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♥ Msumari`s C-Litter Diary ♥

Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh X Ch. Crystal Javelin Lusien
* 04.01.2015

Msumari`s Chi`Malou
"Malou" - The firstborn girl lives now in Germany

Musmari`s Chi`Madahiro

"Hiro" - The second puppy, a boy lives now in Switzerland

Msumari`s Chi`Mazuri
"Zuri" - The third puppy, as well aboy, lives now in Belgium

Msumari`s Chi`Matayo
"Tayo" - The fourth and lastborn puppy will live in the USA soon



Msumari`s Chi`Malou lives with her new & happy owners Chris & Dani and their two kids in Germany ♥



Msumari`s Chi`Madahiro lives with his new & happy owners Sandra & Luigi and their two boys Vincenzo & Dorian in Switzerland ♥



Msumari`s Chi`Mazuri lives with his new & happy owners Marijke & Stefan and their son Max in Belgium ♥



Msumari`s Chi`Matayo lives with his new & happy owners Alex & Jenny in the USA ♥

The Msumari`s C-Litter * 04.01.2015



 "Tayo" - Msumari`s Chi`Matayo - the lastborn puppy of the Msumari`s C-Litter will stay a little while longer in the Msumari´s pack, before he`ll make his long trip, together with his new owners "in cabin" the long trip to the USA!
We wish the lastborn boy of the Msumari`s C-Litter now already the very best for the future, a lot of fun with his new family  and his new fourlegged friends - 5 dogs, all girls - and a great, healthy and long Basenji-life, being the only boy in the pack!
"Tayo" ♥ will be seen in the showring in the USA, and of course we`ll follow his career!
At the moment, we`re enjoying his enchanting company, but I`ve to admit, that I´m already thinking with a big melancholy about the day, this boy of my heart will leave us ♥

10.03.15 - Tag 65 - The new boss in the shop ;-)

Tayo is coming with the girls now to my shop, and he`s doing really great!


09.03.15 - Only one puppy is left!

"Tayo" will stay a little while longer, before he`ll move into his new home!



Today, the second boy of the Msumari`s C-Litter
"Zuri" - Msumari`s Chi`Mazuri was picked up by his new family

"Zuri" lives now with his family about 750 km away from us in Belgium and he will be part of the family-life of  Marijke, Stefan & Max!
We wish this cute second boy of the Msumari`s C-Litter the very best for the future, a lot of fun with his new family and a great, healthy and long Basenji-life!
See you soon, super cute "Zuri" ♥

08.03.15 - Only 2 are left!

"Zuri" & "Tayo" having their last sunbath together!



Today, the second puppy of the Msumari`s C-Litter
"Hiro" - Msumari`s Chi`Madahiro was picked up by his new family

"Hiro" lives now with his family about 350 km away from us, nearby Basel in Switzerland, and he will be part of the family-life of  Sandra & Luigi mit Vincenzo & Dorian!
We wish the firstborn boy of the Msumari`s C-Litter the very best for the future, a lot of fun with his new family and a great, healthy and long Basenji-life!
See you soon, super sweet "Hiro" ♥

06.03.15 - Tag 61 - There are only 3 left!

From left: Msumari`s Chi`Mazuri - "Zuri", Chi`Madahiro - "Hiro" & Chi`Matayo - "Tayo"



Today, the first puppy of the Msumari`s C-Litter
"Malou" - Msumari`s Chi`Malou was picked up by her new family

"Malou" lives now with her family about 200 km away from us, nearby Esslingen, and she will be part of the family-life of  Dani & Chris with Sina & Nick!
We wish the only girl of the Msumari`s C-Litter the very best for the future, a lot of fun with her new family and a great, healthy and long Basenji-life!
See you soon, litte cute "Malou" ♥

04.03.2015 - Day 60 - Our last group photo


04.03.2015 - Today "Benji" was here for a visit!

Msumari`s Bayobenji, the brother of Youhli was here for a visit with his family! Benji was lovely, played with the puppies & I was so happy, to see him again!! Thank you Eva & Andi for your visit!

Collage_Benji_bearbeitet-1_(2).jpg - Day 58 - Huge black dogs!

