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  Msumari`s Basenjis
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!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 !!!



3 years ago, the first Msumari`s Litter was born ♥
The parents are my lovely Iloua (Ch. Loki`s Iloua) and Ruben (Ch. Faraoland Xcuse me Desmond)!

The firstborn girl Msumari`s Aza Aminouh stayed with us, and at the moment she`s pregnant with the Msumari`s B-Litter
(Msumari`s Aza Aminouh X Quest Jokuba Dandy Shandy) !
The second born girl, Msumari`s Aza Amina found a great home at Angelika and Hartmut Joswig and Weimaraner Dante at Dortmund! She is the best basenjimodel ever, and together with Dante, she is already a covermodel of a book!
The thirdborn girl, Msumari`s Aza Aloua, lives with Dorota & Tomek Müller at Lodz, Poland and she is the leader of the pack of 5 more basenjis! She is the Msumari`s puppi with the most championtitel - means 6!
The only boy of the litter is Msumari`s Ayo Azibo aka "Beau". He is in co-owning with myself, but he lives in Zürich with Nora Lindqvist. She is also the owner of Ruben, the daddy of the Msumari`s A-Litter!

I consider myself very lucky that 3 years ago all puppies of the A-Litter found such wonderful and great homes!

BDay_Aminouh12.jpg msumari-s-aza-amina-27-12-2009.jpg


Today on christmas day, we did a nice walk in summer temperatures, and I took the opportunity and made ​​a few outdoor photos of the girls, which can be seen below!
Aminouh has now more than 12.5 kg, but she still loves our walks!
Of course she is now a bit slower, but she still loves to hunt mice!

Besides this, the "Msumari`s B-Litter Diary" is finally online!

IMG_8902.jpg IMG_8925.jpg IMG_8930.jpg IMG_8990.jpg IMG_9026.jpg IMG_9027.jpg IMG_9049.jpg
IMG_9055_(2).jpg IMG_9064.jpg IMG_9066.jpg IMG_9071.jpg IMG_9073.jpg IMG_9074.jpg IMG_9060.jpg


We wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a wonderful an Happy New Year 2013!

Thank you to all for the christmascard via e-mail, facebook and mail!
A special thanks to Angelika und Hartmut Joswig, the owners of Amina (Msumari`s Aza Amina) for the beautiful christmascard (see below) and the great selfmade calender with the lovely photos of Amina & Dante!



Aminouh today at day 44/46
Her belly is growing and growing and growing...
We expect the puppies around 9th of january 2013, so around 2 1/2 weeks to go...
We´re soooo excited...



Here are the first belly-pics of Aminouh!
Slowly but surely, the difference can be seen :-)



Msumari`s Aza Aloua successful at Kassel!!!
At the national Show at Kassel, 08.12.12 Aloua gets in the Champion Class under the judge Josef Poling Exc.1, CAC & BOS!
At the international show at Kassel, 09.12.12 she gets in der Champion Class under the judge Jochen Eberhardt Exc.1, CAC, CACIB and BOB!!!
She is now as well German Champion!!!
Super! Congrats to the owner Dorota Müller, Basenji Kennel Burudika, PL



This evening we had been at the vets for ultrasound, and we´re very happy,
because Aminouh (Msumari`s Aza Aminouh) is pregnant :-)
Proud daddy to be: "Reese" (C-Quest Jokuba Dandy Shandy)
Owner: Noel Baaser



Time is flying...

It`s just a littele while ago, when we have been in Phoenix, Arizona (USA) at my dear friend Alex Guth to pick up Iloua as a puppy...
And today is my sweatheart gets seven years old.
Happy B-Day, Iloua!



The thirdborn daughter of Iloua, Msumari`s Aza Aloua wins CAC and CACIB at the International Show at Nitra (SK), 01.12.2012 under the judge Zdenka Jilkova (CZ) and is now as well Slovakian Champion!
At the second day at Nitra, 02.12.12 she gets as well CAC & CACIB under the judge Primoz Peer, (SLO)
By now Aloua is quintuble champion, namely INT.,PL, H, CZ & SK-Champion!
Super! Congrats to Dorota Müller Kennel Burudika in Poland!
Thanks to Grazyna Kramarow for the lovely collage!



"Aminouh" (Msumari`s Aza Aminouh) und "Reese" (C-Quest Jokuba Dandy Shandy) had a rendezvous on wednesday, 7th of november and friday, 9th of november and we`re hoping for a healthy Msumari´s B-Litter around 8th of january 2013 !!!



