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Born 13.02.1995
Breeder: Sally & Marvin Wallis, Great Britain

Asali (suaheli: honey)

Asali was bred by Sally & Marvin Wallis in Great Britain. She was born on 13th February 1995 and I waited inpatiently for her.
Asali is my first dog and she`s my one and only!
I invested a lot of time in training, that’s why she`s perfect even off the leash. She`s perfectly socialized with humans and animals, in which she shows typical Basenji caution against strangers.
Asalis show career was successful and she got the breeding permit of the German basenji club.
In the meantime, Asali aged gracefully, with all the loveable characteristics of an old dog.
She accepted Iloua unconditionally, and although she`s not a youngster anymore, she still loves to play with Iloua and us.

With almost 15 1/2 years, in the beginning of august 2010, Asali all of a sudden had a lot of pain in her abdominal region. The vet found out, that she`s having livercancer in advanced stadium.
We released her from her pain the 11.08.2010


She lost the uneven fight very fast
She was so much in pain
On a bench in a park under trees I did hold her in my arms and kissed her head while her lovely, beautiful, old and wise soul flew away
We are so sad

The first day without her and heaven is crying

She was on my side for over 15 years
My first own dog, my first Basenji
It hurts so much
But all the beautiful memories are in our minds
She was so special
For ever in our hearts


13.02.1995 - 11.08.2010


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