Thank you very much to Anja, wo visited us with her cute Border Collies Merlin, Malouk & Monty! The puppies havn`t been afraid at all of the huge black dogs!

_MG_4671.jpg _MG_4672.jpg _MG_4673.jpg _MG_4690.jpg _MG_4701.jpg _MG_4707.jpg _MG_4710.jpg
_MG_4716.jpg _MG_4718.jpg _MG_4719.jpg _MG_4722.jpg _MG_4726.jpg _MG_4728.jpg _MG_4729.jpg
_MG_4741.jpg _MG_4743.jpg _MG_4746.jpg _MG_4751.jpg _MG_4755.jpg _MG_4758.jpg _MG_4760.jpg
_MG_4766.jpg _MG_4768.jpg _MG_4770.jpg _MG_4773.jpg _MG_4776.jpg _MG_4779.jpg _MG_4781.jpg
_MG_4783.jpg _MG_4785.jpg _MG_4794.jpg _MG_4799.jpg _MG_4805.jpg _MG_4806.jpg _MG_4808.jpg

02.03.15 - Lumpi was here for a visit!

Lumpi was the first do, who visited us, and this was very exciting for us! Lumpi wasn`t that thrilled about us, he is a already a little bit older, but very gentle!

_MG_3851.jpg _MG_3853.jpg _MG_3855.jpg _MG_3856.jpg _MG_3857.jpg _MG_3875.jpg
_MG_3877.jpg _MG_3880.jpg _MG_3887.jpg _MG_3888.jpg _MG_3889.jpg _MG_3891.jpg


Today, the puppies are exactly 8 weeks old and the breed warden of the BKD was here to aprove the litter in the Msumari`s Kennel.
Everything was fine and all puppies of the Msumari`s C-Litter did very good with the whole procedure (Measuring, weighing, tooth control ect.)
Thanks a lot to breed warden of the BKD, Edgar Heckelsmüller!



Yesterday & today my dear friend and vet Claudia Körner from Taunusstein was here with us at the Msumari`s Kennel.
She examined all puppies, they got their first shots & they got chipped and averything was fine!
Thank you so much to Claudia & her team for everything!
Thank you so much for your friendship & engagement - Claudia, you are the best!
And thank you as well for the photo!
More photos can bee seen in the C-Litter Diary!

_MG_3558.jpg _MG_3555.jpg _MG_3563.jpg _MG_3559.jpg _MG_3564.jpg _MG_3567.jpg
_MG_3565.jpg _MG_3571.jpg _MG_3580.jpg _MG_3581.jpg _MG_3587.jpg _MG_3589.jpg

27.02.15 - We enjoy the sun!

The last sunny day together, we guess... they expect snow the next days!


26.02.15 - Day 53 - Our first trip to the fields!

Today, the puppies have been outside in the fields for the first time. After the first shy 10 minutes, they had a lot of fun running, playing and digging!


25.02.15 - The treats which have been ordered arrived today!

The treats from arrived! We helped to unpack them, and we got for the first time a piece of very smelling & delicious udder!

_MG_2808.jpg _MG_2809.jpg _MG_2812.jpg _MG_2813.jpg _MG_2814.jpg _MG_2817.jpg _MG_2818.jpg
_MG_2819.jpg _MG_2821.jpg _MG_2824.jpg _MG_2826.jpg _MG_2827.jpg _MG_2830.jpg _MG_2834.jpg

24.02.15 - Group picture in the sun


23.02.15 - We are 50 days old!


22.02.15 - We love cream cups :-)

IMG_0730.jpg IMG_0736.jpg IMG_0737.jpg IMG_0739.jpg IMG_0740.jpg IMG_0742.jpg IMG_0745.jpg
IMG_0754.jpg IMG_0755.jpg IMG_0759.jpg IMG_0766.jpg IMG_0770.jpg IMG_0772.jpg IMG_0773.jpg

21.02.15 - Finally, we got our names!

Msumari`s Chi`Malou - little girl / with peace
Msumari`s Chi`Mazuri - beautiful
Msumari`s Chi`Madahiro - grace / elegance
Msumari`s Chi`Matayo - born to be happy

Chi (Mytologie) - Creator and sky god of the Ibos in Nigeria

The decision of who is who will be made next week!


