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Happy 7. Birthday Msumari`s A-Wurf

♥ Minouh, Lulka, Mina & Beau ♥

Ch. Loki`s Iloua X Ch Faraoland Xcuse Me Desmond

Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh
Ch. Msumari`s Aza Amina
Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aloua
Ch. Msumari`s Ayo Azibo



Christmas spells out hope, love and joy!
Pass it on to everyone in your life,
have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year


17.12.16 - We´re 4 weeks old & we got our names!

                                          ♥ Yogi & Yala ♥

Msumari`s Ema Eyogi - Rufmane "Yogi" for the red-white boy!
Msumari`s Ema Eyala - Rufname Yala" for the tri girl!

We´re so happy, that "Yala" will stay co-owned with our Msumari`s Basenji Kennel!
Sie´ll live soon together with a male Basenji and I hope, we`ll see her often!


Happy Birthday "Loua" ♥

BISS/Multi-Ch. Loki`s Iloua
(Ch. Klassic`s Lady in Red  X  Ch. Zuri`s Nwa Ozuzu)

My one and only "Loua" ♥
Still going strong, happy, healthy and always with us, my Msumari`s foundation girl and the leader of the Msumari`s Pack!


26.11.16 - We are already one week old!!!


♥ Welcome to the world, Msumari`s E-Litter ♥

The Msumari`s E-Litter is born on 19th of november 2016!

This time, the labour of the Msumari`s E-Litter has been very exciting
Youhli started the labour with the first contractions at 15.30h, for a short time, the amnion could be seen and some amniotic fluid came but then nothing more happend for a long time!
My friend Claudia, a vet, gave us instructions via visual telephone, but the puppy didn`t come anyway.
Despite walking stairs and running up and down in front of the house nothing happend and I got a bit worried, so we decided to go and see the vet.
It happend what Claudia had foreseen... after not even 10 minutes ride, the first puppy, a red-white boy was born in the car of my friend Katrin at 17.55h
We turned around and drove home, and there at 18.45h the second puppy was born, a tri girl, which made us very happy.
A small, but very nice litter and i want to say thanks again to my friend Claudia and Katrin and my husband Andreas for their great help!

From now on, there will be daily news in the E-Litter Diary!

Msumari`s E-Litter
* 19.11.2016
Mutter: BISS/Multi-Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli - "Youhli"
Vater: Ch. Khani`s Teazer She Thinks my Tractor`s Sexy - "Kenny"

16.11.2016 ♥ The first belly pics of Youhli ♥

BISS / Multi-Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli X Ch. Khani`s Teazer She Thinks My Tractor`s Sexy


! Moyo will be a daddy again !

Moyo - Ch. Msumari`s Baymoyo - had a hot date with cute Kuzu - Ch. Abuluka Ikuzu - and red-white and perhaps tricolor puppies are expected end of december in the kennel "Abuluka" in Belgium!


31.10.2016 !!! Happy Halloween !!!


We`ve been at the track at Mammendorf

On 30.11.16 the 9 month old puppies of the Msumari`s D-Litter - Youma, Dayo & Noué - run their first rounds at the track and they had a lot of fun! As well as Loua & Minouh! Pregnant Youhli was with us but just watched!

IMG_1659.jpg IMG_1662.jpg IMG_1663.jpg IMG_1685.jpg IMG_1686.jpg IMG_1687.jpg IMG_1690.jpg
IMG_1692.jpg IMG_1696.jpg IMG_1708.jpg IMG_1716.jpg IMG_1717.jpg IMG_1859.jpg IMG_1860.jpg
IMG_1871.jpg IMG_1873.jpg IMG_1874.jpg IMG_1876.jpg IMG_1877.jpg IMG_1883.jpg IMG_1884.jpg

♥ Youhli is pregnant ♥

The pregnancy of Youhli - Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli - is confirmed and we`re expecting the Msumari`s E-Litter of Youhli & Kenny around 19.11.2016!


Studdog at Msumari`s: "Moyo" - Ch. Msumari´s Baymoyo


Studdog "Zuri" - Msumari`s Chi`Mazuri

"Zuri" lives in Belgium and he is owned by Stefan Mertens!


