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Msumari`s Bayobenji


03.05.13 - "Benji" was here for a visit! He is such a lovely boy ♥

_MG_2657.jpg _MG_2651.jpg _MG_2597.jpg _MG_2647.jpg _MG_2652.jpg
_MG_2575.jpg _MG_2579.jpg _MG_2580.jpg _MG_2583.jpg _MG_2625.jpg

21.04.13 - Spring is coming and Benji is helping in the garden :-)

Gartenarbeit_1k.jpg Gartenarbeit_2k.jpg Gartenarbeit_3k.jpg Gartenarbeit_4k.jpg Gartenarbeit_5k.jpg Gartenarbeit_6k.jpg

The first photos of Benji in his new home

Benji+Nili_k.jpg Fr Fr Fr Fr
Neues_Zuhause_1.jpg Neues_Zuhause_2.jpg Neues_Zuhause_3.jpg Neues_Zuhause_4.jpg Seltsames_K

Msumari`s Bayobenji with his happy new owner Eva

Benji lives pretty close to our place in Munich, and he is co-owned with us!


Msumari´s Bayobenji - Puppypics 07.01.13 - 08.03.13

IMG_9576.jpg IMG_9574.jpg IMG_9855.jpg _MG_1151.jpg Boy_2_Kopie.jpg _MG_3629.jpg
_MG_4883.jpg _MG_5636.jpg _MG_7803.jpg _MG_8767.jpg _MG_0270.jpg _MG_0525.jpg