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Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh   aka   "Minouh"

(Ch. Loki`s Iloua  X  Ch. Faraoland Xcuse me Desmond)
WT: 27.12.2009
Züchter: Sabine Nagel

Minouh is the daughter of Iloua and she was the firstborn puppy of the Msumari`s A-Litter.
She was Ilouas first puppy and my first bred Basenji.
Thats why I had a special relationship to her right from the beginning, and thats why she stayed with us

"Minouh" was shown with big success, which can be seen on her show page.
She is German, Austrian & Suisse Juniorchampion
International, German (VDH & CLUB), Austrian, Suisse & Slovenian Champion

In the meantime, "Minouh" is shown very rarely, but she is always with us on shows
Together with her kids she won a lot of breeders classes at national & international shows!

Healthtests of Aminouh
Hüftgelenksdysplasie (HD): frei (A1)
Eyes: PRA und Katarakt frei, minor PPM in the left eye
Fanconi: Clear (Direct Test 15.02.2012)
PRA BJ1: clear
Thyroid: normal
Size: 42 cm
German breeding permission!