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News 2013

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Lovely X-Mas-Greetings 2013 from Amina & Dante, Benji und Nayla

Thanks to you all!

amina13.jpg benji13.jpg naylah.jpg

Msumari`s Basenjis wish Merry X-Mas & Happy New Year!


!!! Msumari`s Basenjis rock the ring at the Double-CACIB at Wels (A) !!!

07.12.2013 - Judge Nina Valerie Nemecek (A) - 12 Basenjis entered
Loki`s Iloua wins Best Veteran!
Msumari`s Aza Aminouh wins Exc.1, CACA & CACIB in Champion Class!
Msumari`s Bayouhli wins the female junior class with Exc.1, J-CACA, gets Best Junior, Best Female and BOS!!!
Msumari`s Baymoyo wins the male junior class with Exc.1, J-CACA, gets Best Junior, Best Male and BOB!!!
My 2 youngsters win BOB & BOS with 11 month in a strong competition!
In the main ring Msumari`s Aza Aminouh and Msumari`s Baymoyo get 3rd under the judge M. Vermeire (B)!
In the contest Best Breeding Group Msumari`s Aza Aminouh, Msumari`s Bayouhli & Msumari`s Baymoyo get 3rd under the judge H. Almgren (S)!
And Msumari`s Baymoyo wins BOG-3 with 11 month under the judge T. Leenen (B)!!!

08.12.2013 - Judge: Brigitte Bergenzer (A) - 10 basenjis entered
Loki`s Iloua wins Best Veteran!
Msumari`s Baymoyo wins the male junior class with Exc.1, J-CACA & gets Best Male Junior!
Msumari`s Bayouhli wins the female junior class with Exc.1, J-CACA & gets Best Female Junior!
Msumari`s Aza Aminouh wins Exc.1, CACA & CACIB in Champion Class, gets Best Female & BOB!
In the main ring Msumari`s Bayouhli and Msumari`s Baymoyo get 2rd in the Couple Class under the judge H. Kirschbichler (A)
What a successfull show-weekend!
Thanks again to Kathi for her great support & help!

More photos below!

IMG_1428.jpg IMG_1435.jpg IMG_1437.jpg IMG_1447.jpg 2.jpg IMG_1483.jpg IMG_1512.jpg IMG_1527.jpg IMG_1544.jpg IMG_1548.jpg
IMG_1551.jpg IMG_1592.jpg IMG_1594.jpg IMG_1622_Kopie.jpg IMG_1632.jpg IMG_1655.jpg IMG_1670.jpg IMG_1696.jpg IMG_1706.jpg P1050093_(1).jpg


Happy Birthday, Iloua!
She is getting 8 years today and she is the proud mom of the Msumari`s A-Litter!
Hard to believe, that it`s such a long time ago, that we picked her up in the US at Alex Guth.
Thanks again, Alex for this great dog!
And from now on, she`ll rock the veteran class!



Msumari`s Baymoyo "JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW" at the CACIB at Geneva (CH), 16.11.2013 !!!

On the first day of the Double-CACIB at Geneva  Msumari`s Bayouhli gets Exc. 2 under the judge Chan Wen Woh (MA) in the female junior class.
Msumari`s Baymoyo gets Exc. 1 in the male junior class, gets Junior Winner and then under the judge Manuel L. Borges (PT) out of over 50 juniors dogs of all breeds
What a great success!!!

On the second day
Msumari`s Baymoyo gets again Exc. 1 under the judge Greg Eva (SA) in the male junior class and therefore the qualification for Crufts!
Msumari`s Bayouhli gets as well exc. 1 with Cruftsqualification, gets Junior Winner and is in the final cut of the last 6 of over 50 junior dogs in the main ring!

What a great show weekend!
Thanks so much to my dear friend Katrin for your help!
And thanks as well to Katrin, Ellen and Sandie for the photos, which can be seen below!

IMG_1173.jpg IMG_1206.jpg IMG_1206.jpg IMG_1211.jpg IMG_1213.jpg
IMG_1256.jpg IMG_1367.jpg Genf1.jpg Sandie1.jpg sandie2.jpg


Successful show-weekend at Karlsruhe (D)!

On saturday, 09.11.13 Msumari`s Baymoyo started the first time in the male junior class, and got under the judge Walter Schicker (D) very good 4.
His sister Bayouhli did not start.
Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh started in champion class, got Exc.1, CAC & CACIB and
got Winner Baden-Württemberg!

On sunday, 10.11.13 Msumari`s Baymoyo got a great Exc.2 in the male junior class under the judge Elbeth Mach (CH).
His sister Msumari`s Bayouhli was flying trough the ring and got a great judge report. She won the female junior class with Exc.1, got "Juniorwinner Karlsruhe" and won
as well Best Junior!
A great success for my little princess.
Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh started again in the Champion Class and won
again Exc.1 & CAC!

It was as well the first possibility for me to take part at the breeders group contest at an "All-Breed-Show" in the main ring.
6 groups took part on sunday at the national show and my 3 Basenjis Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh and her 2 kids Msumari`s Bayouhli & Msumari´s Baymoyo won Best Breeders Group under the judge Elsbeth Mach (CH) !!!
A great success for us!



October 2013 - Msumari`s Bayouhli & Msumari`s Baymoyo

The siblings stacked & moving with 9,5 month

_MG_4003_Kopie.jpg _MG_3865_Kopie.jpg _MG_3957_Kopie.jpg _MG_3948_Kopie.jpg

27.10.2013 - The golden autumn and his great colours

_MG_9261.jpg _MG_9266.jpg _MG_9293.jpg _MG_9297.jpg _MG_9309.jpg
_MG_9317.jpg _MG_9329.jpg _MG_9339.jpg _MG_9348.jpg _MG_9366.jpg
_MG_9377.jpg _MG_9387.jpg _MG_9397.jpg _MG_9407.jpg _MG_9417.jpg

26.10.2013 - Lovely walk in the autumn sun...

... and I took the chance to take some new photos!

_MG_3212.jpg _MG_3216.jpg _MG_3265.jpg _MG_3297.jpg _MG_3351.jpg
_MG_3359.jpg _MG_3369.jpg _MG_3373.jpg _MG_3375.jpg _MG_3388.jpg

Middle of september 2013 - We have been for short holidays...

... and had again a great time & lovely weather in Austria!