We got great news from Poland from Dorota & Tomek from Basenjikennel Burudika!
The daughter of Iloua, Msumari`s Aza Aloua wins BOB out of 17 Basenjis at the international Show at Prague (CZ) - what a great success!
And with the Res-CAC of the next day she is now as well CZ-Champion beneath INT, PL & H-CH! Super, big congrats!
Thanks a lot as well to Grazyna Kramarow from Basenjikennel Loango for the lovely collage!

II took some photos of Iloua & Aminouh during the last few sunny autumn days - they can be seen below!

From last friday on, Aminouhs progesteron is going up, so we will start soon to have her rendezvous with "Reese" (C-Quest Jokuba Dandy Shandy)!

IMG_0971.jpg IMG_1009.jpg IMG_1003.jpg IMG_1012.jpg IMG_1015.jpg
IMG_1021.jpg IMG_1034.jpg IMG_1037.jpg IMG_1050.jpg IMG_1072.jpg


The first drops of blood are here!
Finally Aminouh is in season!
The adventure Msumari`s B-Litter
(Msumari`s Aza Aminouh x C-Quest Jokuba Dandy Shandy)



The last 2 weekends we have been at the racecourt at Mammendorf with Iloua & Aminouh and they have been very wild caused by our abstinence on the track during summer.
It's always so nice to see how much fun they have on the track.
Unfortunately, my time didn`t allowed to take part at an official race or coursing this year, but I hope, we`ll join some next year!
More photos of Iloua & Aminouh can be seen below!
Some of the
photos are from my dear friend Katrin, who discovered the photography as a new hobby for herself!
Very good photos, I think!

IMG_0291.jpg IMG_0292.jpg IMG_0293.jpg IMG_0295.jpg IMG_0296.jpg IMG_0297.jpg IMG_0298.jpg
IMG_0398.jpg IMG_0400.jpg IMG_0402.jpg IMG_0405.jpg IMG_0409.jpg IMG_0318.jpg IMG_0428.jpg
IMG_0441.jpg IMG_0442.jpg IMG_0444.jpg IMG_0200.jpg IMG_0730.jpg IMG_0738.jpg IMG_0740.jpg
IMG_0744.jpg IMG_0753.jpg IMG_0754.jpg IMG_0755.jpg IMG_0816.jpg IMG_0818.jpg IMG_0819.jpg


Loki`s Iloua & Msumari`s Aza Aminouh are now as well Slovenian Champions!!!

We have been in Austria for 5 days and we went to two shows at Maribor & Pohorje in Slovenia!
Iloua gets on both days under the judges B. Novak (SLO) and F. R. Rodriguez (ES) in the Champion Class Exc.1 with CAC und Res.-CACIB, and is now Slovenian Champion!
Aminouh wins on both days the Open Class with Exc.1 & CAC, wins the CACIB against her mom Iloua and gets BOB! She is now as well Slovenian Champion!
A successfull trip to the south!
The other 3 days we had great weather and did some lovely tours in the mountains and collected mushrooms in the woods!
Photos can be seen below!

IMG_2891.jpg IMG_2903.jpg IMG_2904.jpg IMG_2924.jpg IMG_2940.jpg
0001.jpg IMG_2859.jpg IMG_2849.jpg IMG_2876.jpg IMG_2900.jpg
IMG_0798.jpg IMG_0802.jpg IMG_0812.jpg IMG_0819.jpg IMG_0828.jpg
IMG_0836.jpg IMG_0883.jpg IMG_0894.jpg IMG_0891.jpg IMG_0898.jpg
IMG_0901.jpg IMG_0918.jpg IMG_0919.jpg IMG_0920.jpg IMG_0924.jpg


!!! Cover Star Msumari`s Aza Amina !!!

AMINA & her friend Weimaraner DANTE are the Covermodels of the book "Forschung trifft Hund", which will be published soon and of the "Literaturkalenders Hunde 2013"!
Very cool!
Congrats to the owner & photographer Angelika Joswig!!!
Besides this, the 3 girls of the Msumari`s A-Litter - as well pictured by  Angelika Joswig - are printed in the postcardcalender "Treue Gefährten" of the Heye Verlages!



Aminouh is new German Champion VDH & Klub since last saturday, 18.08.2012!!!