Msumari`s Basenjis proudly presents:

Msumari`s E-Litter

BISS / Multi-Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli   X
                                  Ch. Khani`s Teazer She Thinks My Tractor`s Sexy

BISS/Multi-Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli
INT, CZ, SLO, A, CH, D (VDH & Club) - Champion
Fanconi: Clear
PRA-BJ: Clear
HD: Excellent

Ch. Khani`s Teazer She Thinks My Tracors Sexy
LUX - Champion
Fanconi: Clear
PRA-BJ: Clear
HD: Excellent

BISS/Multi-Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli, genannt "Youhli" ist Internationaler, Deutscher (VDH & Klub), Slowenischer, Tschechischer, Schweizer und Österreichischer Champion, außerdem wurde sie BISS (Best in Special Show) auf der Klubschau des BKD im Jahr 2015 und
BOS  (Best Opposite Sex) auf der Klubschau des Tschechischen Basenjiklubs im Jahr 2016!

Der von mir ausgewählte Deckrüde Ch. Khani`s Teazer She Thinks My Tractor`s Sexy genannt "Kenny" ist erst im Frühjahr 2016 aus den USA zu uns nach Europa gekommen, lebt nun mit einem Basenjifreund in Luxemburg und wurde in kürzester Zeit Luxemburg Champion

"Youhli" und "Kenny" sind beides extrem freundliche, souveräne, ausgeglichene und charakterstarke Vertreter der tollen Rasse Basenji, sie leben verträglich mit einem (Klein-) Rudel zusammen und sie haben alle zuchtrelevanten Gesundheitsuntersuchungen!

Sie sind sehr erfolgreiche Basenjis im Ausstellungsring, und dennoch sind mir nicht die Titel das Wichtigste, sondern das Wesen, der Charakter und die Gesundheit der Hunde!

Aus dieser Verpaarung erwarten wir  rot-weiße und tricolor Welpen mit einem tollen, lieben Wesen und einem wunderschönen, rassetypischen Exterieur!

Die Welpen des E-Wurfs werden um den 19. November 2016 erwartet!
Wenn Sie sich für einen Welpen von meinem Msumari`s E-Wurf interessieren, setzen Sie sich bitte frühzeitig mit mir in Verbindung!


We have been successful at the clubshow of the Czech Basenji Club!

06.08.2016, Chrzin, Clubshow BKB
Judge: Vladimira Ticha, CZ
52 Basenjis entered

Noué - Msumari`s Dayo Younoué - presented herself in the female puppy class really great but she didn`t want to run at ll and the judge prefered less white so she got Place 4
Loua - Ch. Loki`s Iloua - Female Veterna Class Place 3
Minouh - Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh - Female Honor Class Place 1
Baya - Ch. Msumari`s Bayabaya (owned by Ivana Les) - Female Working Class Place 1
Youhli - Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli - Female Champion Class Place 1, Best Female & BOS!
A great success!

After the show we took part at a coursing of 350m with the following super results:
Noué Place 4 out of 7 in the Female Puppy Class
Noué was at  track for the second time and she never run such a long one!
Youhli Place 2 out of 9 in the Female Profi Class
Loua Place 2 out of 4 in the Female Veteranen Class
Minouh Platz 1 out of 4 in the Female Veteranen Class and Best Veteran!

It was a great and successful event and we had a lot of fun!
Besides this we met our friends Ivana und Marek with Gambo und Baya and we had a lovely time together!
More photos can be seen below and here!

IMG_7915.jpg IMG_7922.jpg IMG_7930.jpg IMG_7992.jpg IMG_8003.jpg IMG_8013.jpg IMG_8046.jpg
IMG_8088.jpg IMG_8135.jpg IMG_3224.jpg IMG_3279.jpg IMG_3317.jpg IMG_8171.jpg IMG_8203.jpg

Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli successful at the Leistungs-Coursing at Ingolstadt!

