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News 2014

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Happy 5. Birthday Msumari`s A-Litter

Greetings to all of you!
From left:
Ch. Msumari`s Ayo Azibo (E.:Nora Lindqvist/Sabine Nagel)
Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh (E.: Sabine Nagel)
Msumari`s Aza Amina (E.: Hartmut Joswig)
Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aloua (E.: Dorota Müller)

And my cute "Aminouh" is pregnant with the Msumari`s C-Litter after Ch. Crystal Javelin Lusien



We wish Merry X-Mas,
joy & happyness
and for the New Year 2015 health, fun & success!

♥ Sabine & Andreas mit Iloua, Aminouh, Bayouhli & Baymoyo ♥


Now it`s official & confirmed!
Msumari's Bayouhli is new Czech Champion with only 21 month!!!

She won at the EURODOGSHOW Brno (CZ), 23.10.14
(87 Basenjis entered) under the judge Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska (PL) out of 9 the female intermediate class
with Exc.1 & CAC
At the NDS Brno (CZ), 24.10.14 (28 Basenjis entered) she won
under the judge Kisliakov Andrei (BY) out of 6 entered bitches as well the intermediate class with Exc.1 & CAC
Because she won her class at the EDS & NDS on both days she is new Czech Champion, which is confirmed now!
A lovely X-Mas gift for Msumari`s Basenjis

"Minouh" & "Loua", "Youhli" & "Moyo" wish...



The first "belly-pics" of my cute "Minouh"
She is pregnant with the Msumari's C-Litter!

Ch. Msumaris Aza Aminouh X Ch. Crystal Javelin Lusien (O.: Santa Usenko, Riga)
Puppies are expected beginning of january 2015

"Moyo", "Youhli", "Minouh" & "Loua" wish...



"Minouh" at our today walk
She is around day 40 of her pregnancy, and now we can see something!
We expect the puppies of the Msumari`s C-Litter the beginning of January 2015
Proud parents:
"Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh" X "Ch. Chrystal Javelin Lusien"



Msumari`s Baymoyo & Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli
(Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh X Ch. C-Quest Jokuba Dandy Shandy)
got now the official breeding permission of the German Basenji Klub!


"Youhli" & "Moyo" have been successful in Austria!

CACIB Wels Day 1, 06.12.2014
Judge: Carla Molinari (PRT)
"Ch.Msumari`s Bayouhli"
Female Intermediate Class, V1, CAC & Res-CACIB
"Msumari`s Baymoyo“,
Male Intermediate Class, V1, CAC, CACIB & BOS!

CACIB Wels (A), Day 2, 07.12.2014
Judge: Elena Agafonova, RUS
"Ch.Msumari`s Bayouhli"
Female Intermediate Class, Exc.1, CAC & Res-CACIB
"Msumari`s Baymoyo“,
Male Intermediate Class, Exc.1, CAC, CACIB & BOB!!!

"Youhli" & "Moyo" are both now in the waiting list for the Austrian Champion!
Many thanks again to Katrin for trusting me to take her beloved "Moyo" with me!

"Loua", "Youhli", "Minouh" & "Moyo" wish...



The Msumari`s C-Litter is on the way!
We saw 3 puppies at the ultrasonic ♥
Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh X Ch. Chrystal Javelin Lusien

We expect the puppies beginning of january 2014!
Serious inquieries are warmly welcome!



My little handful Iloua is getting 9 years young today!
And still the wildest of all!
Thanks a lot to my dear friend & breeder Alex Guth (USA)!
Happy 9th Birthday, Iloua ♥

"Moyo", "Minouh", "Youhli" & "Loua" wish...



Great results of the Hip X-Ray of "Moyo"
Msumari`s Baymoyo  * 07.01.2013
(Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh X Ch. C-Quest Jokuba Dandy Shandy)

His hips are A1 - there is nothing better than that - Super!