We have been at Leipzig for a show weekend.
Aminouh gets at the Internationalen Show (18.08.12) in the Open Class under the judge Asley Reid (AUS) Exc.1, CAC & CACIB and got now all tickets for the German Champion VDH & Klub!
She is now with 2 1/2 years Internationaler, German (VDH & Klub) and Austrian Champion!
We are so proud!
At the Nationalen Show (19.08.12) she gets in the Open Class under the judge Guido Schäfer (D) as well Exc.1 & CAC!

It was a great weekend with sightseeing, shopping & show, and we were happy, to see a lot of friends again!
We met Claudia and her Ndoki Ridgebacks on saturday after the show and we had lovely time and weather at the lake, where we have been.
Photos of the weekend can be seen below!

IMG_9260.jpg IMG_9449.jpg IMG_9452.jpg IMG_9448.jpg IMG_9405.jpg IMG_9239.jpg
IMG_9172.jpg IMG_9065.jpg IMG_9068.jpg IMG_9069.jpg IMG_9156.jpg IMG_2566.jpg
IMG_2561.jpg IMG_9272.jpg IMG_9273.jpg IMG_9289.jpg IMG_9298_(2).jpg IMG_2570.jpg


We have been for a show at Innsbruck (A) last weekend.
On saturday, Aminouh gets Exc.1 with CACA & Res.-CACIB in the Champion Class under the judge Robert Blümel (A).
We found this funny shop during our shoppingtour at Innsbruck after the show.
Iloua & Aminouh haven`t been impressed at all about fox & co!
We had entered for the show on sunday as well, but preferred to stay at home, where we had such great weather and a great day in the nature and in our garden :-)



35 Years BKD
We had our 35 years Anniversay Clubshow and Clubrace at Hamburg!
The weather was typically for the region - friday we had 37°C, saturday & sunnday it was raining!
Iloua wins under the judger Jon Curby (USA) the honour class, Aminouh was placed fourth in the Open Class with very good-
At the race next day, Iloua wins the Female Veteran Class with 32,59 sec on 350m!
Aminouh was at the track with her sister Aloua and her cousin Tillo and was second in the Female Open Class with 32,51 sec auf 350m!
It was (besides some strange situations) a nice weekend and we met a lot of friends!
It was great to see Dorota & Tomek with Msumari`s Aza Aloua again!
Thank you so much for the lovely Basenjihead and the nice words!
Some of the photos can be seen in the Gallery Shows & Race!
Thanks as well to Tomek & Job for the nice photos!
Photos of (almost) all the basenjis which have been shown can be seen here!

Msumari`s Aza Amina had a lot of fun at the racetrack, which can be seen below.
Her owner Angelika Joswig did send me some ew pics!
Amina will get her license soon as well!

gelsenkirchen_b_22.7.12_075.jpg gelsenkirchen_b_22.7.12_076.jpg gelsenkirchen_b_22.7.12_092.jpg


Iloua & Aminouh have been successful at the 2. Zulu-Race at Lorch, 14.07.12!
Iloua started in the Female Senior Class, Aminouh Female Open Class and both where won
Place 2!
A great success, a lovely day, a nice race-event!
Luckily, it rained only during the race-break!

We stayed with our friends and their "Finley" the rest of the weekend, and we had a lovely walk on sunday on the Sculpture way at Hüttlingen!
Photos can be seen below!

IMG_2187.jpg IMG_2200.jpg IMG_2232.jpg IMG_2235.JPG IMG_2209.jpg IMG_2242.jpg
IMG_2245.jpg IMG_2251.jpg IMG_2254.jpg IMG_2258.jpg IMG_2261.jpg IMG_2269.jpg


We had lovely das with friends at the region "Harz", we did some shopping & sightseeing in Quedlinburg and we have been with Iloua & Aminouh at the national Show, "Rassehunde-Meeting Meisdorf", 07. & 08.07.2012.
The basenjis have been shown there for the first time!
It was a great location at the castle of Meisdorf, and we had a super time with the other exhibitors, although the weather wasn`t that good.
Iloua got Place 1 both days in the Honour Class, Aminouh Exc. 1 & CAC!
See you next year again!

IMG_2035.jpg IMG_2054.jpg IMG_2055.jpg IMG_2064.jpg IMG_2068.jpg
IMG_2070.jpg IMG_2123.jpg IMG_2108.jpg IMG_2133.jpg IMG_2116.jpg


Finally, I had some time to update all the news from the last time!