20.02.15 - Our halfsister Msumari`s Baynaylah was here for a visit!

Thanks a lot to Alexandra, Lisa & André for your visit - it was great, to have you and Nayla here! She was so cute with the puppies!


19.02.15 - Today, we got a lot of balls to play with!

And halfsister "Youhli" showed us, what we`re not supposed to do - destroy them ;-)

_MG_2318.jpg _MG_2321.jpg _MG_2322.jpg _MG_2323.jpg _MG_2324.jpg _MG_2325.jpg _MG_2326.jpg _MG_2330.jpg
_MG_2333.jpg _MG_2336.jpg _MG_2338.jpg _MG_2340.jpg _MG_2341.jpg _MG_2343.jpg _MG_2347.jpg _MG_2350.jpg

18.02.15 - Day 55 - We sharp our little teeth on wood :-)

_MG_2287.jpg _MG_2292.jpg _MG_2293.jpg _MG_2295.jpg _MG_2296.jpg _MG_2300.jpg _MG_2303.jpg _MG_2304.jpg
_MG_2305.jpg _MG_2306.jpg _MG_2307.jpg _MG_2308.jpg _MG_2309.jpg _MG_2310.jpg _MG_2311.jpg _MG_2316.jpg

17.02.15 - Day 44 - Outdoor-Dogs

_MG_2203.jpg _MG_2206.jpg _MG_2214.jpg _MG_2226.jpg _MG_2218.jpg _MG_2219.jpg _MG_2220.jpg
_MG_2221.jpg _MG_2227.jpg _MG_2233.jpg _MG_2236.jpg _MG_2238.jpg _MG_2245.jpg _MG_2263.jpg

16.02.15 - Day 43 - Eating yummy treats together!

_MG_2190_(2).jpg _MG_2191_(2).jpg _MG_2192_(2).jpg

The puppies are 6 weeks old and we made the first staking pics!

They all did a great job and all of them presented very well!


15.02.15 - Today we`re exactly 6 weeks old!

We ate all together in the kitchen, we got some yummy cream to lick off and after that, we slept all together in the bedding in the kitchen!

_MG_2095.jpg _MG_2096.jpg _MG_2097.jpg _MG_2076.jpg _MG_2077.jpg _MG_2078.jpg
_MG_2079.jpg _MG_2080.jpg _MG_2081.jpg _MG_2088.jpg _MG_2089.jpg _MG_2100.jpg

14.02.15 - We had lovely visitors on ♥ Valentine`s Day!

Helping hands for eating our treats and lovely humans to cuddle with :-)

_MG_2040.jpg _MG_2042.jpg _MG_2043.jpg _MG_2044.jpg _MG_2052.jpg
_MG_2054.jpg _MG_2058.jpg _MG_2060.jpg _MG_2061.jpg _MG_2064.jpg

13.02.15 - Day 40 - Cuddling with granny Iloua ♥

1.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg

12.02.15 - Afternoon nap with mommy "Minouh"


11.02.15 - We got a new toy!

The cattunnel is very funny and and it makes sizzling noises, when we run through :-)

_MG_1820.jpg _MG_1822.jpg _MG_1827.jpg _MG_1829.jpg _MG_1831.jpg _MG_1832.jpg _MG_1834.jpg _MG_1835.jpg
_MG_1836.jpg _MG_1838.jpg _MG_1841.jpg _MG_1842.jpg _MG_1844.jpg _MG_1846.jpg _MG_1851.jpg _MG_1852.jpg

♥ Our first group-photo in the garden - we´re 37 days old ♥


11.02.15 - Today we had for the first time boiled chicken!

We really liked this, and we all emptied our bowls completly!

_MG_1768.jpg _MG_1776.jpg _MG_1778.jpg _MG_1774.jpg _MG_1779.jpg _MG_1775.jpg _MG_1773.jpg

09.02.15 - We`re all Number 1 & we had lovely visitors today!

_MG_1736.jpg _MG_1686.jpg _MG_1692.jpg _MG_1700.jpg _MG_1714.jpg
_MG_1739.jpg _MG_1740.jpg _MG_1741.jpg _MG_1745.jpg _MG_1748.jpg
_MG_1753.jpg _MG_1755.jpg _MG_1762.jpg _MG_1764.jpg _MG_1766.jpg

08.02.15 - We`re already 5 weeks old!