So "Moyo" has now all healthtests which are necessary to become a studdog of the German Basenji Klub, and we`re waiting now for the official confirmation of the club :-)



Last sunday, 02.11.14, "Rufuss", the future dad of the Msumari`s C-Litter came together with his family from far Riga to us!
We had great autumnweather and Santa and her parents enjoyed the visit very much!
Sunday evening, "Minouh" und "Rufuss" already had their first date!
On monday, we went to Munich and visited Allianz Arena, the Olympiapark and the City of Munich.
On tuesday, we went to Füssen and the Castle Neuschwanstein.
On wednesday, short before the trip back to Riga, "Minouh" & "Rufuss" mated for the second time, and now, we`re looking forward to the Msumari`s C-Litter the beginning of January 2015!
Thank you so much to Santa, her parents & of course "Rufuss" to make this happen & thanks for the lovely photos, which can be seen below!
Besides this, the C-Litter Diary is now online as well!

_MG_6901.jpg _MG_6922.jpg _MG_6882.jpg IMG_3726.jpg IMG_3733.jpg IMG_3745.jpg IMG_3777.jpg IMG_3794.jpg IMG_3752.jpg 0001.jpg 0002.jpg 0003.jpg
0004.jpg IMG_3811.jpg IMG_3819.jpg IMG_3835.jpg IMG_3841.jpg IMG_3847.jpg 0005.jpg IMG_3853.jpg IMG_3861.jpg IMG_3867.jpg IMG_3871.jpg IMG_3878.jpg
IMG_3884.jpg IMG_3916.jpg IMG_3919.jpg IMG_3921.jpg IMG_3940.jpg 0006.jpg IMG_3955.jpg IMG_3983.jpg 0007.jpg IMG_4013.jpg IMG_4016.jpg IMG_4024.jpg

!!! Msumari`s Bayouhli successful at Brno & new CZ Champion !!!

We have been at the Eurodog Brno (CZ), 23.10.14
There was the big entry of 87 Basenjis!
Judge was Mrs. Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska (PL)
Msumari's Bayouhli wins out of 9 females the intermediate class with Exc.1 & CAC!!!
What a great win!
Her granny Ch. Loki's Iloua wins the female Veteranclass, gets FCI European Veteran Winner and Best Veteran - super!!!

The day after, we have been at the national Show - NDS Brno (CZ)
28 Basenjis have been enterd
This day, only Bayouhli was shown!
And again, "Youhli" wins under the judge Kisliakov Andrei (BY) out of 6 females the strongest intermediate class with Exc.1 & CAC!

Because she won her class at the EDS & NDS she is now with only 22 month
new Czech Champion
What a great success for my girls!


We have been at the International Show at Dortmund, 17.10.2014
Judge: Rainer Fendel (D)
Msumari`s Bayouhli wins the Intermediate Class, gets the CACIB and BOS!
Loki`s Iloua gets Exc. 1 in the Veteran Class & she was with the last 6 in the Main Ring!

At the Bundessiegerschau (19.10.2014) Bayouhli gets a second place in the intermediate class under the judge Karl Reisinger (A) and Iloua wins Deutsche Veteranen Bundessiegerin!

Msumari`s Bayobenji enjoyes the summer on his garden couch!

Thanks a lot to Eva for sending the cute photos of her "Benji"

20140609_01.jpg 20140609_02.jpg 20140814_01.jpg 20140814_04.jpg

Lovely Basenjiboy Febo from Italy was here for a visit and we had a great weekend all together, with a long trip to cemetary "Andechs"!

Thank you Marina, Giorgio, Massimilliano, Tiziano & Febo for your visit!

_MG_5938.jpg _MG_5940.jpg _MG_5949.jpg _MG_5992.jpg _MG_5994.jpg _MG_5995.jpg _MG_6049.jpg
_MG_6059.jpg _MG_6083.jpg _MG_6111.jpg _MG_6120.jpg _MG_6136.jpg _MG_6154.jpg IMG_6068.jpg

Msumari`s Bayabaya was here for a visit!