IMG_1479.jpg IMG_1482.jpg IMG_1467.jpg IMG_1559.jpg IMG_1566.jpg IMG_1554.jpg IMG_1570.jpg
_MG_2837.jpg _MG_2926.jpg _MG_2755.jpg _MG_2902.jpg IMG_1546.jpg _MG_2928.jpg _MG_2932.jpg

Beginning of september 2013 - We got new photos of "Benji"

Msumari`s Bayobenji enjoys the summer in his garden - thanks to Eva for the lovely pics!

Andi_Bett2.jpg Garten1_040913.jpg Garten2_040913.jpg Garten3_040913.jpg Garten5_040913.jpg Garten7_040913.jpg Garten6_040913.jpg Garten8_040913.jpg Garten9_040913.jpg


Msumari`s Basenjis successful at Geneva (CH) !!!

At the CACIB at Geneva, 29.08.2013 both of my puppies "Msumari`s Baymoyo" and "Msumari`s Bayouhli" got Very Promising 2 in Puppy Class under the judge Louis Catalan (PT)

30th of august 2013 at Geneva - at the EURODOG 2013 - "Msumari`s Baymoyo" gets Very Promising 3 in the male puppy class under the jidge Claudio de Giuliani (IT)
His sister "Msumari`s Bayouhli"
wins the female puppy class wit Very Promising 1, beats the male puppy and gets Puppy Winner!
In the honour ring, she competes against over 50 puppies of different breeds, and she wins the first day of the EURODOG 2013 under the judge Claudio de Giuliani (IT)
                                             !!! PUPPY BEST IN SHOW 3

We´re soooooooooo proud about our little princess!

We met again lots of lovely people, made a bit of sightseeing at Geneva and had 2 great days there!
Photos of our trip can be seen here!



Msumari's Pack successful at the German Clubwinnershow at Trechtingshausen, 17.08.2013
Judge: Doreen Duffin - AUS

Male Puppies - Msumari's Baymoyo - Very Promising 1 & BOS Puppy (out of 8 )
Female Puppies - Msumari's Bayouhli - Very Promising 2 (out of 6)
Female Champion Class - Msumari's Aza Aminouh - Excellent 1 (out of 5)
Loki's Iloua wasn't shown, but won "Best Ears" at the SweepStakes
I´m so proud of my little pack!

A great day with a lot of friends & congrats to Kennel Burudika and Dorota Müller for winning BOB with lovely Johnny (Ahti Prince of Burudika) and "Best Wrinkles" at the SweepStakes with Msumari's Aza Aloua

The day before the show, we had a lovely SightseeingDay at the Rhein, with a boattour, shopping, relaxing and and a nice evening with Dorota & Tomek at the hotel!
The day after the show, some of us met again at the racetrack at Hünstetten, where our Basenjis had a lot of fun, racing after the lure!

A lot of pics of our beautiful and successfull weekend can be seen here!



Sucessfull Show-Weekend at Innsbruck (A) on 10. & 11.08.2013

CACIB Innsbruck Day 1 - 10.08.2013 - Judge:
H. Watschinger (A)
Msumari's Baymoyo, Male Puppy Class - Very Promising 2
Msumari's Bayouhli,
Female Puppy Class - Very Promising 1
Ch. Msumari's Aza Aminouh,
Female Champion Class - V1, CAC, CACIB & BOS

CACIB Innsbruck Tag 2, 11.08.13 - Judge:
M.T.M. Gabrielli (I)
Msumari's Baymoyo -
Male Puppy Class - Very Promising 1,
Msumari's Bayouhli,
Female Puppy Class - Very Promising 1,
Selected in the main ring, but not placed
Ch. Msumari's Aza Aminouh - Female Champion Class - V1, CAC, CACIB & BOS

Photos of our trip to Innsbruck can be seen below!
As well two lovely familypics with 2 of 5 puppies of the Msumari`s B-Litter :-)

Echo_BOB_Minouh_BOS_Innsbruck_2013.jpg IMG_6395.jpg IMG_6402.jpg IMG_6405.jpg IMG_6410.jpg IMG_6416.jpg
IMG_6422.jpg IMG_6427.jpg IMG_6431.jpg IMG_6438.jpg 2491.jpg 2495.jpg

15.08.2013 - Msumari`s Baynaylah has been in holidays in Italy

Thank you for the photos of sweet Naylah to Family Ziegler from Zürich!

DSC07162_(2).jpg DSC06964.JPG DSC06967.JPG DSC07044.JPG DSC07128.JPG DSC07096.jpg


Since thursday evening, we have 5 Basenjis in house & bed :-)
"Moyo" (Msumari`s Baymoyo) is with us since monday, because my dear friend Katrin is ill - on this way a lot of get-well wishes to her!
And since thursday evening,"Beau" is here for a short holiday.
The puppies "Moyo" und "Youhli" are thrilled about their uncle, and "Beau" loves his two new playmates as well very much!
Of course, I took the chance to take some photos of the whole pack, they can be seen below!

_MG_0512.jpg _MG_0519.jpg _MG_0533.jpg _MG_0543.jpg _MG_0547.jpg
_MG_0551.jpg _MG_0554.jpg _MG_0556.jpg _MG_0560.jpg _MG_0562.jpg
_MG_0563.jpg _MG_0565.jpg _MG_0568.jpg _MG_0570.jpg _MG_0572.jpg
_MG_0575.jpg _MG_0578.jpg _MG_0579.jpg _MG_0582.jpg _MG_0586.jpg
_MG_0588.jpg _MG_0592.jpg _MG_0598.jpg _MG_0602.jpg _MG_0510.jpg

19.07.2013 - We got new photos of Msumari`s Bayobenji!

Thanks a lot to Eva and her lovely sunshine "Benji"

Couch1_210513.jpg Couch5_210513.jpg Couch2_210513.jpg Couch4_210513.jpg Relax1_150713.jpg Relax2_150713.jpg
Relax3_150713.jpg Relax5_150713.jpg Terrasse1_150713.jpg Terrasse2_150713.jpg Terrasse3_150713.jpg Relax4_150713.jpg


Msumari`s Bayouhli wins Best in Show Puppy at the nationalen Show at Aarau (CH)!!!

