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08.03.2017 - "Yolo" moved now to his new home!

We´re really happy, that "Yolo" found now as well a wonderful home! He´l life in the south of Munich and we`ll see him sometimes. Bye bye, little boy!


21.01.17 - Yala moved to her new home with Helga and Sunny!

Yala lives now 2 hours away from us with Basenjiboy Sunny, Sebastian and Helga! We´re really happy, that she will be co-owned with us and that we`ll see her often! Bye bye, little wild girl!


21.01.17 - A last group photo


21.01.17 - We can take all these things with us to our new homes!

Collar, harness, leash, food, treats, toys and as a special gift from Katrin and uncle Moyo a super Kringel! Today, we´re 9 weeks old and we have to say good bye to Yala!


20.01.17 - Weve been in the fields today!

We had no sun and it was quite cold, but we had a lot of fun, running free in the fields!

IMG_7342.JPG IMG_7351.JPG IMG_7360.JPG IMG_7386.JPG IMG_7391.JPG
IMG_7399.JPG IMG_7413.JPG IMG_7434.JPG IMG_7443.JPG IMG_7400a.JPG

19.01.17 - Today we had two fourlegged visitors!

As every year, Anja was here, this time with her 9 month old Borderboy Milino! He had so much fun with us puppies! And dachsie Lumpie was here as well!

IMG_6986.JPG IMG_6993.JPG IMG_6996.JPG IMG_7012.JPG IMG_7017.JPG
IMG_7019.JPG IMG_7021.JPG IMG_7023.JPG IMG_7030.JPG IMG_7033.JPG
IMG_7043.JPG IMG_7052.JPG IMG_7066.JPG IMG_7067.JPG IMG_7070.JPG
IMG_7084.JPG IMG_7085.JPG IMG_7086.JPG IMG_7090.JPG IMG_7092.JPG
IMG_7093.JPG IMG_7095.JPG IMG_7104.JPG IMG_7110.JPG IMG_7115.JPG

18.01.17 - We had a real actionday today!

We got our collars and harness today and we visited uncle Moyo! New flat, new garden, new playground and we had so much fun with our uncle Moyo!

IMG_9709.jpg IMG_6700.JPG IMG_6704.JPG IMG_9720.jpg IMG_6742.JPG IMG_6746.JPG IMG_9712.jpg
IMG_6748.JPG IMG_6735.JPG IMG_6756.JPG IMG_6760.JPG IMG_6768.JPG IMG_6769.JPG IMG_6770.JPG
IMG_6780.JPG IMG_6781.JPG IMG_6783.JPG IMG_6786.JPG IMG_6791.JPG IMG_6794.JPG IMG_6797.JPG
IMG_6800.JPG IMG_6801.JPG IMG_6803.JPG IMG_6807.JPG IMG_6808.JPG IMG_6809.JPG IMG_6812.JPG
IMG_6816.JPG IMG_6817.JPG IMG_6824.JPG IMG_6826.JPG IMG_6827.JPG IMG_6833.JPG IMG_6834.JPG
IMG_6836.JPG IMG_6837.JPG IMG_6841.JPG IMG_6845.JPG IMG_6853.JPG IMG_6859.JPG IMG_6868.JPG
IMG_6872.JPG IMG_6878.JPG IMG_6880.JPG IMG_6881.JPG IMG_6884.JPG IMG_6888.JPG IMG_6905.JPG

17.01.17 - Snow, snow, snow...

IMG_6454_Kopie_(2).jpg IMG_6492_Kopie_(2).jpg

16.01.17 - We´re always helping in the kitchen!

IMG_6387.JPG IMG_6389.JPG IMG_6392.JPG IMG_6398.JPG IMG_6399.JPG

15.01.17 - We are family!


14.01.17 - Our halfbrother "Dayo" visited us!

Dayo was so in love with us and we had a lovely afternoon together! Thank you to Geli, Peter and Dayo for the lovely visit!