Msumari`s Bayabaya and her family Ivana and Marek with Gambo Ekibondo visited us for two days
It was great, to see her again for the first time, after she left us in march 2013.
The 3 sibblings Baya, Moyo & Youhli (Msumari`s Bayabay, Bayouhli & Baymoyo), now 20 month, got along great, specially Baya & her sister Youhli had a lot of fun together.
As we all know, that it sometimes can be a little bit difficult with the adult Basenjis, to get along with each other, some of them, specially granny Iloua had to wear a muzzle during our walk.
Aminouh run free without muzzle after a while and they all had a lot of fun!
Unfortunatly, the weather wasn`t that good on both days, but I took some lovely pics of them anyway. They can be seen below!
It was great, to have you here, Ivana, Marek, Baya & Gambo!
See you soon again!

_MG_5308.jpg _MG_5310.jpg _MG_5311.jpg _MG_5321.jpg _MG_5326.jpg _MG_5327.jpg _MG_5334.jpg _MG_5335.jpg _MG_5336.jpg _MG_5365.jpg _MG_5389.jpg _MG_5393.jpg
_MG_5396.jpg _MG_5428.jpg _MG_5436.jpg _MG_5443.jpg _MG_5454.jpg _MG_5465.jpg _MG_5467.jpg _MG_5472.jpg _MG_5487.jpg _MG_5489.jpg _MG_5490.jpg _MG_5500.jpg
_MG_5509.jpg _MG_5511.jpg _MG_5523.jpg _MG_5524.jpg _MG_5557.jpg _MG_5562.jpg _MG_5566.jpg _MG_5573.jpg _MG_5580.jpg _MG_5586.jpg _MG_5587.jpg _MG_5590.jpg

We have been at the track at Mammendorf again on 07th of september 14, and
"Msumari`s Bayouhli" did very well to start out of the closed startbox!
Guess we´re going for the 2 solo licence runs next time:-)



The father of the Msumari`s C-Litter is choosen now!!!

It´ll be the red-white Basenjiboy "Rufuss" from far Riga!
Puppy inquieries are welcome, please get in contact with us in time!

Moer info can be seen here and under "What to know"!


We have been 2 successful days at the show at Innsbruck (A)!

CACIB Innsbruck, 23.08.2014
Judge: Paloheimo Anukka, FIN
Msumari's Baymoyo, Male Intermediate Class, Exc.1 & CACA
Msumari's Bayouhli, Female Intermediate Class, Exc.1, CACA & Res-CACIB
Multi-Ch. Loki's Iloua, Female Veteran Class, Exc.1, V-CACA, Best Veteran & BOS!!!
And in the Main Ring under the judge Iris Urschitz (A)
Veteran BIS-2!!!
CACIB Innsbruck, 24.08.2014
Judge: Dr. Manola Poggesi, I
Msumari's Baymoyo, Male Intermediate Class, Exc.1
Msumari's Bayouhli, Female Intermediate Class, Exc.1 & CACA
Multi-Ch. Loki's Iloua, Female Veteran Class, Exc.1, V-CACA & Best Veteran



We have been the 3rd sunday in a row at the track at Mammendorf...
and my girls
Iloua, Aminouh & Bayouhli LOVE it!
More photos can be seen here!


Msumari`s Bayouhli first time with muzzle!

Training at the track at Mammendorf today on sunday
All my girls had again a lot of fun!
On the second turn, Bayouhli had a muzzle on for the first time.
But she is so wild about running, that the muzzle didn`t bother her at all :-)


Msumari`s Bayabaya new Czech Juniorchampion!!!

Msumari`s Bayabaya (E.: Ivana Leš) wins her class at the BKB Specialty at Kyjov (CZ) on 09th of august 2014 and she is now new Czech Junior Champion!
She was handled by Irena Friebertová.
Super! Congrats to Ivana and Baya for the new title!



Today we finally managed to take part at the training at the track of Mammendorf
Iloua & Aminouh have been as usual a little bit loud at the start and they had as always a lot of fun on the track!
It was the first proper training for Bayouhli, therefore no muzzle but already a racing jacket. She was super fast and very wild after the lure:-)

Msumari`s Bayabaya wins again a race at Kolin, CZ, 02.08.14

Congrats to Ivana & Baya! She won again the junior race! 360m in a personal record time of 32,48 sec!