We got some calciumbones to eat, we made our first trip in the car and visited Andreas parents, where we got a lot of cuddles!

_MG_1661.jpg _MG_1663.jpg _MG_1666.jpg _MG_1635.jpg _MG_1644.jpg _MG_1648.jpg _MG_1653.jpg _MG_1669.jpg _MG_1670.jpg _MG_1672.jpg
_MG_1673.jpg _MG_1674.jpg _MG_1676.jpg _MG_1677.jpg _MG_1678.jpg _MG_1679.jpg _MG_1680.jpg _MG_1681.jpg _MG_1682.jpg _MG_1684.jpg
IMG_5983.jpg IMG_6014.jpg IMG_6019.jpg IMG_6042.jpg IMG_6027.jpg IMG_6050.jpg IMG_6041.jpg IMG_6040.jpg IMG_6039.jpg IMG_6033.jpg

07.02.15 - We`re already sleeping in the box & we`re outside a lot!

_MG_1279.jpg _MG_1283.jpg _MG_1310.jpg

06.02.15 - We´re 33 days old and all ears are up now :-)


05.02.15 - Day 32 - Aren`t wir super cute ♥♥♥

Each puppy gets a soft babyblanket and a toy to take home to the new owners place!


04.02.2015 - Today we got delicious dry lung!

IMG_1213.jpg IMG_1216.jpg IMG_1221.jpg

03.02.15 - Today we´re already 30 days old!

We eat together, we know already the hoover & we`re outside in the snow!

_MG_0751.jpg _MG_0755.jpg _MG_0756.jpg _MG_0757.jpg _MG_0760.jpg _MG_0761.jpg
_MG_0763.jpg _MG_0767.jpg _MG_0783.jpg _MG_0797.jpg _MG_0802.jpg _MG_0808.jpg

02.02.15 - Photoshooting with bone :-)

Marijke, Stefan & Max left us some yummy treats/little bones which we got today!


01.02.15 - We are 4 weeks old & we had an exciting sunday!

We`ve been for the first time in the garden and in the snow for a few minutes and we got the lovely visit of the proud future owners of our lady in pink!

_MG_0502.jpg _MG_0511_Kopie_(2).jpg _MG_0513.jpg _MG_0526.jpg _MG_0527.jpg _MG_0535.jpg _MG_0539.jpg _MG_0542.jpg _MG_0545.jpg _MG_0552.jpg
_MG_0565.jpg _MG_0566.jpg _MG_0617.jpg _MG_0636.jpg _MG_0637.jpg _MG_0639.jpg _MG_0652.jpg _MG_0659.jpg _MG_0660.jpg _MG_0663.jpg
_MG_0665.jpg _MG_0668.jpg _MG_0671.jpg _MG_0682.jpg _MG_0684.jpg _MG_0689.jpg _MG_0694.jpg _MG_0700.jpg _MG_0701.jpg _MG_0702.jpg
_MG_0703.jpg _MG_0711.jpg _MG_0620.jpg _MG_0623.jpg _MG_0624.jpg _MG_0628.jpg _MG_0631.jpg _MG_0634.jpg _MG_0635.jpg _MG_0715_Kopie_(2).jpg

31.01.15 - We had lovely visitors the whole day!

That was really nice, but we had to take a nap sometimes in between!

_MG_0114_Kopie_(2).jpg _MG_0070.jpg _MG_0073.jpg _MG_0084.jpg _MG_0491.jpg _MG_0090.jpg _MG_0098.jpg _MG_0109.jpg _MG_0493.jpg

30.03.15 - We got our coloured collars!

The girl got Pink of course, Boy 1 - Orange, Boy 2 - Blue, Boy 3 - Brown!

_MG_9923.jpg _MG_9917.jpg _MG_9910.jpg _MG_9902.jpg

29.01.2015 - Day 25 - We´re getting more and more active!