At the Leistungs-Coursing at Inglostadt on 24.07.2016 there have been 6 Basenjis entered!
3 females and 3 males!
"Youhli" wins the female class with 104 points, which was as well the most points of all Basenjis!
Her mommy Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh crossed the track as usual, and got therefore less points of one of the judges (one likes it, the other one dislikes it) and got therefore third!
Ch. Loki`s Iloua is not allowed to run official races anymore because of her age, but she was allowed to run without raceblanket as compagniondog, and she had a lot of fun!
Little Noué was with us of course, and everything was so exciting for her!
A lovely and successful day at the track!

IMG_7474_(2).jpg IMG_7483_(2).jpg IMG_7539_(2).jpg

Great news from Belgium!

Zuri - Msumari`s Chi`Mazuri - won the race "Golden Rabbit" at Beringen on 24.07.2016 with the great time of 30,697 sec and he run new track record!
Super! Big congrats to Marijke & Stefan of course Zuri"
Big congrats as well to Angelika with Amina - Msumari`s Aza Amina, who got third with a time of 31,8 sec!

We had wonderful holidays in Tuscany/Italy in june 2016

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg
16.jpg 11.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg 15.jpg 17.jpg 20.jpg 21.jpg
23.jpg 25.jpg 26.jpg 22.jpg 24.jpg 27.jpg 28.jpg 29.jpg 30.jpg 32.jpg
31.jpg 33.jpg 34.jpg 35.jpg 36.jpg 37.jpg 39.jpg 41.jpg 42.jpg 40.jpg

Noué, Moyo & Youhli successful at the IHA Kreuzlingen (CH) !!!

After a break of 9 month, we started very successfully into the new showyear 2016!

CACIB Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, 21.05.2016
Judge: Miroslav Zidar (SI)

"Loua" and "Minouh" havn`t been shown, they just came to support.

"Moyo" (Ch. Msumari`s Bayomoyo) gets for without cause only very good in the Male Champion Class.
But "Moyo" was, together with his sister "Youhli" (Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli) very successful in the main ring and wins under the judge Danilo Furlani (CH) Brace Best in Show-1 !!!

"Noué" (Msumari`s Dayo Younoué) was at a show for the first time with only 4 month and she wins the Female Baby Class with very promising 1!
In the Main Ring, she presented herself really great and she wins under the judge José Homem de Mello (PT) Baby Best in Show-2 !!!
What a great start for this wild little thing!

"Youhli" wins the female Champion Class with Excellent 1, CAC and CACIB and gets BOB with Crufts Qualification!
She is now as well New Suisse Champion!
And in the Main Ring, she wins under the judge Miroslav Zidar (SI) the group and gets Best of Group-1 !!!
What a great start after such a long break!
I´m so proud of my great pack!

20.05.2016 - On a walk with Dayo

IMG_5292.jpg IMG_5297.jpg IMG_5305.jpg IMG_5300.jpg IMG_5296.jpg

09.05.2016 - On a walk with Youma

IMG_0891.jpg IMG_0868.jpg IMG_0860.jpg IMG_0864.jpg IMG_0898.jpg IMG_0911.jpg
IMG_0876.jpg IMG_0932.jpg IMG_0937.jpg IMG_0991.jpg IMG_0997.jpg IMG_1003.jpg

07.05.2016 Noué und Youma in the dogschool at Dünzelbach

The two sibblings Noué & Youma are having a lot of fun at the dogschool of Sabine Grichter!

IMG_0641.jpg IMG_0643.jpg IMG_0650.jpg IMG_0659.jpg IMG_0661.jpg IMG_0670.jpg IMG_0672.jpg IMG_0673.jpg IMG_0685.jpg IMG_0693.jpg IMG_0696.jpg
IMG_0699.jpg IMG_0712.jpg IMG_0716.jpg IMG_0725.jpg IMG_0739.jpg IMG_0741.jpg IMG_0743.jpg IMG_0768.jpg IMG_0775.jpg IMG_0778.jpg IMG_0793.jpg

We´re planning the Msumari`s E-Litter with our Multi-Championesse
"Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh" in autumn/winter 2016/2017

We didn`t choose a male yet, but he`ll be announced soon.
Puppy inquieries are warmly welcome!
Please get in contact with us in time!