Msumari`s Baynaylah making holidays in Italy

Thank you to Fam. Ziegler for the lovely photos of Naylah making holidays at the dogbeach in Tuscany

1image.jpg 2image.jpg 5image.jpg 6image.jpg 8image.jpg
10image.jpg 9image.jpg 11image.jpg 3image.jpg 4image.jpg

We have been at the International Sighthound Race at Hünstetten, 20.07.2014
Aminouh got 3rd out of seven!
It was only her second official race & we had no time this year yet for any training!
So I'm really happy!
And had a lovely weekend with friends here at Hünstetten, visited my friend Claudia and her Rhodesian Ridgeback Ndoki G-Litter and I havn't slept in a tent for years - the girls never did!
Some pics can be seen below!

IMG_1525.JPG IMG_1539.JPG IMG_1548.JPG IMG_1551.JPG IMG_1554.JPG IMG_1555.JPG IMG_1561.JPG
IMG_1564.JPG IMG_1575.JPG IMG_1584.JPG IMG_1594.JPG IMG_1602.JPG IMG_1619.JPG IMG_1568.JPG

Msumari`s Bayabaya won again a race at Kolin (CZ)!

She is now Czech Junior Champion of Beauty & Performance!
Big congrats to Ivana & Baya!
And thank you very much to Eva Mizerová for the great photo!


Little hunter Msumari`s Baynaylah :-)

Thank you to Fam. Ziegler from Suisse for the photo of the successfull hunter!


We have been at the BKD Clubwinnershow at Schloss Meisdorf (D), 05.07.2014
We had almost tropical temperatures and Mrs Beverly Capstick from USA judged 22 Basenjis on the beautiful showground of castle Meisdorf.
And the Msumari`s Pack was successful again!

Ch. Loki's Iloua, Female Veteran Class, Place 2
Ch. Msumari's Aza Aminouh, Female Honour Class, Place 1
Msumari's Bayouhli, Female Junior Class, Exc.1, J-CAC, J-BOB &
New German Junior Champion (Club)
Msumari's Baymoyo, Male Intermediate Class, Exc.1, CAC, Best Male/BOS
Best Brace with Msumari's Bayouhli & Baymoyo
Best Breedersgroup with Msumari's Aza Aminouh, Bayouhli & Baymoyo
And in the Main Ring:
Brace BIS-3 & Breedersgroup BIS-2
What a successful day
and a beautiful weekend!

_MG_2432.jpg _MG_2414.jpg _MG_2550.jpg _MG_2441.jpg _MG_2649.jpg _MG_2458.jpg _MG_2660.jpg

Msumari`s Bayabaya gets at the national Show at Klatovy (CZ) on 29.06.2014 under the judge Petr Rehanek (CZ)  Exc.1, J-CAC and Junior-BOB
Super! Congrats Ivana & Baya!

Msumari`s C-Litter

We´re planning our Msumari`s C-Litter with our Multi-Championesse
"Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh"
for the upcomung season autumn/winter 2014/2015.
We didn`t make up our decision about the male yet.
If you`re interessted in a puppy of our Msumari`s Breeding, please get in contact with us soon!


!!! "Msumari`s Bayouhli" & "Baymoyo" Brace BIS-1 !!!

NHA Aarau (CH), 22.06.2014
Judge: Dr. Zsuzsanna Váczi-Balogh (HU)
"Msumari`s Bayouhli", Female Intermediate Class, Exc.1, CAC & BOS
"Msumari`s Baymoyo", Male Intermediate Class, Exc.1, CAC & BOB!!
Both are now in the waiting list for the Suisse Champion!
And in the Main Ring:
Group V: Judge: Christine Rossier (CH)
"Msumari`s Baymoyo" with the last 5!
Brace: Judge: Satu Ylä-Mononen (FIN)
"Msumari`s Bayouhli" & "Baymoyo" Brace BIS-1 !!!


We have been in holidays in beautiful tuscany, and my girls Iloua, Aminouh & Bayouhli had again a lot of fund at the beach!
More photos can be seen soon!


Msumari`s Bayabaya
(Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh X Ch. C-Quest Jokuba Dandy Shandy)
(Owner: Ivana Leš, CZ)
at the specialty of the Basenji Klub Bohemia, 21.06.2014 under the judge Rainer Fendel (D)
Big congrats to Ivana & Baya

Besides this, "Baya"
was successful again at the racetrack at Mlada Boleslav (CZ), 15.06.2014
She was the winner in the youth class over a distance of 345m on gras with a final time of 32,53 sec!