Under the judge Arne Foss (NO)  Bayouhli gets puppywinner and under the judge Elsbeth Clerc she wins Puppy Best in Show in the main ring!!!
We`re so proud about our little princess!
The judge report of Mr. Foss:
Very feminine, eyecatching, nice proportions, nice skull, typical expression, correct bite, great neck and topline, ok tail, moves really well, super temperament, well handled

"Msumari`s Baymoyo" gets as well promising 1 with a great judge report!

Msumari`s Ayo Azibo was shown as well very successful after a 2-years break!
He gets excellent 1 in Open Class, CAC and wins BOB and he is now new Suisse Champion!
Super, Nora, and thanks for handling Moyo in the Best Puppy Contest!

And I was so happy to see Msumari`s Baynaylah with Alexandra, André and Lisa again!
Little Naylah ist so sweet, and she recognized me, her siblings and mom!
Thanks a lot to André for the lovely photos of the show, which can be seen below!

IMG_5893.JPG IMG_5878.JPG IMG_5880.JPG DSC06751.JPG IMG_5903.JPG DSC06794.JPG IMG_5912.JPG IMG_0421.JPG
DSC06789.JPG IMG_5874.JPG IMG_0434.JPG IMG_0447.JPG DSC06806.JPG DSC06812.JPG DSC06813.JPG DSC06832.JPG


What a great success!

Msumari`s Bayabaya *07.01.2013
(Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh X Ch. C-Quest Jokuba Dandy Shandy)
Owner: Ivana Leš & Marek Leš (Prague, CZ)

wins Puppy BOB/BISS at the Clubshow at CZ, 15.06.2013 under the wellknown judge
Sally Wallis (GB)
Congrats to Ivana, Marek & Baya & thank you for the lovely photos of the two lovely girls!



We`re back from our wonderful holidays in tuscany!
Our days have been filled with sleeping, eating, reading, playing at the beach, taking photos, hiking, a little bit of sightseeing and beeing löazy - holidays!

Some photos can be seen in the gallery - holidayphotos!



Msumari`s Aza Amina (Owner: Angelika Joswig) got her solo and group licence runs, and she is now proud owner of the licence to run!
Well done!
I´m looking forward to meet you at the track soon!



My 2 girls Loki`s Iloua (7,5 years) and her daughter Msumari`s Aza Aminouh (3,5 years) had their first official Coursing today at the track of the WRV Ingolstadt (D) on the distance of 550m.
We had pouring rain and cold wind, so the race got cancelled after the first run.
Aminouh wins with 52 points, her mom Iloua got second with 51 points.
It was the last race for Iloua on this track, because of her age, so she got a pillow as a gift!
Thanks a lot to Kerstin Fritz and the whole crew for all!
Despite the bad weather conditions it was a good race-sunday with a lot of nice dog-people!

Only a few pics, because of the rain - they can be seen below!

_MG_5451.jpg _MG_5452.jpg _MG_5455.jpg _MG_5462.jpg _MG_5469.jpg


Today we`ve been for the last time in the dogschool in Munich.
Bayouhli & Baymoyo had as always a lot of fun with all the other puppies, and because of our socialisation from the beginning on, they had no problem with the little child and the balls!
After we went to the English Garden, where all 4 basenjis - Iloua, Aminouh, Bayouhli 6 Baymoyo - had fun with all the other dogs there!

Photos can be seen below!

_MG_5060.jpg _MG_5069.jpg _MG_5070.jpg _MG_5078.jpg _MG_5080.jpg _MG_5085.jpg _MG_5092.jpg _MG_5094.jpg
_MG_5095.jpg _MG_5166.jpg _MG_5171.jpg _MG_5181.jpg _MG_5183.jpg _MG_5193.jpg _MG_5203.jpg _MG_5216.jpg
_MG_5218.jpg _MG_5219.jpg _MG_5245.jpg _MG_5268.jpg _MG_5284.jpg _MG_5286.jpg _MG_5288.jpg _MG_5291.jpg
_MG_5293.jpg _MG_5296.jpg _MG_5298.jpg _MG_5300.jpg _MG_5305.jpg _MG_5319.jpg _MG_5326.jpg _MG_5331.jpg
_MG_5337.jpg _MG_5339.jpg _MG_5340.jpg _MG_5343.jpg _MG_5344.jpg _MG_5345.jpg _MG_5346.jpg _MG_5348.jpg
_MG_5359.jpg _MG_5371.jpg _MG_5377.jpg _MG_5381.jpg _MG_5394.jpg _MG_5398.jpg _MG_5399.jpg _MG_5411.jpg


Today we finally have been at the racetrack for the first time this year!
We visited the coursing-training at Ingolstadt!
Iloua & Aminouh have been wild as usual at the start, they had so much fun and always tried to cut off the track. Thanks to Denise & Julia for your help!
Bayouhli did her first two puppyraces with Duke (Educato Annaperla) owned by Kerstin Fritz and she was already really fixed about the lure!
After the run, she and Duke had so much fun, playing around!

Photos can be seen below!

_MG_4427.jpg _MG_4433.jpg _MG_4436.jpg _MG_4438.jpg _MG_4439.jpg _MG_4440.jpg _MG_4441.jpg _MG_4445.jpg _MG_4447.jpg _MG_4315.jpg _MG_4318.jpg
_MG_4322.jpg _MG_4360.jpg _MG_4363.jpg _MG_4365.jpg _MG_4459.jpg _MG_4462.jpg _MG_4464.jpg _MG_4467.jpg _MG_4474.jpg _MG_4488.jpg _MG_4492.jpg
_MG_4494.jpg _MG_4499.jpg _MG_4500.jpg _MG_4512.jpg _MG_4514.jpg _MG_4518.jpg _MG_4535.jpg _MG_4537.jpg _MG_4562.jpg _MG_4564.jpg _MG_4568.jpg

18.05.13 - Dogschool-Lessons and a walk in the English Garden!

Iloua, Aminouh, Bayouhli & Baymoyo had fun in Munich!