_MG_9874.jpg _MG_9875.jpg _MG_9880.jpg _MG_9881.jpg _MG_9888.jpg _MG_9891.jpg
_MG_9893_(2).jpg _MG_9895.jpg _MG_9896.jpg _MG_9899.jpg _MG_9901.jpg _MG_9869.jpg

28.01.15 - Day 24 - Since today we`re wearing our first collars!!

To be honest, we don`t like it and therefore we have to whine & scratch!

_MG_9864.jpg _MG_9865.jpg _MG_9866.jpg

27.01.15 - Today, we got our first minced meat!

We all liked it very much and we ate all of it!

_MG_9803.jpg _MG_9804.jpg _MG_9805.jpg _MG_9811.jpg _MG_9812.jpg _MG_9816.jpg
_MG_9826.jpg _MG_9832.jpg _MG_9834.jpg _MG_9837.jpg _MG_9840.jpg _MG_9843.jpg

26.01.15 - We love our cave & our halfsister "Youhli" ♥


25.01.15 - Today we are 3 weeks old!

In the meantime, we are already interested in our toys!

_MG_9734.jpg _MG_9703.jpg _MG_9710.jpg _MG_9717.jpg _MG_9723.jpg
_MG_9739.jpg _MG_9752.jpg _MG_9757.jpg _MG_9764.jpg _MG_9767.jpg

24.01.15 - Today we got our first goatmilk & the first visitors!

The goatmilk was very delicious, and we did quite good drinking out of the bowl! The 3 kids from the neighborhood are very friendly and we got a lot of cuddles!

_MG_9638.jpg _MG_9640.jpg _MG_9643.jpg _MG_9644.jpg _MG_9645.jpg _MG_9653.jpg _MG_9658.jpg
_MG_9660.jpg _MG_9663.jpg _MG_9668.jpg _MG_9670.jpg _MG_9672.jpg _MG_9673.jpg _MG_9675.jpg
_MG_9678.jpg _MG_9683.jpg _MG_9686.jpg _MG_9688.jpg _MG_9690.jpg _MG_9691.jpg _MG_9699.jpg

23.01.15 - We are family :-)


22.01.15 - We´re making the first efforts to play together :-)

_MG_9561.jpg _MG_9563.jpg _MG_9566.jpg _MG_9576.jpg _MG_9583.jpg _MG_9586.jpg
_MG_9588.jpg _MG_9589.jpg _MG_9590.jpg _MG_9593.jpg _MG_9594.jpg _MG_9595.jpg
_MG_9596.jpg _MG_9598.jpg _MG_9599.jpg _MG_9600.jpg _MG_9601.jpg _MG_9611.jpg

21.01.15 - We´re 17 days old and we already try to sit!

_MG_9533.jpg _MG_9558.jpg _MG_9549.jpg _MG_9537.jpg

20.01.15 - Our sleepingpositions with 16 days

_MG_9462.jpg _MG_9467.jpg _MG_9470.jpg _MG_9478.jpg _MG_9479.jpg _MG_9483.jpg
_MG_9484.jpg _MG_9485.jpg _MG_9489.jpg _MG_9492.jpg _MG_9496.jpg _MG_9498.jpg
_MG_9500.jpg _MG_9501.jpg _MG_9504.jpg _MG_9506.jpg _MG_9511.jpg _MG_9512.jpg

19.01.15 - We got our first gift - a cool squirrel-tree!

Thanks a lot to our halfbrother "Benji" (Msumari`s Baybenji) and his owner Eva with Andi

_MG_9425.jpg _MG_9426.jpg _MG_9427.jpg _MG_9428.jpg _MG_9429.jpg _MG_9430.jpg
_MG_9434.jpg _MG_9436.jpg _MG_9439.jpg _MG_9440.jpg _MG_9441.jpg _MG_9442.jpg
_MG_9443.jpg _MG_9450.jpg _MG_9451.jpg _MG_9452.jpg _MG_9459.jpg _MG_9460.jpg


Hello, beautiful world!

Today, the puppies are 14 days old, and slowly, the eyes and ears start to open. 
On the photo, representative for her 3 brothers, the girl can be seen ♥
During this sensitive time, I´ll not take any photos with the flash lights!
With the age of two weeks, the puppies got their first deworming paste today. According to experience, the stuff doesn`t taset good, so everything gets dirty, when the puppies try to get rid of the stuff.
But afterwards, they go straight to mommies milkbar, to get a better taste again.