IMG_6186.JPG IMG_6196.JPG IMG_6197.JPG IMG_6201.JPG IMG_6202.JPG
IMG_6204.JPG IMG_6218.JPG IMG_6220.JPG IMG_6245.JPG IMG_6246.JPG
IMG_6248.JPG IMG_6254.JPG IMG_6256.JPG IMG_6259.JPG IMG_6260.JPG
IMG_6264.JPG IMG_6270.JPG IMG_6271.JPG IMG_6272.JPG IMG_6277.JPG
IMG_6280.JPG IMG_6282.JPG IMG_6288.JPG IMG_6298.JPG IMG_6303.JPG

14.01.17 - We got the approval of the BKD!

Herr Heckelsmüller from the Basenji Club was here today, everything was ok, so we can move to our new homes very soon! Thank you to Mr. Heckelsmüller for the visit!

IMG_6168.JPG IMG_6172.JPG

13.01.17 - Friday, 13. & we got our first shower!

The snow melted away and the garden is very muddy. We love to run around anyway but dirty feet means a shower and getting dry again with the hairdryer! Now we know this as well!

IMG_6091.JPG IMG_6098.JPG IMG_6110.JPG IMG_6102.JPG IMG_6113.JPG
IMG_6116.JPG IMG_6120.JPG IMG_6154.JPG IMG_6155.JPG IMG_6162.JPG

12.02.17 - It was an exciting day today - the vet visited us!

The vet Johannes Klimek was here today, examined, chiped and vaccinated the puppies! Everything was fine and with a yummy treat they forgot the pain of the injection!

IMG_5979.JPG IMG_5982.JPG IMG_5984.JPG IMG_5992.JPG IMG_5999.JPG IMG_6003.JPG IMG_6010.JPG
IMG_6017.JPG IMG_6021.JPG IMG_6038.JPG IMG_6051.JPG IMG_6052.JPG IMG_6055.JPG IMG_6062.JPG

11.01.17 - We finally got the box with the balls!

IMG_5812.JPG IMG_5816.JPG IMG_5819.JPG IMG_5821.JPG IMG_5823.JPG IMG_5831.JPG
IMG_5835.JPG IMG_5837.JPG IMG_5839.JPG IMG_5840.JPG IMG_5844.JPG IMG_5852.JPG

10.01.17 - We`re real outdoor-junkies!

IMG_5612.JPG IMG_5619.JPG

09.01.16 - We love these stinky sticks!

IMG_5571.JPG IMG_5578.JPG IMG_5580.JPG IMG_5582.JPG IMG_5584.JPG IMG_5585.JPG IMG_5587.JPG IMG_5588.JPG

08.01.17 - It`s snowing again & we have a lot of fun in the snow!

IMG_5315.JPG IMG_5398.JPG IMG_5304.JPG IMG_5359.JPG IMG_5328.JPG

07.01.17 - We´re 7 weeks old and Shepherd Finny visited us!

IMG_5198.JPG IMG_5201.JPG IMG_5205.JPG IMG_5208.JPG IMG_5209.JPG IMG_5214.JPG IMG_5219.JPG IMG_5220.JPG IMG_5224.JPG IMG_5225.JPG
IMG_5238.JPG IMG_5247.JPG IMG_5254.JPG IMG_5258.JPG IMG_5260.JPG IMG_5266.JPG IMG_5269.JPG IMG_5270.JPG IMG_5288.JPG IMG_5295.JPG

06.01.17 - Dried lung is so very yummy!

IMG_5178.JPG IMG_5181.JPG IMG_5184.JPG IMG_5185.JPG IMG_5186.JPG IMG_5187.JPG IMG_5188.JPG IMG_5192.JPG

05.01.17 - We love the tunnel!

IMG_4902.JPG IMG_4909.JPG IMG_4910.JPG IMG_4912.JPG IMG_4914.JPG IMG_4918.JPG IMG_4948.JPG IMG_4951.JPG

04.01.17 - The delicious treats from Kausnack arrived & we love them!

IMG_4879.JPG IMG_4881.JPG IMG_4884.JPG IMG_4885.JPG IMG_4889.JPG IMG_4891.JPG

03.01.17 - We have snow again!

IMG_4802.JPG IMG_4806.JPG

02.01.17 - We made our first ride in the car today!


01.01.17 - Happy New Year 2017


31.12.16 - Little outdoor-photoshooting on the last day of the year!

IMG_4544.JPG IMG_4551.JPG IMG_4553.JPG
IMG_4566.JPG IMG_4618.JPG IMG_4576.JPG
IMG_4599.JPG IMG_4598.JPG IMG_4603.JPG

30.12.16 - We love to be outside to play!