_MG_4007.jpg _MG_4011.jpg _MG_4012.jpg _MG_4045.jpg _MG_4048.jpg _MG_4050.jpg _MG_4051.jpg _MG_4052.jpg _MG_4053.jpg _MG_4078.jpg _MG_4093.jpg
_MG_4099.jpg _MG_4105.jpg _MG_4113.jpg _MG_4118.jpg _MG_4136.jpg _MG_4157.jpg _MG_4165.jpg _MG_4169.jpg _MG_4181.jpg _MG_4211.jpg _MG_4215.jpg
_MG_4218.jpg _MG_4222.jpg _MG_4227.jpg _MG_4231.jpg _MG_4232.jpg _MG_4234.jpg _MG_4241.jpg _MG_4261.jpg _MG_4276.jpg _MG_4278.jpg _MG_4303.jpg

16.05.13 - Amina & Dante, Hartmut & Angelika have been in holidays!

Thank you, for the great photos!

holland_a_4.13_172.jpg holland_a_4.13_274.jpg holland_a_4.13_411.jpg holland_a_4.13_420.jpg holland_a_4.13_589.jpg holland_a_4.13_654.jpg holland_a_4.13_465.jpg


We had a successful showweekend at St. Gallen (CH), 04. & 05. Mai 2013!
The first day, Msumari`s Baymoyo gets with 4 month on his first show under the judge Ch. Rossier (CH) in the male puppy class very promising 1 with a great report, his sister Msumari`s Bayouhli wins the female puppy class with very promising won and she gets Puppy BOB.
In the main ring, she gatet into the arean like a pro, so she came in the final cut of the last 6 puppies! Beeing very playful during the single presentation then, we had no furthe chance. But I´m so happy and proud about her, because it was her very first show, and she behaved so great!

Msumari`s Aminouh wins BOB out of the Champion Class, and she is as well in the final cut of the last 6 in the main ring!

The second day, Msumari`s Baymoyo wins Puppy BOB and Msumari`s Bayouhli gets very promising 1 under the judge D.S.Santos (PH).
Msumari`s Aminouh gets again BOB and in the main ring under the judge Ch. Rossier BOG 3!
Besides this, she is now as well Suisse Champion!!!
A great successfull weekend for Msumari´s Basenjis!

And we had a lot of fun with lovely friends, and we`ve been so happy, to see Msumari`s Baynaylah again, who came for a visit with her family on the second day. Baynaylah developed very nice, and she was so happy to see her mommy, brother and sister again!
On saturday, Nora visited us with Msumari`s Ayo Azibo, and it was great, to see them again!
Photos of the weekend can be seen below, thanks to the photographers for sending them!

IMG_1238.JPG IMG_1249.JPG IMG_1257.JPG IMG_1258.JPG !cid_image5CE5E26B-541B-47AB-8D89-A11231B3935A.jpg IMG_5145.JPG
IMG_5129.JPG IMG_5134.JPG IMG_5152.JPG IMG_5159.JPG StGallen13.jpg StGallenAminouh2013.jpg

03.05.2013 - "Benji" (Msumari`s Bayobenji) was here for a visit!

All have been so happy to see again! All except granny Iloua, who wasn`t that thrilled to see her grandson again - therefore she`s missing on the pics ;-)

_MG_2597.jpg _MG_2606.jpg _MG_2607.jpg _MG_2574.jpg _MG_2575.jpg _MG_2579.jpg _MG_2580.jpg _MG_2583.jpg _MG_2614.jpg _MG_2617.jpg
_MG_2619.jpg _MG_2623.jpg _MG_2625.jpg _MG_2647.jpg _MG_2651.jpg _MG_2652.jpg _MG_2657.jpg _MG_2626.jpg _MG_2633.jpg _MG_2638.jpg

29.04.13 - Msumari´s Bayouhli & Msumari`s Baymoyo

... are exactly 16 weeks old!

Youhli4Monate.jpg Moyo4Monate.jpg

28.04.13 - Bayouhli lost her first tooth today!

We realized it only coincidently, because it got "stuck" in the thigh of her brother Moyo :-)



Bayouhli is wearing now the first collar of her mommy Aminouh, and it looks great!

I got lovely new photos from Msumari`s Baynaylah of Family Ziegler from Switzerland.
"Nayla" and cat Miro are big friends, which can be seen in her own photo gallery here!
Thanks a lot for the photos and we`re looking forward to see you next weekend!

We have been in the puppyschool today for the third time, and they had a lot of fun, which can be seen on the pics below!

_MG_2331.jpg _MG_2344.jpg _MG_2350.jpg _MG_2352.jpg _MG_2353.jpg _MG_2355.jpg _MG_2358.jpg _MG_2365.jpg _MG_2366.jpg _MG_2368.jpg
_MG_2380.jpg _MG_2396.jpg _MG_2397.jpg _MG_2398.jpg _MG_2403.jpg _MG_2404.jpg _MG_2407.jpg _MG_2408.jpg _MG_2409.jpg _MG_2410.jpg
_MG_2415.jpg _MG_2416.jpg _MG_2417.jpg _MG_2427.jpg _MG_2428.jpg _MG_2429.jpg _MG_2430.jpg _MG_2432.jpg _MG_2435.jpg _MG_2439.jpg
_MG_2442.jpg _MG_2443.jpg _MG_2448.jpg _MG_2449.jpg _MG_2450.jpg _MG_2452.jpg _MG_2458.jpg _MG_2459.jpg _MG_2460.jpg _MG_2466.jpg


Slowly, it`s getting a bit warmer, and spring is coming!

The puppies of the Msumari`s B-Litter
(Msumari`s Aza Aminouh X C-Quest Jokuba Dandy Shandy)
are growing fast!

There are new photos of Baya from Prague, Benji from Munich and from Moyo!

13.04.13 - Our 2. visit in the dogschool in munich

Bayouhli, Baymoyo & and this time as well Bayobenji had again a lot of fun with all the other puppies ! The theme of this lesson has been: Getting used to unusal things

_MG_0890.jpg _MG_0889.jpg _MG_0881.jpg _MG_0872.jpg _MG_0895.jpg _MG_0897.jpg _MG_0905.jpg _MG_0913.jpg
_MG_0915.jpg _MG_0923.jpg _MG_0939.jpg _MG_0952.jpg _MG_0965.jpg _MG_0972.jpg _MG_0974.jpg _MG_1004.jpg
_MG_1007.jpg _MG_1011.jpg _MG_1012.jpg _MG_1016.jpg _MG_1019.jpg _MG_1022.jpg _MG_1024.jpg _MG_1035.jpg
_MG_1055.jpg _MG_1056.jpg _MG_1057.jpg _MG_1058.jpg _MG_1061.jpg _MG_1064.jpg _MG_1066.jpg _MG_1071.jpg
_MG_1076.jpg _MG_1084.jpg _MG_1086.jpg _MG_1090.jpg _MG_1092.jpg _MG_1094.jpg _MG_1112.jpg _MG_1117.jpg
_MG_1125.jpg _MG_1128.jpg _MG_1132.jpg _MG_1141.jpg _MG_1157.jpg _MG_1166.jpg _MG_1182.jpg _MG_1187.jpg

13.04.13 - After the dogschool, the puppies Bayouhli & Baymoyo have been for the first time in the English Garden!