18.01.15 - We are 2 weeks old today!

And for birthday present we unfortunaltly only got this awful tasting deworming paste... waaah! But afterwards, we went to mommies milkbar :-)

_MG_9372_(2).jpg _MG_9374_(2).jpg _MG_9377_(2).jpg _MG_9380_(2).jpg
_MG_9383_(2).jpg _MG_9384_(2).jpg _MG_9385_(2).jpg _MG_9387_(2).jpg

17.01.15 - Today we were manicured!


16.01.15 - We´re always hungry :-)

_MG_9280.jpg _MG_9282.jpg _MG_9287.jpg _MG_9289.jpg _MG_9290.jpg
_MG_9298.jpg _MG_9291.jpg _MG_9293.jpg _MG_9296.jpg _MG_9304.jpg

We`re 11 days old and we`re trying already to walk!


15.01.15 - Cuddling with mom on day 11

_MG_9239.jpg _MG_9241.jpg _MG_9242.jpg _MG_9246.jpg _MG_9248.jpg _MG_9250.jpg _MG_9254.jpg
_MG_9255.jpg _MG_9256.jpg _MG_9258.jpg _MG_9263.jpg _MG_9274.jpg _MG_9275.jpg _MG_9277.jpg

14.01.2015 - Today we`re alrady 10 days old - we are familiy :-)

_MG_9135.jpg _MG_9176.jpg _MG_9168.jpg _MG_9171.jpg _MG_9165.jpg
_MG_9136.jpg _MG_9137.jpg _MG_9141.jpg _MG_9143.jpg _MG_9148.jpg
_MG_9150.jpg _MG_9154.jpg _MG_9157.jpg _MG_9159.jpg _MG_9177.jpg
_MG_9184.jpg _MG_9189.jpg _MG_9192.jpg _MG_9193.jpg _MG_9187.jpg

13.01.15 - Portraits of day 9

_MG_9095.jpg _MG_9079.jpg _MG_9085.jpg _MG_9093.jpg

12.01.15 - Msumari`s Bayouhli and her sweet halfsiblings ♥


11.01.2015 - We´re one week old & and gained good weight!

The puppies have more than 500gr and doubled their birthweight!


11.01.2015 - We are already one week old!

_MG_8960.jpg _MG_8961.jpg _MG_8970.jpg _MG_8971.jpg _MG_8972.jpg _MG_8974.jpg _MG_8976.jpg _MG_8977.jpg
_MG_8978.jpg _MG_8981.jpg _MG_8982.jpg _MG_8984.jpg _MG_8987.jpg _MG_8991.jpg _MG_8992.jpg _MG_8996.jpg

10.01.15 - Close-Ups

IMG_0335.jpg IMG_0340.jpg IMG_0341.jpg IMG_0368.jpg IMG_0354.jpg IMG_0358.jpg IMG_0364.jpg
IMG_0374.jpg IMG_0375.jpg IMG_0380.jpg IMG_0393.jpg IMG_0387.jpg IMG_0388.jpg IMG_0382.jpg

09.01.15 - The noses start to get their pigmentation!


08.01.14 - Tag 4 - We´re growing qiuckly & we often have 2 mommys ♥

_MG_8824.jpg _MG_8825.jpg _MG_8826.jpg _MG_8828.jpg _MG_8829.jpg _MG_8838.jpg _MG_8846.jpg
_MG_8859.jpg _MG_8860.jpg _MG_8863.jpg _MG_8865.jpg _MG_8867.jpg _MG_8869.jpg _MG_8870.jpg

All umbilical cords felt off and the bellies are healing good!