We have been at the Houndshow at Schöningen (D), 24.05.2014
Entered breeds:
10 Basenjis, 47 Ridgebacks, 8 Bassets, 8 Bloodhounds & 40 Beagles
Judge: Mark Cocozza (GB)
  Avery strict judge, wo didn`t give tickets to quite a lot of the first placed dogs of the classes!

But we have been successful!
Loki`s Iloua (right)
Veteran Female Class - Place 1 - Best Veteran
Msumari`s Baymoyo (left)
Male Junior Class - Exc.1, J-CAC, J-BOB, BOS and
new German Junior Champion VDH & Club !!!
Msumari`s Bayouhli (middle)
Female Intermediate Class - Exc.1, CAC & BOB !!!

Thanks again to Katrin for her company & help!
This was now the last show in a very busy may 2014, with a lot of great success for
my Msumari`s Pack :-)
Photos of our 2 days trip with sightseeing can be seen below!

_MG_0664.jpg _MG_0678.jpg _MG_0706.jpg _MG_0728.jpg
_MG_0746.jpg _MG_0740.jpg _MG_0748.jpg _MG_0761.jpg

Msumari`s Bayabaya was successful again at the racetrack!

She won with the time of 31.83s at the Grand Prix Bohemia Race at Mlada Boleslav (CZ)! Super! Congrats to Baya and her owner Ivana!



We got lovely photos of Msumari`s Bayobenji!

Thanks a lot of the great pics of Benji and his owner Eva!

20140511_02.jpg 20140511_01.jpg 20140511_03.jpg

! BOB, BOG-3 & Brace BIS-1 ! the CACIB at Wieselburg (A),17.05.2014
Judge: Jadranka Mijatovic (HR)

Msumari`s Bayouhli, Female Intermediate Class
Exc.1, CACA & CACIB !
Msumari`s Baymoyo, Male Intermediate Class
Exc.1, CACA, CACIB, Best Male & BOB !!!
And in the Main Ring:
Msumari`s Bayouhli & Baymoyo under the judge Dr. Frederic Maison (F)
Brace BIS-1 !!!
Msumari`s Baymoyo BOG-3 under the judge Kamen Litov (BGR)
Again a great success for my offspring :-)
Thanks a lot for the photos to Julia Witibschlager!

Msumari`s Bayouhli & Msumari`s Baymoyo have both with only 16,5 month
4 CACIBs of 3 different countries and they are both already in the waiting list for the
International Champion!!!


!!! Msumari`s Basenjis successful at the Double-CACIB at St. Gallen (CH) !!!

CACIB St. Gallen (CH), Day 1, 10. 05.2014
Judge: Elizabeth Gonzalez (GI)
Msumari's Baymoyo (middle), Male Intermediate Class, Exc.1, CAC, CACIB & BOS!
Msumari's Bayouhli (left), Female Intermediate Class, Exc.1, CAC, CACIB & BOB!!!
Loki's Iloua (right), Female Veteran Class, Exc.1, V-CAC & Best Veteran and new Suisse Veteran Champion!!!
And in the Main Ring:
Loki's Iloua under the judge Elisabeth Ballington (SA) Veteran BIS-2 !!!
Msumari's Bayouhli & Msumari's Baymoyo under the judge Elsbeth Clerc (CH) Brace BIS-2 !!!
Super !!!

CACIB St. Gallen (CH), Day 2, 11.05.2014
Judge: Tatiana Deres (RU)
Msumari's Baymoyo, Male Intermediate Class, Exc.1, CAC, CACIB & BOB!!!
Msumari's Bayouhli, Female Intermediate Class, Exc.1, CAC, CACIB & BOS!
Loki's Iloua, Female Veteran Class, Exc.1, V-CAC & Best Veteran !
Unfortunatly, the judging in the ring took so long, that we couldn`t take part at the Veteran & Brace Contest in the Main Ring.
Msumari's Baymoyo was with the last 6 in group 5!