Iloua, Aminouh and the puppies met a lot of super socialiced dogs there, and they had a lot of fun!

_MG_1190.jpg _MG_1194.jpg _MG_1196.jpg _MG_1197.jpg _MG_1202.jpg _MG_1204.jpg _MG_1205.jpg _MG_1218.jpg _MG_1221.jpg _MG_1222.jpg _MG_1223.jpg
_MG_1224.jpg _MG_1225.jpg _MG_1232.jpg _MG_1234.jpg _MG_1239.jpg _MG_1241.jpg _MG_1250.jpg _MG_1253.jpg _MG_1254.jpg _MG_1255.jpg _MG_1257.jpg
_MG_1259.jpg _MG_1264.jpg _MG_1266.jpg _MG_1267.jpg _MG_1268.jpg _MG_1272.jpg _MG_1275.jpg _MG_1279.jpg _MG_1281.jpg _MG_1282.jpg _MG_1285.jpg
_MG_1289.jpg _MG_1300.jpg _MG_1311.jpg _MG_1313.jpg _MG_1324.jpg _MG_1330.jpg _MG_1336.jpg _MG_1343.jpg _MG_1351.jpg _MG_1359.jpg _MG_1362.jpg


Msumari`s Bayobenji has been here for 3 days last week and I took the chance to take some staked photos of him, his sister Bayouhli and his brother Baymoyo.
All 3 puppies are doing great, and I´m very courious about their first show.

On saturday, we`ve been for the first time in puppy/dog school Dogs Academy in Munich .
The theme of the lesson was playing, playing playing and loud noises and fireworks.
Bayouhli and Baymoyo have been so happy with two Havanese puppies of the same age,  Continental Bulldog, Labby & Co have been a bit to rough for them for the first time.
Both have been very cool with the fireworks, a short twitch, and let`s go on.
We´re looking forward to the next lesson next weekend, hopefully with more basenjilike weather!
Photos can be seen below!

_MG_0612.jpg _MG_0613.jpg _MG_0624.jpg _MG_0629.jpg _MG_0635.jpg _MG_0637.jpg _MG_0642.jpg _MG_0644.jpg _MG_0655.jpg _MG_0656.jpg
_MG_0657.jpg _MG_0662.jpg _MG_0665.jpg _MG_0667.jpg _MG_0677.jpg _MG_0678.jpg _MG_0681.jpg _MG_0685.jpg _MG_0686.jpg _MG_0696.jpg
_MG_0704.jpg _MG_0705.jpg _MG_0706.jpg _MG_0708.jpg _MG_0715.jpg _MG_0716.jpg _MG_0725.jpg _MG_0737.jpg _MG_0746.jpg _MG_0747.jpg
_MG_0752.jpg _MG_0753.jpg _MG_0767.jpg _MG_0773.jpg _MG_0775.jpg _MG_0776.jpg _MG_0778.jpg _MG_0788.jpg _MG_0808.jpg _MG_0814.jpg

03. - 06.04.13 Msumari`s Bayobenji was with us for 3 days!

Aminouh, Bayouhli & Baymoyo were happy, Iloua wasn`t that thrilled about 3 puppies ;-)

Foto1.jpg Foto2.jpg Foto3.jpg Foto4.jpg Foto5.jpg Foto6.jpg Foto7.jpg
Foto9.jpg Foto12.jpg Foto13.jpg Foto10.jpg Foto14.jpg Foto15.jpg Foto11.jpg


On eastermonday, the puppies have been exactly 12 weeks old, and I took some staked photos of Bayouhli & Baymoyo again.
Both are doing very well already!

During our easter holidays, we have been for a visit at my moms, to get Bayouhli used to the cat Leo of my mom.
Bayouhli was very excited about him and she was tailwagging and yodeling all the time she saw him.
Leo is a really patient male cat, but he wasn`t that thrilled about the fact, that Bayouhli always wanted to bite him in his ears ;-)
On holy thursday we had sun and 10cm new snow, so I took some nice photos of the three girls in the snow!
The snowpics can be seen in the Gallery "Holidayphotos", some more pics can be seen below!

On our day of departure, during our walk in the morning, Bayouhli had the opinion, to try the thickness of the ice of one of the little ponds on our way...
Well, we both took a bath then... I always wanted to have a bath in ice cold water the end of march...
Luckily, nothing worse then wet clothes and fur happend, and we both didn`t get a cold!

IMG_1064.jpg IMG_1059.jpg IMG_1053.jpg IMG_1046.jpg IMG_1019.jpg IMG_1027.jpg IMG_1033.jpg IMG_1034.jpg IMG_1038.jpg

!!! Happy Easter !!!

AminaOstern2013_001.jpg Osterhase.jpg NaylahOstern.jpg BurudikaOstern2013.jpg

24.03.13 - On the walk with Iloua, Aminouh, Bayouhli & Baymoyo

All 4 had a lot of fun running in the woods and on the fields!