We have been in holidays for two weeks the end of mai/beginning of june in Italy, in the beautiful Tuscany, and the girls had a lot of fun as always at the dogbeach!
One day we met a 5 month old tri basenji puppy girl named Asia, and Aminouh had fun playing and running with her at the beach - so cute!
Unfortunatly I had not enough time yet to sort out all the photos I made, hope, I`ll find some time soon! But some photos can be already seen below.
In Italy, we went as well to the dogshow at Viterbo, where Aminouh got V1, Res-CAC &
Res.-CACIB under the italian judge Francesco Balducci in the Open Class.

Msumari`s Aza Aloua was successfully shown during this time at Hungary!
She won at a 3 days show at Komaron 3 x BOB and is now new International Champion and Hungarian Champion!
What a great success!
Congrats to the owner Dorota Müller of Burudika Basenjis in Poland!

Und last but not least, Angelika Joswig did send 2 super videos of Msumari`s Aza Amina.
Thanks a lot!
Amina has been for the second time at Gelsenkirchen on such a great coursing field
(I´m so jealous, that we don`t have something like this here as well) and she could show,
how fast she is!
Amina Video 1 & Amina Video 2

IMG_8107.jpg IMG_8099.jpg IMG_0787.jpg IMG_8090.jpg IMG_8048.jpg IMG_8044.jpg IMG_7979.jpg
IMG_0525.jpg IMG_0678.jpg IMG_0680.jpg IMG_0728.jpg IMG_0756.jpg IMG_0783.jpg IMG_8114.jpg
IMG_8132.jpg IMG_8138.jpg IMG_8521.jpg IMG_8433.jpg IMG_8535.jpg IMG_9086.jpg IMG_8915.jpg


We´re back from the World Dog Show at Salzburg at saturday, 19.05.2012
Aminouh gets great Excellent 3 in the Open Class under the austrian special judge Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner, who juged quite rigorous - she gave a lot of "very good".
Photos of the WDS can be seen here!

Today on sunday, we have been at the track at Mammendorf, where Aminouh & Iloua had fun as always!


Msumari`s B-Wurf

18. 05.2012

The long
-awaited Msumari's B-litter is planned for the breeding season 2012/13 with our own bred girl Msumari's Aza Aminouh!

The father of the B-litter will be the young and already very successful American import male C-Quest Jokuba Dandy Shandy - "Reese"
He is owned by Noel Baaser of Mutabaruga Basenjis

Further infos about the Msumari`s B-Litter can be seen here!



Last weekend, we have been for a visit at my friend Claudia and her 2 Ridgeback girls
Vuana & Kiruna
at Taunusstein.
We had a lovely walk along the Rhein on friday, and the girls had a lot of fun in the blowballfields.
Friday afternoon I took some beautiful photos of Iloua & Aminouh, which I`ll post soon.
Saturday, we went to the general meeting of the basenji club. After the meeting, we had a nice evening at the hotel together with our basenjifriends.
Sunday was one of the highlights for the girls, we have been guests at the raceclub of the
DCW Darmstadt.
The weather wasn`t the best for to take photos but luckily it stayed dry for the most of the time!
Iloua & Aminouh had their first runs with 3 other basenjis under competition terms.
All 5 made a clean race and Jill & Aminouh had two head-to-head races!
Some photos of our exciting weekend can be seen below!
More photos of other basenjis at the track can be seen here!

IMG_5671.jpg IMG_5661.jpg IMG_5552.jpg IMG_5548.jpg IMG_5530.jpg IMG_5513.jpg
IMG_5442.jpg IMG_5407.jpg IMG_5402.jpg IMG_5702.jpg IMG_5746.jpg IMG_5749.jpg
IMG_6212.jpg IMG_6976.jpg IMG_6984.jpg IMG_6985.jpg IMG_6986.jpg IMG_6989.jpg
IMG_6996.jpg IMG_6774.jpg IMG_6776.jpg IMG_6778.jpg IMG_6784.jpg IMG_6794.jpg


Finally Iloua & Aminouh passed successfully their group licence runs together with Beau at the track at Mammendorf, the 29.04.2012.
Unfortunatly, we had to stop with the runs one week before, because it started to rain.
Now, the paperwork is on its way to the DWZRV, and we`re looking forward to our first race!
After our visit at the racetrack, Beau went home again to Switzerland. It was great to have the wild boy here again for a while!