Familymeeting in Munich!

On 30.04.16 we met Dayo & Youma and their owners for a lovely walk in the Englisch Garden in Munich! The puppies had so much fun together, we met so many dogs - the best way to socialice a puppy - and I took the chance to take some group photos of them!
Not that easy, to get them all 6 together!
A lot of pics of our meeting can be seen below!

IMG_0346.jpg IMG_0353.jpg IMG_0354.jpg IMG_0360.jpg IMG_0368.jpg IMG_0386.jpg IMG_0388.jpg IMG_0390.jpg IMG_0398.jpg IMG_0406.jpg IMG_0411.jpg
IMG_0416.jpg IMG_0429.jpg IMG_0438.jpg IMG_0439.jpg IMG_0446.jpg IMG_0448.jpg IMG_0454.jpg IMG_0455.jpg IMG_0497.jpg IMG_0500.jpg IMG_0507.jpg
IMG_0509.jpg IMG_0512.jpg IMG_0514.jpg IMG_0517.jpg IMG_0518.jpg IMG_0523.jpg IMG_0525.jpg IMG_0542.jpg IMG_0543.jpg IMG_0551.jpg IMG_0554.jpg
IMG_0561.jpg IMG_0573.jpg IMG_0574.jpg IMG_0588.jpg IMG_0593.jpg IMG_0598.jpg IMG_0611.jpg IMG_0617.jpg IMG_0621.jpg IMG_0624.jpg IMG_0634.jpg

On 16.04.16 we met Dayo in the E-Garden in Munich!

There have been a lot of dogs this day! The pups had a lot of fun, havn`t been afraid of nothing and they`ve seen a lot of new things! We met as well Gaby Burmeister with her Ridgebacks and she made some lovely pics of us! Thanks a lot!

IMG_8499.jpg IMG_8498.jpg IMG_8515.jpg IMG_8520.jpg IMG_8521.jpg IMG_8525.jpg IMG_8534.jpg IMG_8536.jpg
IMG_8523.jpg IMG_8485.jpg IMG_8549.jpg IMG_8551.jpg IMG_8556.jpg IMG_8561.jpg IMG_8566.jpg IMG_8567.jpg
0001.jpg 0002.jpg 0003.jpg 0004.jpg 0005.jpg 13000561_996517513758081_941469106_o.jpg 13009730_996517720424727_1749262306_o.jpg 13016546_996517887091377_113997571_o.jpg

05.04.16 - Today we met Dayo for a walk!

The girls and Dayo had fun running on the dirty fields!

IMG_4552.jpg IMG_4561.jpg IMG_4567.jpg IMG_4568.jpg IMG_4600.jpg IMG_4607.jpg
IMG_4612.jpg IMG_4634.jpg IMG_4621.jpg IMG_4627.jpg IMG_4679.jpg IMG_4712.jpg
IMG_4718.jpg IMG_4724.jpg IMG_4725.jpg IMG_4733.jpg IMG_4734.jpg IMG_4741.jpg

04.04.16 We met Youma and had a walk together!

The girls had a blast, running and playing together!

IMG_4337.jpg IMG_4351.jpg IMG_4357.jpg IMG_4363.jpg IMG_4368.jpg IMG_4372.jpg IMG_4378.jpg
IMG_4395.jpg IMG_4419.jpg IMG_4432.jpg IMG_4327.jpg IMG_4436.jpg IMG_4439.jpg IMG_4442.jpg
IMG_4444.jpg IMG_4445.jpg IMG_4453.jpg IMG_4457.jpg IMG_4462.jpg IMG_4518.jpg IMG_4535.jpg

25.03.2016 - We visited Youma & Dayo!

Today, we first visited Youma and then Dayo in their new homes! It was such a joy for them, to see each other, mommy, granny and great granny again! They played like crazy and everybody was tired in the evening!