IMG_4504.JPG IMG_4505.JPG IMG_4511.JPG IMG_4512.JPG IMG_4519.JPG IMG_4537.JPG

29.12.16 - We love our mommy Youhli ♥

IMG_4454.JPG IMG_4455.JPG IMG_4456.JPG IMG_4463.JPG IMG_4464.JPG IMG_4467.JPG IMG_4468.JPG

28.12.16 - Our sleeping positions

IMG_4441.JPG IMG_4445.JPG IMG_4453.JPG IMG_4446.JPG IMG_4451.JPG

27.12.16 - We love cream!

IMG_4394.JPG IMG_4395.JPG IMG_4396.JPG IMG_4397.JPG IMG_4398.JPG
IMG_4399.JPG IMG_4401.JPG IMG_4402.JPG IMG_4403.JPG IMG_4404.JPG

26.12.16 - Sabines little niece was here and gave us lots of cuddles!

IMG_4367.JPG IMG_4393.JPG IMG_4376.JPG

25.12.16 - We love to be outside with this warm weather!

IMG_4298.JPG IMG_4302.JPG IMG_4307.JPG IMG_4311.JPG IMG_4314.JPG IMG_4325.JPG IMG_4327.JPG IMG_4341.JPG IMG_4349.JPG

23.12.16 - We`re not afraid of the hoover!

IMG_4273.JPG IMG_4278.JPG IMG_4281.JPG IMG_4283.JPG IMG_4289.JPG IMG_4287.JPG IMG_4288.JPG IMG_4290.JPG

24.12.16 - We wish Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


22.12.16 - One ear of Yala and Yogi is already up!


21.12.16 - We love empty cottage cheese cups!

IMG_4041.JPG IMG_4036.JPG IMG_4040.JPG

20.12.16 - Our first meal with yummy puppy mousse out of a can!

IMG_4018.JPG IMG_4014.JPG IMG_4032.JPG IMG_4026.JPG IMG_4020.JPG

19.12.16 - It snowed and we`ve been in the snow for the first time!


18.12.16 - Today Yalas future owner Helga with family was here!

An exciting day for all with lots of cuddles!

IMG_3895.JPG IMG_3898.JPG IMG_3902.JPG IMG_3923.JPG IMG_3931.JPG IMG_3936.JPG IMG_3941.JPG IMG_3953.JPG
IMG_3958.JPG IMG_3959.JPG IMG_3966.JPG IMG_3900.JPG IMG_3970.JPG IMG_3971.JPG IMG_3972.JPG IMG_3975.JPG

17.12.16 - We´re 4 weeks old & we got our names!

                                          ♥ Yolo & Yala ♥

Msumari`s Ema Eyogi - Calling name "Yolo" for the red-white boy!
Msumari`s Ema Eyala - Calling name "Yala" for the tri girl!

We´re so happy, that "Yala" will stay co-owned with our Msumari`s Basenji Kennel!
Sie´ll live soon together with a male Basenji and I hope, we`ll see her often!

16.12.16 - Today we had a lovely visitor, who gave a lots of cuddles!

IMG_3810.JPG IMG_3828.JPG IMG_3831.JPG IMG_3824.JPG IMG_3819.JPG IMG_3809.JPG

15.12.16 - We got minced meat for the first time, really delicious!

IMG_3789.JPG IMG_3775.JPG IMG_3778.JPG IMG_3777.JPG IMG_3780.JPG
IMG_3784.JPG IMG_3787.JPG IMG_3796.JPG IMG_3788.JPG IMG_3803.JPG

14.12.16 - Our halfsister Noué loves to cuddle with us!

IMG_8273.JPG IMG_8275.JPG IMG_8310.JPG IMG_8312.JPG

13.12.16 - We got our first goatmilk!

We knew right from the beginning what to do and the milk was very delicious!

IMG_3729.JPG IMG_3732.JPG IMG_3733.JPG IMG_3762.JPG
IMG_3763.JPG IMG_3765.JPG IMG_3768.JPG IMG_3770.JPG

12.12.16 - We are now as well in the kitchen!

And the slippery tiles are no problem for us!