07.01.15 - Introducing the Msumari`s C-Litter ♥


06.01.2015 - We´re 2 days old

Aminouh & her daughter Youhli together with the puppies in the puppybox ♥

_MG_8499.jpg _MG_8503.jpg _MG_8508.jpg _MG_8515.jpg _MG_8520.jpg _MG_8525.jpg
_MG_8532.jpg _MG_8534.jpg _MG_8627.jpg _MG_8628.jpg _MG_8621.jpg _MG_8630.jpg
_MG_8633.jpg _MG_8634.jpg _MG_8648.jpg _MG_8654.jpg _MG_8656.jpg _MG_8663.jpg
_MG_8664.jpg _MG_8661.jpg _MG_8672.jpg _MG_8675.jpg _MG_8679.jpg _MG_8688.jpg

05.01.15 - The first day on our world

_MG_8409.jpg _MG_8414.jpg _MG_8417.jpg _MG_8418.jpg _MG_8424.jpg _MG_8434.jpg _MG_8443.jpg
_MG_8468.jpg _MG_8449.jpg _MG_8453.jpg _MG_8454.jpg _MG_8456.jpg _MG_8464.jpg _MG_8494.jpg

04.01.15 - The labour

Aminouh is having one girl and three boys

_MG_8341.jpg _MG_8343.jpg _MG_8350.jpg _MG_8352.jpg _MG_8353.jpg _MG_8357.jpg _MG_8360.jpg
_MG_8369.jpg _MG_8377.jpg _MG_8381.jpg _MG_8362.jpg _MG_8391.jpg _MG_8393.jpg _MG_8398.jpg

Der Msumari`s C-Litter is born - 4 cute sunday childs

In the last hour of the 4th of january 2015 "Minouh" gave birth in the record-braking time of 45 minutes the 4 puppies of the Msumari`s C-Litter!

At  23.10h the heaviest puppy with 265 gr was born, a red-white girl.
10 minutes later, at 23.20h a red-white boy was born with 231gr.
After a short brake of 25 minutens there came two more red-white boys at 23.45h and 23.55h with 250gr and 262gr.

The puppies are very beautiful and the have lovely markings and the girl, the 3 boys and their mommy Aminouh are all happy & healthy!

03.01.2015 ♥ Soon the puppies will be born!



A last  "Belly-Collage" of Aminouh!
We expect the puppies of the Msumari`s C-Litter
(Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh X Ch. Crystal Javelin Lusien)
in the next 2-3 days ♥

♥ 26.12.14 ~ Day 54 - In the meantime, I can feel the puppies moving around - fascinating! ♥


The belly is getting bigger!


"Aminouh" on day 40 of her pregnancy!


♥ The first belly-pics of "Aminouh" ♥


!!! The mating has been successful - "Minouh" is pregnant !!!


We`re expecting the Msumari`s C-Litter beginning of January 15!


The first meeting between "Minouh "& "Rufuss" was successful!

Aminouh was mated for the first time on 02.11.2014!

_MG_6901.jpg _MG_6882.jpg _MG_6922.jpg

Msumari`s Basenjis proudly presents:

Litterplans 2014/2014

Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh  X  Ch. Crystal Javelin Lusien

Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh
D, A, Ch J-Champion
D (VDH & Klub), A, CH, SLO & INT Champion
DOB: 27.12.2009
Fanconi free/normal
PRA-BJ1 - free (OFFA)
PRA & Cataract free/ PPM in one eye
HD-A/A, 42cm, 10 kg, full dentation

Ch. Crystal Javelin Lusien
LV J-Champion  
LV, LT, EST, BALT, RUS, RKF, PL Champion
DOB: 17.12.2010
Fanconi free/normal (OFFA)
PRA-BJ1 - free (OFFA)
PRA, Cataract & PPM free
HD-A/A, ED-0/0, 43cm, 10,8 kg, full dentation

Owner: I. Birgele & Santa Usenko – Latvia

We´re planning our Msumari`s C-Litter with our girl
"Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh" and the mal
"Ch. Crystal Javelin Lusien" aka "Rufuss" of Latvia.
Both "Aminouh" and "Rufuss" are Multi-Champions and very successful Basenjis in the showring and - much more important - healthy and very playful, sweet-natured, relaxed and both have great temperaments!
Out of this interesting combination we expect red-white puppies!
Puppy inquieries are welcome, please get in contact with us in time!
More photos of "Aminouh" & "Rufuss" can be seen below!
Besides this in the gallery and here, at "Rufuss" own page!

IMG_4651.jpg IMG_4755.jpg AminouhApril11.jpg _MG_3735.jpg
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