll never forget her!

Today, we got as well the great news, that Msumari`s Aza Aloua won at the show at
Bydgoszcz/Pl (12./13.02.2011) on both days the junior class and she got junior BOB on one day! She is now new Polish Junior Champion and the second Msumari`s Champion!!!
Congratulations to Dorota & Tomek - well done!!!
Aloua und Kibibi have as well their own homepage now!



I got a new SRL camera, and we had spring temperatures this weekend with 15°C!
Therefore, there are new photos of Iloua & Aminouh on my photohomepage!
As well, there are new stacked & moving pics of Aminouh!



I got new photos of sweet AMINA (Msumari`s Aza Amina) together with Dante! They are, as always great! Thank you Angelika & Hartmut!

AMINA_DANTE_Studio_9.1.11_021.jpg AMINA_DANTE_Studio_9.1.11_108.jpg AMINA_DANTE_Studio_9.1.11_129.jpg AMINA_Studio_19.1.11_002.jpg AMINA_Studio_19.1.11_025.jpg AMINA_Studio_19.1.11_045.jpg


There are new photos of Iloua & Aminouh of today in the gallery!
It was sunny and we had blue sky, but it was freezing cold!
Winter came back again!



It`s already springtime in Bavaria - it felt about 20°C, and Iloua and Aminouh had a lot of fun during our walk at the river Ammer.
I had my photo and my videocamera with me, and I made a little film of them.
There are 2 new stacked photos of Aminouh (without a lead!) and I updated "My Basenjis"!

Besides this, I got the confirmation and certificat of Aminouhs German Juniorchampion (VDH)!
She is now the first Msumari`s Champion!

And finally, Msumari`s Basenjis is on Facebook now!

IMG_0134.jpg IMG_0136.jpg IMG_0155.jpg IMG_0167.jpg IMG_0169.jpg IMG_0191.jpg IMG_0210.jpg
IMG_0371.jpg IMG_0217.jpg IMG_0222.jpg IMG_0228.jpg IMG_0233.jpg IMG_0236.jpg IMG_0376.jpg


We enjoy our second holidayweek at home very much, and we are out a lot with the girls. Yesterday we had blue sky, but it was very, very cold - this can be seen on the photos below at the tails of Iloua & Aminouh ;-)

"Beau" (Msumari`s Ayo Azibo) had been over christmas and new year at the place of Anna und Paul Hulbert of the basenjikennel Leoniver`s in switzerland.
Anna did send me some photos od Beau, and it looks like he had a great time there.
Anna is having 6 basenjipuppies at the moment with Cansey, she has her daughter Mounty, which is half sister of Aminouh and Beau, she has 3 Tollers, cats (she´s breeding ragdolls) and alpacas!
Definitly no place for a young basenjiboy to be bored ;-)
Thank you Anna! Photos of "Beaus" adventureholidays can be seen below!

IMG_0016.jpg IMG_0018.jpg IMG_0022.jpg IMG_0026.jpg IMG_0031.jpg IMG_0043.jpg IMG_0051.jpg IMG_0052.jpg IMG_0064.jpg IMG_0070.jpg
IMG_0071.jpg IMG_0074.jpg IMG_0075.jpg IMG_0078.jpg IMG_0079.jpg IMG_0081.jpg IMG_0084.jpg IMG_0085.jpg IMG_0086.jpg IMG_0095.jpg
IMG_0097.jpg IMG_0099.jpg IMG_0102.jpg IMG_0110.jpg IMG_0113.jpg IMG_0116.jpg IMG_0119.jpg IMG_0121.jpg IMG_0123.jpg IMG_9900.jpg
IMG_9907.jpg IMG_9911.jpg IMG_9916.jpg IMG_9934.jpg IMG_9937.jpg IMG_9939.jpg IMG_9951.jpg IMG_9964.jpg IMG_9979.jpg IMG_9989.jpg

"Beau" on holidays in the basenjikennel "Leoniver`s"

beauNalpakas.jpg beauNragdolls.jpg beauNjeanne.jpg beauNcanNmounty.jpg beauNgirlsPlayin-2.jpg beauNgirlsPlayin.jpg


We are back from our X-Mas Holidays in Austria, where we had 6 wonderful lazy days!
On Aminouhs birthday, the girls had a visit of Henry, a Border/JackRusselMix, and the 3 had a lot of fun, running in the fields and on the orphaned golfcourt.
We had 2 more sunny days, so I took some lovely photos during one evening and one morning walk.
The photos of our X-Mas Holidays can be seen in the gallery under holidayphotos!

New years eve, we spend with our lovely friends Hedi & Harald, and of course Finley!
Aminouh & Finley are big friends, and Iloua gets more relaxed with the time now.
I had my videocamera with me, and I took a funny film of Aminouh & Finley playing on the couch! Switch on the sound and listen how wild & big Finley already is!
A lot of playing photos of Aminouh and Finley - playing in the garden in the afternoon, playing on the couch in the evening, playing in bed in the morning, playing in the snow in the afternoon - can be seen below!

Aminouh & Finley on New Years Eve

IMG_0551.jpg IMG_0555.jpg IMG_0563.jpg IMG_0565.jpg IMG_0567.jpg IMG_0569.jpg IMG_0595.jpg IMG_0604.jpg IMG_0607.jpg IMG_0628.jpg IMG_0629.jpg
IMG_0630.jpg IMG_0631.jpg IMG_0640.jpg IMG_0649.jpg IMG_0420.jpg IMG_0445.jpg IMG_0451.jpg IMG_0452.jpg IMG_0454.jpg IMG_0456.jpg IMG_0457.jpg
IMG_0458.jpg IMG_0459.jpg IMG_0460.jpg IMG_0466.jpg IMG_0470.jpg IMG_0471.jpg IMG_0473.jpg IMG_0477.jpg IMG_0478.jpg IMG_0482.jpg IMG_0484.jpg
IMG_0489.jpg IMG_0493.jpg IMG_0495.jpg IMG_0496.jpg IMG_0507.jpg IMG_0508.jpg IMG_0513.jpg IMG_0514.jpg IMG_0521.jpg IMG_0528.jpg IMG_0529.jpg
IMG_0530.jpg IMG_0537.jpg IMG_0538.jpg IMG_0541.jpg IMG_0740.jpg IMG_0745.jpg IMG_0746.jpg IMG_0747.jpg IMG_0748.jpg IMG_0749.jpg IMG_0750.jpg
IMG_0753.jpg IMG_0754.jpg IMG_0755.jpg IMG_0756.jpg IMG_0772.jpg IMG_0786.jpg IMG_0788.jpg IMG_0789.jpg IMG_0790.jpg IMG_0795.jpg IMG_0799.jpg
IMG_0819.jpg IMG_0823.jpg IMG_0824.jpg IMG_0825.jpg IMG_0827.jpg IMG_0831.jpg IMG_0834.jpg IMG_0839.jpg IMG_0840.jpg IMG_0843.jpg IMG_0881.jpg
IMG_0884.jpg IMG_0900.jpg IMG_0903.jpg IMG_0908.jpg IMG_0909.jpg IMG_0910.jpg IMG_0911.jpg IMG_0914.jpg IMG_0923.jpg IMG_0925.jpg IMG_0926.jpg