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Msumari`s Ayo Azibo
Born: 27.12.2009
Breeder: Sabine Nagel

Ayo means "luck", Azibo means "the whole world"

Azibo was the last of the 4 puppies of the Msumari`s A-Litter, and he grew up in/with a whole bunch of girls!
No matter who visited us during the puppytime, the comments have been always the same: "Oh, the boy is beautiful! I would take him as well!"
Azibo, called "Beau" lives nowadays with his dad Ruben (Faraoland Xcuse Me Desmond) and Nora Lindqvist in Switzerland, and I`m very happy, that he stayed co-owned with me!

We are very courious, how "Beau" will develop, and if he could follow the steps of his famous father. Definitly he can with his charme!
"Beau" was shown the first time in may 2010 in St. Gallen/Switzerland and he got best male puppy on both days!

"Beau" is tested fanconi probably clear!