_MG_8967.jpg _MG_8981.jpg _MG_8983.jpg _MG_8986.jpg _MG_8993.jpg _MG_9000.jpg _MG_9013.jpg _MG_9016.jpg _MG_9017.jpg _MG_9018.jpg _MG_9010.jpg
_MG_9020.jpg _MG_9021.jpg _MG_9024.jpg _MG_9027.jpg _MG_9032.jpg _MG_9037.jpg _MG_9038.jpg _MG_9040.jpg _MG_9052.jpg _MG_9057.jpg _MG_9058.jpg
_MG_9059.jpg _MG_9062.jpg _MG_9074.jpg _MG_9075.jpg _MG_9082.jpg _MG_9083.jpg _MG_9085.jpg _MG_9087.jpg _MG_9092.jpg _MG_9097.jpg _MG_9099.jpg
_MG_9102.jpg _MG_9108.jpg _MG_9109.jpg _MG_9112.jpg _MG_9136.jpg _MG_9137.jpg _MG_9149.jpg _MG_9158.jpg _MG_9159.jpg _MG_9162.jpg _MG_9163.jpg
_MG_9196.jpg _MG_9167.jpg _MG_9170.jpg _MG_9171.jpg _MG_9175.jpg _MG_9240.jpg _MG_9176.jpg _MG_9181.jpg _MG_9185.jpg _MG_9188.jpg _MG_9198.jpg
_MG_9192.jpg _MG_9202.jpg _MG_9206.jpg _MG_9208.jpg _MG_9211.jpg _MG_9217.jpg _MG_9221.jpg _MG_9229.jpg _MG_9234.jpg _MG_9246.jpg _MG_9264.jpg


All puppies of the Msumari`s B-Litter are doing great in their new homes, and I got a lot of lovely photos of them!

Therefore, every puppy got his own page now in "B-Litter" , where the photos can be seen!

Thanks to everybody for the great feedback!


All puppies of the Msumari`s B-Litter are with their happy new owners now and moved to their new homes!

The firstborn girl Baynaylah is living now in Zürich (CH) with Alexandra, Noelle, Lisa, André and the male cat Miro.
The lastborn puppy, the third girl Bayabaya lives now in Prague with the male basenji Gambo and her new owners Ivana & Marek. 
Bayobenji, the fourth puppy and second boy is co-owned with me and lives close to us in munich with Eva and her son Andreas.
The third puppy and first boy Baymoyo is my keeper, he lives here in town with my dear friend Katrin.
And little Bayouhli, the secondborn girl is my keeper and she lives here with us at home!

16.03.13 - Iloua, Aminouh, Bayouhli und Bayabaya are meeting Gambo, the future friend of Bayabaya

In the evening, Bayabaya is travelling together with Gambo to her new home! in Prague

_MG_2832.jpg _MG_2834.jpg _MG_2852.jpg _MG_2859.jpg _MG_2863.jpg _MG_2871.jpg _MG_2894.jpg _MG_2900.jpg _MG_2903.jpg _MG_2916.jpg
_MG_2926.jpg _MG_2928.jpg _MG_2931.jpg _MG_2936.jpg _MG_2940.jpg _MG_2942.jpg _MG_2947.jpg _MG_2949.jpg _MG_2951.jpg _MG_2963.jpg
_MG_2966.jpg _MG_2973.jpg _MG_2975.jpg _MG_3002.jpg _MG_3010.jpg _MG_3011.jpg _MG_3041.jpg _MG_3043.jpg _MG_3062.jpg _MG_3064.jpg

16.03.13 - The last walk with Bayouhli und Bayabaya!

_MG_2714.jpg _MG_2473.jpg _MG_2480.jpg _MG_2496.jpg _MG_2513.jpg _MG_2514.jpg _MG_2537.jpg _MG_2551.jpg _MG_2558.jpg _MG_2484.jpg
_MG_2487.jpg _MG_2563.jpg _MG_2571.jpg _MG_2572.jpg _MG_2576.jpg _MG_2599.jpg _MG_2608.jpg _MG_2616.jpg _MG_2634.jpg _MG_2516.jpg
_MG_2649.jpg _MG_2650.jpg _MG_2654.jpg _MG_2658.jpg _MG_2671.jpg _MG_2674.jpg _MG_2679.jpg _MG_2694.jpg _MG_2696.jpg _MG_2706.jpg
_MG_2714.jpg _MG_2723.jpg _MG_2731.jpg _MG_2733.jpg _MG_2735.jpg _MG_2736.jpg _MG_2739.jpg _MG_2747.jpg _MG_2775.jpg _MG_2718.jpg
_MG_2719.jpg _MG_2781.jpg _MG_2782.jpg _MG_2801.jpg _MG_2807.jpg _MG_2808.jpg _MG_2814.jpg _MG_2816.jpg _MG_2821.jpg _MG_2757.jpg

14.03.13 - A walk in the snow with Iloua, Aminouh and the two puppies Bayouhli & Bayabaya (9,5 weeks old)

They had so much fun in the mud - after the walk, they all had to take a shower!

_MG_1819.jpg _MG_1823.jpg _MG_1834.jpg _MG_1843.jpg _MG_1846.jpg _MG_1851.jpg _MG_1857.jpg _MG_1865.jpg _MG_1879.jpg _MG_1880.jpg _MG_1881.jpg
_MG_1883.jpg _MG_1884.jpg _MG_1887.jpg _MG_1891.jpg _MG_1901.jpg _MG_1902.jpg _MG_1907.jpg _MG_1922.jpg _MG_1931.jpg _MG_1936.jpg _MG_1942.jpg
_MG_1945.jpg _MG_1947.jpg _MG_1951.jpg _MG_1956.jpg _MG_1957.jpg _MG_1960.jpg _MG_1961.jpg _MG_1966.jpg _MG_1967.jpg _MG_1971.jpg _MG_1976.jpg
_MG_1987.jpg _MG_1996.jpg _MG_1997.jpg _MG_2010.jpg _MG_2012.jpg _MG_2013.jpg _MG_2014.jpg _MG_2034.jpg _MG_2038.jpg _MG_2039.jpg _MG_2046.jpg

12.03.13 - The last walk in the woods with all 3 girls Baynaylah, Bayouhli & Bayabaya, together with mommy Aminouh and granny Iloua

After this lovely walk, Baynaylah went to her new home in Switzerland!

_MG_1582.jpg _MG_1584.jpg _MG_1585.jpg _MG_1586.jpg _MG_1589.jpg _MG_1590.jpg _MG_1591.jpg _MG_1592.jpg _MG_1594.jpg _MG_1598.jpg
_MG_1599.jpg _MG_1601.jpg _MG_1603.jpg _MG_1604.jpg _MG_1605.jpg _MG_1611.jpg _MG_1613.jpg _MG_1614.jpg _MG_1618.jpg _MG_1619.jpg
_MG_1622.jpg _MG_1630.jpg _MG_1638.jpg _MG_1640.jpg _MG_1656.jpg _MG_1657.jpg _MG_1658.jpg _MG_1661.jpg _MG_1667.jpg _MG_1694.jpg
_MG_1696.jpg _MG_1699.jpg _MG_1706.jpg _MG_1712.jpg _MG_1721.jpg _MG_1725.jpg _MG_1736.jpg _MG_1743.jpg _MG_1749.jpg _MG_1753.jpg


Time to say goodbye...
It`s always so hard to let them go... but the day to say goodbye always comes!