And we got great news from Kennel Burudika from Poland!
Msumari`s Aza Aloua wins at the Internationalen Show at Opole (CZ) the 29.04.2012 under the judge Miroslav Vaclavik (CZ) CACIB & BOB!
Super! Congrats Dorota!!!

IMG_5098.jpg IMG_5097.jpg IMG_5102.jpg IMG_5103.jpg
IMG_5104.jpg IMG_5105.jpg IMG_5110.jpg IMG_4842.jpg


Since last thursday "Beau" (Msumari`s Ayo Azibo) is her again for a visit and Aminouh is so happy to have one more basenji to play with :-)
I had at least some rays of sunlight, so I took some new pics of the trio.
They can be seen below!

Saturday we have been in the "English Garden" in Munich and Beau had the chance to show, how socialiced he is! After some little problems at the beginning (it was understandable, because he was on the short leash) he had so much fun playing with all the small and huge dogs!
For safety reasons, he was on the long leash, so called "Schleppleine"!
He is a potent male, who doesn`t live permanent with us, so it was easier for me, to intervent from distance in a case of need .
But everything was uneventful, whereat there is always a little bit of "macho" behavior!
On the photos in the Gallery can be seen, how much fun the 3 basenjis had!

IMG_3988.jpg IMG_3991.jpg IMG_3994.jpg IMG_3997.jpg IMG_4007.jpg IMG_4010.jpg
IMG_4024.jpg IMG_4027.jpg IMG_4031.jpg IMG_4040.jpg IMG_4052.jpg IMG_4072.jpg
IMG_4087.jpg IMG_4093.jpg IMG_4097.jpg IMG_4102.jpg IMG_4104.jpg IMG_4108.jpg
IMG_4110.jpg IMG_4134.jpg IMG_4135.jpg IMG_4142.jpg IMG_4149.jpg IMG_4150.jpg
IMG_4154.jpg IMG_4156.jpg IMG_4165.jpg IMG_4171.jpg IMG_4186.jpg IMG_4187.jpg
IMG_4190.jpg IMG_4198.jpg IMG_4204.jpg IMG_4205.jpg IMG_4200.jpg IMG_4210.jpg


Yesterday, the 14.04.2012 we had been at the CACIB at Wieselburg (A).
It was the first chance for Aminouh to complete the Austrian & International Champion!
And what should I say - Aminouh wins BOB under the austrian judge M. Blaha and she is now in shortest time with only 27 1/2 monthe Austrian Champion and the first International Msumari`s Champion!
We are so proud of her!



We had Dorota & Tomek with Msumari`s Aza Aloua of the Basenjikennel "Burudika" (PL) here for a visit at our home.They have been on the long way home from Rome, where they have met with Katie Campbell (Taji Basenjis, USA) and Grazyna Kramarow (Loango Basenjis, PL) to get their new tricolour basenjipuppy "Taji Hodari flies to Loango"!
We had a lovely walk together with Iloua, her both daughters Msumari`s Aza Aminouh & Msumari`s Aza Aloua and tireless "Pilot George" and a pleasant evening at home. It was a great meeting and I could take some nice photos, although the weather wasn`t that good.
They can be seen below!
Besides this, Dorota & Tomek had the good news, that Msumari´s Aza Aloua was tested "Fanconi Clear" with the direct test - super!

IMG_3693.jpg IMG_3694.jpg IMG_3708.jpg IMG_3709.jpg IMG_3743.jpg IMG_3747.jpg IMG_3748.jpg IMG_3749.jpg
IMG_3754.jpg IMG_3760.jpg IMG_3763.jpg IMG_3766.jpg IMG_3773.jpg IMG_3790.jpg IMG_3798.jpg IMG_3799.jpg
IMG_3800.jpg IMG_3809.jpg IMG_3812.jpg IMG_3813.jpg IMG_3814.jpg IMG_3819.jpg IMG_3822.jpg IMG_3823.jpg
IMG_3824.jpg IMG_3825.jpg IMG_3828.jpg IMG_3830.jpg IMG_3836.jpg IMG_3840.jpg IMG_3841.jpg IMG_3844.jpg
IMG_3846.jpg IMG_3848.jpg IMG_3852.jpg IMG_3853.jpg IMG_3855.jpg IMG_3857.jpg IMG_3863.jpg IMG_3872.jpg
IMG_3875.jpg IMG_3881.jpg IMG_3882.jpg IMG_3898.jpg IMG_3900.jpg IMG_3910.jpg IMG_3916.jpg IMG_3918.jpg
IMG_3923.jpg IMG_3926.jpg IMG_3958.jpg IMG_3971.jpg IMG_3973.jpg IMG_3976.jpg IMG_3979.jpg IMG_3985.jpg