And the best was, that Fam. Ziegler with Msumari`s Baynaylah came to visit us at the show!
Nayla recognized her family and was so happy & friendly!
Some pics of our meeting can be seen below!

IMG_0199.jpg IMG_0245.jpg IMG_0251.jpg IMG_0252.jpg IMG_0268.jpg IMG_2107_Kopie.jpg

We have been at the
BKD Specialty at Oberhausen/Rheinhausen on 4th of may 2014 and came home with great results!
Judge: Jochen Eberhardt (D) , 20 Basenjis entered
From right:
"Msumari`s Baymoyo", Male Junior Class, vg.1
"Msumari`s Aza Aminouh", Female Champion Class, Exc.1 & CAC
"Loki`s Iloua", Female Veteran Class, Exc.1, V-CAC &
new German Veteran Champion (Club)
"Msumari`s Bayouhli", Female Junior Class, Exc.1, J-CAC, Best Junior, Best Female & BOS
and now as well new German Junior Champion!!!
Besides this Best Brace with Msumari`s Bayouhli & Baymoyo and
"Msumari`s" Best Breeders Group mit Msumari`s Aza Aminouh, Bayouhli & Baymoyo!

And my two youngsters Msumari`s Bayouhli & Baymoyo passed their breeding permission examination of the BKD under judge Jochen Eberhardt!
Super! I´m so proud about my 4!

More photos of the specialty can be seen here!



!!! Iloua Veteran Best in Show & Bayouhli BOB & BOG-3 !!!

A 4 day short trip, combined 2 CACIB Shows in Slowenia are behind us, and despite the rain on both show days, we had a great time!
On friday we had lovely weather and we made a beautiful trip to the Pohorje Mountains!
Photos can be seen below!

And my girls Iloua and her grandchlild Bayouhli have been successful in the showring!
Aminouh was only a visitor, she is already Slovenian Champion.

CACIB Maribor, 19.04.2014
Judge: Ekaterina Senashenko, RU
Loki`s Iloua
Female Veteran Class, Exc.1 & V-CAC & V-BOB
Msumari`s Bayouhli
Female Intermediate Class, Exc.1, CAC & Res-CACIB

CACIB Pohorje, 20.04.2014
Judge: Valerio Nataletti, IT
Loki`s Iloua
Female Veteran Class, V1 & V-CAC & V-BOB
and in the Main Ring under the judge Valerio Nataletti (IT) Veteran Best in Show !!!
Msumari`s Bayouhli
Female Intermediate Class, Exc.1, CAC & Best Female & BOB and in the Main Ring under judge Valerio Nataletti (IT) BOG-3 !!!

What a great easter sunday!
Special thanks to Katja Polner for the photos!
It was nice, to see all of you again!

IMG_1836.jpg IMG_1848.jpg IMG_9936.jpg IMG_9927.jpg IMG_9797.jpg IMG_9752.jpg IMG_9758.jpg IMG_9769.jpg IMG_9900.jpg IMG_9891.jpg
IMG_9909.jpg IMG_9806.jpg IMG_9884.jpg IMG_9812.jpg IMG_9906.jpg IMG_9924.jpg IMG_9962.jpg IMG_0001.jpg IMG_0012.jpg IMG_0024.jpg
IMG_0029.jpg IMG_0033.jpg IMG_9928.jpg IMG_9941.jpg IMG_9946.jpg IMG_9998.jpg IMG_9966.jpg IMG_9949.jpg IMG_9950.jpg IMG_9959.jpg
IMG_9823.jpg IMG_9980.jpg IMG_9992.jpg IMG_0051.jpg IMG_9836.jpg IMG_9840.jpg IMG_9846.jpg IMG_9854.jpg IMG_9860.jpg IMG_9873.jpg

Msumari`s Basenjis wish "HAPPY EASTER"


Eastergreetings from Msumari`s Aza Amina and Msumari`s Baynaylah

ostern2014ziegler.jpg OsternAmina.jpg


Iloua new German Veteran Champion + Bayouhli & Baymoyo Brace BIS-1 !!!