Last wednesday, the people from the club, Susanne & Edgar Heckelsmüller have been here, and everything was ok!
Girl 1 is Msumari`s Baynaylah
Her weight was 3600gr, she was 26,5 cm tall and she`ll move to Switzerland
Girl 2 is Msumari`s Bayouhli
Her weight was 3205gr, she was 25 cm tall and she is our keeper!
Girl 3 is Msumari`s Bayabaya
Her weight was 3680gr, she was 26,5 cm tall and she`ll move to Czech Republic
Boy 1 is Msumari`s Baymoyo
His weight was 3440gr, he was 26,5 cm tall, he is our keeper!
Boy 2 is Msumari`s Bayobenji
His weight was 3520gr, he was 26,5 cm tall, he is co-owned with us!

The same evening, my dear friend Katrin took her "Moyo" to his new home.
Msumari´s Baymoyo is my keeper, but he`ll live with Katrin, just 500m away from us.
The separation from his mommy, granny & sisters wasn`t a big problem, he has now his own garden, terrace & bed - ok, together with Katrin ;-)
We will see him very often, so it wasn`t that hard, to let him go.

But this afternoon, the first tears came, when "Benji" - Msumari`s Bayobenji - left us.
"Benji" stays co-owned with me! He doesn`t live that far away from us, togehther with Eva and her son Andreas in Munich.
We´ll visit the dogschool together, so we`ll see him quite often, which is great!

It`s a bit quiter here now with only the 3 girl left.
Msumari`s Baynaylah will leave us next tuesday, Msumari´s Bayabaya will stay till next saturday.
With the new group photos the Msumari`s B-litter Diary is finished now!
Hope, you all liked it!
Bayouhli, Baymoyo und Bayobenji will get their own pages in "My Basenjis" soon, Baynaylah & Bayabaya will get their own page under "B-Litter"!!



We took gaiting photos of all puppies during our last trip with all of them!
My dear friend Katrin showed for the first time, and she, Aminouh and all puppies
did a great job!
Aminouh is already in a great shape, only 8,5 after giving birth!

_MG_0388.jpg _MG_0333.jpg _MG_0240.jpg _MG_0315.jpg _MG_0207.jpg _MG_0270.jpg


The decisions are made!

Girl 1 is Msumari`s Baynaylah!
She`ll live in Zürich in Switzerland with a lovely family!

Girl 2 is Msumari`s Bayouhli!
ya keeper! She stays with us at the Msumari´s pack with mommy & granny!

Girl 3 is Msumari´s Bayabaya!
She`ll live with a lovely Basenjiboy in CZ!

Boy 1 is Msumari`s Baymoyo!
My keeper! He`ll live with my dear friend Katrin here in our town!

Boy 2 is Msumari`s Bayobenji!
He will be co-owned by us & he´ll live very close to our place!

_MG_7578.jpg _MG_8783.jpg _MG_8788.jpg _MG_8763.jpg _MG_8767.jpg


On sunday, we finally had sunny weather, and puppies with mommy & granny enjoyed the warmth in the garden.
I took the chance to take some group photos - not that easy with the wild group!
In the afternoon, we made the first walk with all 7!
Quite hard to manage, but with the help of Andreas & Katrin we have been on tour for over one hour!
10 minutes walk to the "playground", 3/4 of an hour playing & running on a snowfree place under a  tall fir tree on a field just around the corner and then a 5 minutes walk back home.
They havn´t been that tired after that...
Photos of our trip can be seen below, the group photos can be seen in the B-Litter Diary!

_MG_7225.jpg _MG_7227.jpg _MG_7232.jpg _MG_7234.jpg _MG_7236.jpg _MG_7242.jpg _MG_7260.jpg _MG_7263.jpg _MG_7270.jpg _MG_7276.jpg
_MG_7283.jpg _MG_7303.jpg _MG_7304.jpg _MG_7318.jpg _MG_7321.jpg _MG_7328.jpg _MG_7332.jpg _MG_7346.jpg _MG_7349.jpg _MG_7353.jpg
_MG_7357.jpg _MG_7359.jpg _MG_7361.jpg _MG_7362.jpg _MG_7364.jpg _MG_7367.jpg _MG_7375.jpg _MG_7378.jpg _MG_7384.jpg _MG_7385.jpg
_MG_7389.jpg _MG_7414.jpg _MG_7415.jpg _MG_7419.jpg _MG_7427.jpg _MG_7437.jpg _MG_7443.jpg _MG_7451.jpg _MG_7460.jpg _MG_7471.jpg
_MG_7463.jpg _MG_7474.jpg _MG_7483.jpg _MG_7484.jpg _MG_7485.jpg _MG_7488.jpg _MG_7489.jpg _MG_7490.jpg _MG_7497.jpg _MG_7462.jpg

27.02.13 - It´s quite hard, to eat a pea;-)

Another funny film with the puppies can be seen in the B-Litter Diary!



Today, our friends Hedi and Harald with their Finley came for a vistit.

Aminouh ist the big love of Finley, since they met the first time in autumn 2012.
We had a long walk in the snow and  Aminouh, Iloua & Finley enjoyed it very much to run & play.
After the walk, Finley was the firts dog, who was allowed to meet the puppies.
Aminouh behaved great, also did big Finley, who was very carefully and lovely with the puppies.
We had a great day together!
Photos of our walk can be seen below, photos of Finley & the puppies can be seen
in the B-Litter Diary!


_MG_5011.jpg _MG_5013.jpg _MG_5016.jpg _MG_5020.jpg _MG_5061.jpg _MG_5065.jpg _MG_5072.jpg _MG_5079.jpg
_MG_5080.jpg _MG_5082.jpg _MG_5094.jpg _MG_5095.jpg _MG_5103.jpg _MG_5104.jpg _MG_5106.jpg _MG_5114.jpg

21.02.13 - Staked photos of the puppies with 6 1/2 weeks



All puppies of the Msumari`s B-Litter found new homes!