We have been again for the eye exam at Professor Köstlin at the animal universiticlinic in Munich. Unfortunatly the suspect of cataract in Ilouas eyes could`t be solved, so we can`t make any further breeding plans with her.
But the main important thing is, that she`ll not get blind, because the cataract is marginal!
Everything is ok with Aminouhs eyes!

♥ Happy Easter ♥

Ostern.jpg Ostern2012.jpg SnowyEaster12.jpg


I made some new photos of Iloua & Aminouh, which can be seen on my photopage!

Besides this, I had the chance to take photos of Moh & Jack, the two basenjis of
Andrea & Christoph Müller (Ndungu Kinas Basenjis).
They can be seen as well on my photopage!

Iloua & Aminouh, 01. April 2012

IMG_2271.jpg IMG_2274.jpg IMG_2276.jpg IMG_2295.jpg IMG_2302.jpg
IMG_2325.jpg IMG_2326.jpg IMG_2330.jpg IMG_2335.jpg IMG_2336.jpg
IMG_2337.jpg IMG_2350.jpg IMG_2349.jpg IMG_2339.jpg IMG_2338.jpg
IMG_2343.jpg IMG_2360.jpg IMG_2362.jpg IMG_2367.jpg IMG_2369.jpg
IMG_2409.jpg IMG_2371.jpg IMG_2373.jpg IMG_2399.jpg IMG_2412.jpg


The racecourt we usually go is not open yet, thats why we went to Lorch to the WRV Staufen yesterday, which is about 200km away from us.
But they had the first training of the year 2012!
Iloua & Aminouh have been so wild at the startplace, they came out of the boxes very good, and they did very good with their 2 solo licence runs!
We`re looking forward to the next time!
I could`t take my own camera this time, but photographer Armin Hauke took great pics from the first training day. He´s got a lovely homepage - have a look at!

As well, we got lovely studio photos again of Angelika und Amina!
As always, the can be seen in Aminas gallery and below!

Msumari`s Aza Aloua had a lot of fun with coursing in Poland!
Photos can be seen in Aloua Gallery and below!

AMINA_blauer_Ball_1.12_054.jpg AMINA_Geburtstagskarten_2.12_145.jpg AMINA_Geburtstagskarten_2.12_152.jpg AMINA_Geburtstagskarten_2.12_162.jpg AMINA_blauer_Ball_1.12_107.jpg
Aloua1.jpg Aloua2.jpg Aloua_5.jpg Aloua4.jpg Aloua3.jpg


Finally I had a bit of time to post all the photos of our short holidays in Austria!
We had a great time and unexpected good weather, so I took a lot of photos of
Iloua & Aminouh!
We met Tao again who is now 9 month old, and they had so much fun racing around at the golfcourt, in the snow and digging in the sandbunkers!
Photos can be seen in the galery Holidayphotos!

Besides this, I got 2 new cool films of Msumari`s Aza Amina. The films are showing her progress in retrieving! The films of Amina can bee seen here!
Thanks to Angelika & Hartmut for sending them - great, how Amina is retrieving!



We have been at Munich at the Show and Aminouh gets Exc.1 & Cacib in the Open Class!
mommy Iloua was with us, but wasn`t shown.
Both girls got new collars with roses!
After the show, we went to the English Garden, where they had soooo mcu fun playing with all the free running dogs!



Great news from OFFA!

Loki`s Iloua and her daughter Msumari`s Aza Aminouh are BOTH "Fanconi Clear" with the Fanconi Direct Test - Suuuuper!!!

The story about:
Iloua was tested "probably clear" in 2007.
I tested all the puppies of the Msumari`s A-litter in the beginning of 2010.
The results of the girls came in april, Aminouh and Amina were tested as "probably clear", Aloua was tested as "probably carrier".
Although I did send the test of Azibo with the others, his result came later in may - he was tested as "probably clear".
In june, I got a letter of the OFFA, and they wrote, that due to an evaluation error the tests of the girls had to be rerun, and then, Aminouh and Amina were tested as "probably carrier" and Aloua was tested "probably clear"
That was a bit confusing!
Beginning of december 2011, I ordered two new test-kits for my Basenjis Iloua & Aminouh.
And now, both, Iloua & Aminouh are tested "fanconi clear"!
I`m soooo happy!!!