IMG_3698.JPG IMG_3701.JPG IMG_3706.JPG IMG_3707.JPG
IMG_3708.JPG IMG_3709.JPG IMG_3711.JPG IMG_3720.JPG

11.12.16 - Today we got our collars!

Of course rosé for the girl and blue for the boy!


10.12.16 - We are 3 weeks old!

And we´ve been outside in the garden for the first time in beautiful sunshine - very exciting!

IMG_3464.JPG IMG_3504.JPG IMG_3450.JPG

09.12.16 - Hello beautiful world - we opened our eyes!

The girls has already started some days ago and the boy followed now as well!

IMG_3371.JPG IMG_3391.JPG IMG_3417.JPG IMG_3387.JPG IMG_3370.JPG

08.12.16 ♥ Sibblingslove ♥

IMG_3274.JPG IMG_3345.JPG IMG_3277.JPG

07.12.16 - Noué is taking so good care about her halfsibblings!

And she is in 7. heaven, when she is allowed to be with them in the puppy box ♥

IMG_3245.JPG IMG_3249.JPG IMG_3250.JPG IMG_3251.JPG IMG_3253.JPG IMG_3257.JPG
IMG_3259.JPG IMG_3261.JPG IMG_3268.JPG IMG_3269.JPG IMG_3270.JPG IMG_3271.JPG

06.12.16 - Santa Claus was here!

Niko1.jpg Niko2.jpg

05.12.16 - Today, we had our first deworming!

Doesn`t taste very yummy, so we went straight to the milkbar after - much better!

IMG_3202.JPG IMG_3203.JPG IMG_3205.JPG IMG_3204.JPG IMG_3212.JPG

04.12.16 - Siesta with mommy Youhli ♥


03.12.16 - We`re already 2 week old and we have a great pack!

IMG_2979.JPG IMG_2980.JPG IMG_2982.JPG IMG_2983.JPG IMG_2986.JPG

02.12.16 - We´re trying our first steps already!

IMG_2928.JPG IMG_2929.JPG IMG_2931.JPG
IMG_2939.JPG IMG_2943.JPG IMG_2947.JPG

01.12.16 - Slowly our noses start to get pigments!

The first black dots can be seen on our noses!

IMG_2917.JPG IMG_2924.JPG IMG_2921.JPG

30.11.16 - Today we`ve been for manicure for the fist time!

IMG_2909.JPG IMG_2911.JPG

29.11.16 - We`re taking a sunbath with mommy Youhli!

IMG_2407.JPG IMG_2417.JPG Collage_1_(2).jpg IMG_2426.JPG IMG_2408.JPG

28.11.16 - Today, Tina was already here to give us a cuddle ♥

Hard to believe for her, that her Youma was that small as well not that long ago!

IMG_7809.JPG IMG_7805.JPG IMG_7814.JPG

27.11.16 - We wish a lovely 1. Advent!


26.11.16 - We are already one week old!!!


06.12.16 - Der Nikolaus war da!

Niko1.jpg Niko2.jpg
IMG_2101_Kopie.jpg IMG_2117_Kopie.jpg 1_Woche_alt_bearbeitet-1.jpg IMG_2120_Kopie.jpg IMG_2111_Kopie.jpg

25.11.16 - Our weight is more than 500gr now!

We´re 6 days old and we more than doubled our birthweight of 231gr and 238 gr!

IMG_7752.jpg IMG_7751.jpg

24.11.18 - Eating and sleeping... our favourite things to do!

IMG_7706.jpg IMG_7703.jpg

23.11.16 - We cuddle a lot with our mommy ♥

IMG_7615.JPG IMG_7616.JPG IMG_7625.JPG IMG_7617.JPG

22.11.16 - We are 3 days old!

Yesterday, our umbilical cords felt off and everything healed good! Today, or halfsister Noué was allowed to be with us in the whelping box and she was in 7th heaven ♥

IMG_7571.jpg IMG_7569_Kopie.jpg IMG_7570.jpg

21.11.16 - Tag 2 - Cuddle time with mommy ♥


20.11.2016 - We´re on this world since one day!

And we`re guarded by the rest of the pack! I have to say, that it`s really not common, that a mommy with 2 days old puppies allowes the rest of the pack without any problems to be that close to her puppies! I have such a great pack - 4 generations!