We had lovely visitors in the whole weekend, and we`re very happy, that all puppies found great homes now!
Due to a cancellation, we`ve been looking for a good place for one of the girls.
Msumari`s Baynaylah will move now to Switzerland in a few weeks!

♥ Happy Valentine`s Day ♥


Loving memories ♥ Zande Asali - Forever in our hearts ♥



Today, the puppies are exactly 5 weeks old!
To celebrate this, they all got lots of new toys!
Besides this, the second deworming started, and we finally took the first staked photos!

All puppies gained good weight, and they weight all about the same!
Girl 1: 2190g      Girl 2: 2090g     Girl 3: 2170g     Boy 1: 2134g     Boy 2: 2115g



The last weekend was full of action and visitors for the puppies!
Yesterday, Eva & Andreas and Anja Jakob have been here, and today, my beloved mom, Marion & Ebi (without Tsula) and Lumpis mom (without Lumoi yet) have been here.
Thanks a lot for your visits, and special thanks to Marion & Ebi for the great puppytoys and the delicious "Faschingskrapfen" :-)

_MG_3060.jpg _MG_3063.jpg _MG_3066.jpg _MG_3067.jpg _MG_3070.jpg _MG_3071.jpg
_MG_3097.jpg _MG_3098.jpg _MG_3099.jpg _MG_3100.jpg _MG_3101.jpg _MG_3105.jpg


The puppies are exactly 4 weeks today!
We don`t know who will be who yet, but we know the names now!

The girls will be called:
                                   Msumari´s Bayouhli
                                   Msumari´s Bayabaya
                                   Msumari´s Baynaylah

The boys will be called:
                                   Msumari`s Baymoyo
                                   Msumari`s Bayobenji

The weight of the puppies with 4 weeks is a followed:
Girl 1: 1770g, Girl 2: 1678g, Girl 3: 1780g, Boy 1: 1718g, Boy 2: 1707g



We had a warm sunshine and spring-like temperatures today, so the puppies had their first short trip into the garden!
Tired after that, they cuddled together - beautifully lined up - for the photographer;-)
More photos of this adventure can be seen as always in the
B-litter diary!



The puppies of the Msumari`s B-Litter are exactly 3 weeks today!
To celebrate this day, they got their first piece of fine minced meat - delicious!
The weigth of the puppies is now over 1,2 kg (zwischen 1208g und 1314g) and in the meantime, we can feel their little teeth!
More photos of this day can be seen in the B-Litter Diary!

25.01.13 - On day 18, the puppies got their first goat milk!

They all understood right away, what to do!



Finally, the puppies start to open their eyes!
First one was the firstborn girl, but the others have already small gaps as well.
That means, that I´ll not take flash photos for a while now.
Therefore, a little film can be seen today in the B-Litter Diary.
The puppies are happy, that her mommy Aminouh comes back from her walk.



I've fulfilled a big dream, and finally - just in time for the B-litter - bought a studio equipment!
It's soooo much fun, but I have a lot to learn.
My first attempts can be seen in the B-litter diary!

The puppies are 2 weeks already, and all 5 gained good weight!
Girl 1: 215g -> 883g
Girl 2: 244g -> 830g
Girl 3: 229g -> 873g
Boy 1: 244g -> 892g
Boy 2: 238g -> 892g

One of the future owner cancelled his reservation, therefore one of the girls is looking for a great home!



Actually, all of the puppies Msumari's B-litter had found a new home or have been in reservation but now, one family prefers to get a boy, which I don`t have.
Therefore, one of the girls is now looking for a great home.
The decision which girl this will be, will be made, when the puppies are 7-8 weeks old.
Serious inquiries are welcome via e-mail on or via telephone, 0049-171-8959899.
But I
have to add that I do not send puppies, and that I'd like to meet the new puppyowners personally in advance!

14.01.13 - The puppies are 1 week today ♥ And therefore the first video of the puppies can be seen in the B-Litter Diary


We proudly present the Msumari`s B-Litter - see as well B-Litter Diary



The Msumari`s B-Litter is born!
Yesterday evening from 21.40h till 23.40h Aminouh gave birth to 5 healty puppies, 2 red-white boys and 3 red-white girls!
First born was a r/w girl with 215g, followed at 21.50h by the heaviest girl with 244g. At 22.10h the first boy was born with 244g followed at 23.05h by a second boy with 238g. Last was a girl at 23.40h with 229g.
Aminouh had the rest of the night labour pains, so we went to the vet in the morning, to x-ray her. But nothing could be seen.
After the trip and a short walk, the last missing afterbirth came, and since then, she is super relaxt!
Iloua was allowed to be in the whelping box with her daughter during the whole birth, and helped cleaning Aminouh and the puppies - so great!
Now, we are all quite tired, and we`ll relax a bit.
Therefore the introduction of the puppies will be tomorrow!
Thank you so much as well to all my great helpers!
My dear Andreas for the super catering and his patience, my friend Katrin, who became a r/w fan now ;-) , my dear friend Claudia, who came with Anna all the long way to help us!
Thank you so much to you all!
Photos from the birth can be seen below, the puppydiary will be updated daily from now on!

IMG_9164.jpg IMG_9167.jpg IMG_9170.jpg IMG_9177.jpg IMG_9187.jpg IMG_9188.jpg IMG_9200.jpg
IMG_9222.jpg IMG_9229.jpg IMG_9237.jpg IMG_9244.jpg IMG_9251.jpg IMG_9258.jpg IMG_9260.jpg


Wir waren beim Röntgen mit Aminouh, um zu sehen, auf wie viele Welpen wir uns bei der Geburt einstellen dürfen!
Es kam, wie es kommen musste - wir können es trotzdem nicht genau sagen!
3 Welpen liegen schon in Startposition in Richtung Ausgang, 2 weitere sind hinter den Rippen zu erkennen, eventuell ist ein sechster Welpe zu erahnen.
Wir freuen uns schon sehr, meine Freundin Claudia, die Tierärztin steht schon in den Startlöchern um den weiten Weg aus Wiesbaden dann auch rechtzeitig zu schaffen, und ich messe fleissig 3x am Tag Aminouhs Temperatur.
Der errechnete Termin ist am Dienstag - wir dürfen gespannt sein!

Aminouh pregnant on day 55 wishes Happy New Year 2013


Msumari`s Aza Amina sends great wishes for the year 2013