On 12th of April 2014 we have been at the CACIB at Chemnitz (D) and we showed under the judge Leos Jancik (CZ).
Msumari`s Bayouhli gets Exc. 1 in the female Intermediate Class!
Loki`s Iloua was placed first in the female Veteran Class and is now new
German Veteranen Champion!!!
Msumari´s Baymoyo gets Exc.1, CAC and a useable Res.-CACIB in the male Open Class!
And in the Main Ring under the judge Miroslav Zidar (SI)
Msumari`s Bayouhli & Baymoyo are winning Brace Best in Show!!!



We´re so jealous...
(because our racetrack isn`t open yet)
and we`re happy about the success!

Msumari`s Bayabaya (E.: Ivana Leš) had her first official CACIL Race
at Kolin (CZ) with the distance of 345 m and she won the Junior Class with the great time of 33,34 sec!
Super! Congrats to
Ivana & Baya!



Msumari`s Bayabaya successful in Nitra (SK)

On 29.03.2014 Msumari`s Bayabaya wins under the judge Bala Karlo (RS) the female junior class and gets BOS!!!
On 31.03.2014 she also wins the female junior class and is now new Slovakian Junior Champion!

Super! Big congrats to Ivana Leš and Baya


Msumari`s Basenjis successful at Offenburg!!!

CACIB Offenburg (D), 15.03.2014
Judge: Elsbeth Clerc (CH), 13 Basenjis entered
From left:
Loki`s Iloua, Female Veteran Class, Exc.1, V-CAC
Msumari`s Bayouhli, Female Junior Class, Exc.1, J-CAC
Msumari`s Aza Aminouh, Female Champ. Class, Exc.1, CAC & Res-CACIB
Msumari`s Baymoyo, Male Junior Class, Exc.1, J-CAC & J-BOB
And in the Main Ring at the Breeders Group Contest under the judge Horst Kliebenstein (D) with
Msumari`s Aza Aminouh, Bayouhli & Baymoyo Breeders Group BIS-2!!!

Besides this, Msumari`s Bayouhli & Baymoyo have passed their behaviour test!

We got new photos of Msumari`s Bayobenji !

"Benji" is doing great and he´s enjoying the warm weather and his garden!

Geburtstag_1_(2).jpg Geburtstag_2_(2).jpg Terrasse3_090314m_(2).jpg Terrasse12_250214m_(2).jpg Terrasse16_250214m_(2).jpg


We had 4 relaxed, beautiful & sunny days in Austria with a great & successful showday at the CACIB at Graz!
10 Basenjis entered, 3 absent
Judge: George Kostopolus, GR
Msumari`s Aza Aminouh, Female Ch. Class, Exc. 1, CACA & Res-CACIB
Msumari`s Baymoyo, Male Junior Class, Exc. 1, J-CACA, BOS &
New Austrian Junior Champion!!!
Loki`s Iloua, Female Veteran Class, Exc. 1 V-CACA, Best Veteran, Austrian Veteran Champion &
under judge Damir Skok, HR
Best Veteran in Show !!!
Msumari`s Bayouhli, Female Junior Class, Exc. 1, J-CACA, BOB &
New Austrian Junior Champion &
Junior BOG-1 & BOG-3 !!! Judge: Damir Skok, HR & Elmar Sistermann, D
Msumari`s Basenjis with Msumari`s Aza Aminouh, Baymoyo & Bayouhli Best Breeders Group!!! Judge: Mag. Heliane Maissen-Jarisch, A
Oh, what a day !!!
Photos can be seen below!

_MG_1585.jpg _MG_1612.jpg _MG_1604.jpg

The Msumari`s pack had a lot of fun racing & running around!

_MG_0701.jpg _MG_0806.jpg _MG_0857.jpg _MG_0918.jpg _MG_0943.jpg
_MG_1125.jpg _MG_1137.jpg _MG_1197.jpg _MG_1247.jpg _MG_1255.jpg


Over the moon… & soooo happy !!!
Second day at CACIB Fribourg, 23.02.2014 successful again!
Judge: Elsbeth Clerc (CH), 7 Basenji entered

Loki`s Iloua, Best Veteran and with the last 6 in the Main Ring!
Msumari`s Baymoyo , Male Junior Class, Exc. 1 & BOS
Msumari`s Bayouhli, Female Junior Class, Exc. 1, J-BOB & BOB, new Suisse Junior Champion...
and in the Main Ring out of over 70 Junior Dogs of all breeds
under the judge Revaz Khomasuridze (RU)
So proud & happy!