IMG_7398.jpg IMG_7408.jpg IMG_7400.jpg

♥ Welcome to the world, Msumari`s E-Litter ♥

The Msumari`s E-Litter is born on 19th of november 2016!

This time, the labour of the Msumari`s E-Litter has been very exciting
Youhli started the labour with the first contractions at 15.30h, for a short time, the amnion could be seen and some amniotic fluid came but then nothing more happend for a long time!
My friend Claudia, a vet, gave us instructions via visual telephone, but the puppy didn`t come anyway.
Despite walking stairs and running up and down in front of the house nothing happend and I got a bit worried, so we decided to go and see the vet.
It happend what Claudia had foreseen... after not even 10 minutes ride, the first puppy, a red-white boy was born in the car of my friend Katrin at 17.55h
We turned around and drove home, and there at 18.45h the second puppy was born, a tri girl, which made us very happy.
A small, but very nice litter and i want to say thanks again to my friend Claudia and Katrin and my husband Andreas for their great help!

From now on, there will be daily news in the E-Litter Diary!

Msumari`s E-Litter
* 19.11.2016
Mutter: BISS/Multi-Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli - "Youhli"
Vater: Ch. Khani`s Teazer She Thinks my Tractor`s Sexy - "Kenny"

16.11.2016 ♥ The first belly pics of Youhli ♥

BISS / Multi-Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli X Ch. Khani`s Teazer She Thinks My Tractor`s Sexy


♥ Youhli is pregnant ♥

The pregnancy of Youhli - Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli - is confirmed and we`re expecting the Msumari`s E-Litter of Youhli & Kenny around 19.11.2016!


Msumari`s Basenjis proudly presents:

Msumari`s E-Litter

BISS / Multi-Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli   X
                                  Ch. Khani`s Teazer She Thinks My Tractor`s Sexy

BISS/Multi-Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli
INT, CZ, SLO, A, CH, D (VDH & Club) - Champion
Fanconi: Clear
PRA-BJ: Clear
HD: Excellent

Ch. Khani`s Teazer She Thinks My Tracors Sexy
LUX - Champion
Fanconi: Clear
PRA-BJ: Clear
HD: Excellent

BISS/Multi-Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli, genannt "Youhli" ist Internationaler, Deutscher (VDH & Klub), Slowenischer, Tschechischer, Schweizer und Österreichischer Champion, außerdem wurde sie BISS (Best in Special Show) auf der Klubschau des BKD im Jahr 2015 und
BOS  (Best Opposite Sex) auf der Klubschau des Tschechischen Basenjiklubs im Jahr 2016!

Der von mir ausgewählte Deckrüde Ch. Khani`s Teazer She Thinks My Tractor`s Sexy genannt "Kenny" ist erst im Frühjahr 2016 aus den USA zu uns nach Europa gekommen, lebt nun mit einem Basenjifreund in Luxemburg und wurde in kürzester Zeit Luxemburg Champion

"Youhli" und "Kenny" sind beides extrem freundliche, souveräne, ausgeglichene und charakterstarke Vertreter der tollen Rasse Basenji, sie leben verträglich mit einem (Klein-) Rudel zusammen und sie haben alle zuchtrelevanten Gesundheitsuntersuchungen!

Sie sind sehr erfolgreiche Basenjis im Ausstellungsring, und dennoch sind mir nicht die Titel das Wichtigste, sondern das Wesen, der Charakter und die Gesundheit der Hunde!

Aus dieser Verpaarung erwarten wir  rot-weiße und tricolor Welpen mit einem tollen, lieben Wesen und einem wunderschönen, rassetypischen Exterieur!

Die Welpen des E-Wurfs werden um den 19. November 2016 erwartet!
Wenn Sie sich für einen Welpen von meinem Msumari`s E-Wurf interessieren, setzen Sie sich bitte frühzeitig mit mir in Verbindung!

Youhli & Kenny

BISS/Multi-Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli - "Youhli" & Ch. Khani`s Teazer She Thinks my Tractor`s Sexy

IMG_0472.jpg _MG_9830a.jpg IMG_6519.jpg _MG_9697a.jpg IMG_0475.jpg
IMG_9944.jpg IMG_6737.jpg IMG_9963.jpg IMG_6738.jpg IMG_9924.jpg