Life ends, love doesn`t!

Unforgotten - Zande Asali

13.02.1995 - 10.08.2010


The last two weekends, we had lovely winterweather with sunshine, and I always had my camera with me during to the nice walks we had.
The girls - specially Aminouh - had a lot of fun racing around in the snow and playing with all the dogs, we met. One of them was Billy, a Tibet Terrier, the other one Balu, a very lovely Dalmatian, with who Aminouh had a lot of fun today.
Photos of the last two weekends can be seen below.

IMG_9551.jpg IMG_9543.jpg IMG_9548.jpg IMG_9537.jpg IMG_9555.jpg IMG_9567.jpg IMG_9571.jpg IMG_9572.jpg
IMG_9584.jpg IMG_9594.jpg IMG_9614.jpg IMG_9619.jpg IMG_9655.jpg IMG_9658.jpg IMG_9661.jpg IMG_9690.jpg
IMG_9694.jpg IMG_9696.jpg IMG_9699.jpg IMG_9725.jpg IMG_9739.jpg IMG_9748.jpg IMG_9760.jpg IMG_9813.jpg
IMG_9819.jpg IMG_9815.jpg IMG_9821.jpg IMG_9834.jpg IMG_9836.jpg IMG_9839.jpg IMG_9841.jpg IMG_9851.jpg
IMG_9858.jpg IMG_9861.jpg IMG_9864.jpg IMG_9890.jpg IMG_9899.jpg IMG_9905.jpg IMG_9920.jpg IMG_9937.jpg
IMG_9942.jpg IMG_9946.jpg IMG_9973.jpg IMG_9976.jpg IMG_0016.jpg IMG_0007.jpg IMG_0068.jpg IMG_0082.jpg
IMG_0083.jpg IMG_0132.jpg IMG_0135.jpg IMG_0141.jpg IMG_0149.jpg IMG_0165.jpg IMG_0168.jpg IMG_0116.jpg


Msumari`s Aza Amina has now - together with Weimaranergirl Dante - her own homepage!
Have a look at
A lovely page of Angelika & Hartmut Joswig with a lot of (Basenji-) photos!



We got some new lovely (snow-) photos of Amina & Dante!
As always, they can be seen in Aminas gallery!
Thank you, Angelika!
And I´m looking forward to your new homepage, which is coming soon!



The first show of Aminouh in the new year was unfortunatly a complete flop.
We have been at the CACIB at Nürnberg (D) the last weekend, and Aminouh was entered the first time in the open class.
Judge was M. Blaha from Austria. Under her, Aminouh got third in the group 10 weeks ago at the CACIB at Stuttgart. At Nürnberg, we had to leave the ring with very good 1...

But we have lovely photos from Msumari`s Aza Aloua of the kennel Burudika from Poland!
She is allowed to help her basenjifriend Nirse Kibibi to raise the puppies of the Burudika A-Litter (Ch. Nirse Kibibi X Ch. Baagna Free Trader)!
Some of the supersweet photos can be seen below, much more on the homepage of
Burudika Basenjis!

387334_327568250598503_318466271508701_1099773_196739627_n.jpg 387611_327568073931854_318466271508701_1099764_2071430801_n.jpg 389536_327568093931852_318466271508701_1099765_818140494_n.jpg 402405_327568373931824_318466271508701_1099777_340101460_n.jpg 408284_327568067265188_318466271508701_1099763_1928594781_n.jpg


We had a great and relaxed time in Austria during the chrismas holidays and we enjoyed the time very much!
We made long walks in the snow, and for two days we had lovely sun, so I could take some pics of the girls, which can be seen in the gallery holidayphotos.

Friends of us with their sheperd Finley have been with us for the turn of the year. Photos of 3 relaxed days with long walks can be seen below.

IMG_8644.jpg IMG_8632.jpg IMG_8644.jpg IMG_8663.jpg IMG_8671.jpg
IMG_8716.jpg IMG_8732.jpg IMG_8734.jpg IMG_8765.jpg IMG_8786.jpg
IMG_8787.jpg IMG_8808.jpg IMG_8855.jpg IMG_8820.jpg IMG_8837.jpg