What a success weekend for the Msumari`s Pack
at the Double-CACIB Fribourg (CH), 22.&23.02.2014!!!
1 x Best Senior-Handling - Msumari`s Aza Aminouh mit Stefanie Hirsch!
2 x BOS - Msumari`s Baymoyo, New Suisse Junior Champion!
2 X BOB - Msumari`s Bayouhli, New Suisse Junior Champion!
1 x Veteran Best in Show - Loki`s Iloua
1 x Junior Best in Show - Msumari`s Bayouhli

Thanks to all my helpers, friends & photographers!



Super & successful first show-day at the CACIB at Fribourg (CH), 22.02.2014!!!

Judge: Revaz Khomasuridze, RU, 7 Basenjis entered!
Msumari`s Aza Aminouh was “only” and absolutly unexpected shown in the Main Ring in Senior Handling with Steffi Hirsch and…
They where placed FIRST!!!
(First time, I gave one of my dogs away for a contest… - Aminouh never met Steffi before, and they both did GREAT!)
Msumari`s Baymoyo, Male Junior Class, Exc.1,
Msumari`s Bayouhli, Female Junior Class, Exc. 1,
Junior-BOB & BOB!!!
And finally my old lady...
Loki`s Iloua started for the second time in her show career in the Veteran Class,
got Veteran Winner & under the judge Sigrid Jarmer (A)


What a great success for my sweethearts!
Thanks to all my helpers!


mumuk1.jpg IMG_1978_klein.jpg IMG_9182.jpg mumuk3.jpg mumuk4.jpg

♥ Happy Valentine`s Day 2014 ♥



"Zande Asali"
13.02.1995 - 11.08.2010
19 years ago, my beloved Asali was born in the Kennel "Zande" of Sally & Marvin Wallis in the UK!
She was my first Basenji and my first own dog.
She was on my side for 15 1/2 years and I´ll never forget her!



Damn bloody barbwire!!!
Bayouhli run into it, got a long cut at a stupid place in the inside of her front leg and had to get sued with 6 stitches!
But my little prinzess was/is very brave!
The worst for her now: 10 days no racinggames & walks only on a lead...



Great showsuccess of Msumari`s Bayabaya!

Msumari`s Bayabaya and her owner Ivana Leš from Prague (CZ) have been in the showring for only the second time at the CACIB at Trensin (SLO), 18.01.2014 and "Baya" won under the judge Olga Dolejsi in Junior Class Exc.1, J-CAC, won Best Junior and as well BOS!!!
Super, Ivana & thanks for the photo!



Successful start in the new showyear 2014!
Loki`s Iloua gets her first ticket for the German Veteran Champion at the CACIB at Nürnberg, 11.01.2014 under the judge Wilfried Peper (D).
The patience of the basenjs had to be quite high, because our clubmember Nico Kersten was there as well - he is learning to become a judge for basenjis.
Msumari`s Baymoyo wins the male junior class with Exc.1, J-CAC and gets than Juniorwinner!
Normally we don`t have a Junior Competition in the Main Ring here in Germany, but it was a jubille show, so they placed one junior dog for Junior BIS.
"Moyo" was great in the main ring, and out of over 70 junior dogs he was with the last 8 under the judge Walter Schicker (D) !
Photos can be seen below!

IMG_1759.jpg IMG_1761.jpg IMG_1762.jpg IMG_1814.jpg IMG_1830.jpg IMG_1867.jpg IMG_1870.jpg

We got post & photos of Msumari`s Baynaylah from Zürich!

DSC07494.jpeg DSC07495.jpeg DSC07483.jpeg DSC07318.jpeg DSC07315.jpeg

♥ Happy Birthday, Msumari`s B-Wurf ♥

Congrats to the owner of Baynaylah, Bayabaya & Bayobenji