IMG_0044.jpg IMG_0062.jpg IMG_0067.jpg IMG_0071.jpg IMG_0082.jpg IMG_0088.jpg IMG_0091.jpg IMG_0111.jpg IMG_0097.jpg
IMG_0146.jpg IMG_0176.jpg IMG_0150.jpg IMG_0153.jpg IMG_0164.jpg IMG_0166.jpg IMG_0187.jpg IMG_0206.jpg IMG_0199.jpg

♥ Happy new Basenjiowners ♥

IMG_4167.jpg IMG_4298_Kopie.jpg IMG_4152.jpg

19.03.16 - ♥ A last family photo of all ♥

Youma & Dayo will move in their new homes today and they are long awaited!


18.03.2016 - Today we had the approval of the litter by the BKD!

Thank you to Mr. Heckelsmüller for coming!


15.03.16 - Today the vet Johannes Klimek was here!

He examined us, chipped us and gave us our shots, and we only scramed once a little bit, when we got the chip, but otherwise we`ve been very good puppies!
We are the first Basenjis, Mr. Klimek is having now in his clinic and he was very pleased about the puppies and the Msumari`s pack!
And as can be seen in the puppydiary, our mommy "Youhli" was very relaxed during the vet was here, while granny "Minouh" had a closer look, what he is doing!
Thank you so much to Mr. Klimek - his clinic is in Dettenschwang 4 - for coming in the evening - a great service!

11.03.13 - We`re now 7 weeks old!


06.03.16 - We´re 44 days old and we made the first staked pics!

IMG_9729_Kopie.jpg IMG_9732_Kopie.jpg
IMG_9747_Kopie.jpg IMG_9751_Kopie.jpg
IMG_9740_Kopie.jpg IMG_9742_Kopie.jpg

04.03.16 - We are 6 weeks old!


26.02.16 - We are 5 weeks old!



We got a lovely photo of "Moyos" kids in the Basenjikennel "Abhilasha"!
Thank you very much to Angelika Joswig for it!
The beautiful brindle boy "Abhilasha`s Absolute Obedience" is still looking for a great home!
More informations can be found on the homepage of the breeder at



The puppies are 3 weeks old!
And they already got their names now!

Dayo means great/big joy!
And the other names start with You... like their mommy "Youhli"!

The firstborn girl is "Msumari`s Dayo Youma" and will be called "Youma" ♥
The secondborn girl is "Msumari`s Dayo Younoué" and will be called "Noué"  ♥
The thirdborn boy is "Msumari`s Dayo Youyaro" and will be called "Dayo" ♥



Exatly 21 years ago, my cute Asali (Zande Asali) was born in the Basenjikennel of Sally Wallis in England.
She is forever in our hearts and we´ll never forget her ♥

07.02.16 - We got lovely new photos of Msumari`s Baynaylah ♥

Nayla is such a sweetheart & everybodies darling. She keeps her family fit, she has a lot of two- and fourlegged friends and she is a great & successful micehunter! Thank you so much for giving Nayla such a great, loving home!

!cid_794A5475-4212-426D-A117-EA86A812F573@home.jpg !cid_915A7074-1BAD-4CEF-80B6-D66D1FCDE130@home.jpg !cid_05B1FD14-16CB-4656-AA77-2C72EF03B564@home.jpg !cid_F5A85D18-2D09-4A39-A93A-8B7769967F63@home.jpg !cid_F5D81DD0-22FA-49DD-B0D1-B73C91F280A7@home.jpg !cid_B6565159-CDF1-418C-A5D5-6771F585932A@home.jpg !cid_F2910828-7388-4ECD-86B0-A16A92AA75E4@home.jpg
IMG_1638.jpg IMG_1639.jpg IMG_1641.jpg IMG_1643.jpg IMG_5262.JPG IMG_5263.JPG IMG_5264.JPG

05.02.16 - We´re 2 weeks old ♥


29.01.16 - We´re already one week old ♥

Msumari`s D-Litter - Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli X Ch. Faraoland Point Taken



The Msumari`s D-Litter is born!!!

The 3 puppies of the Msumari`s D-Litter are born 2 days earlier than expected!
After a restless night, "Youhli" gave birth this morning at 7.30h to the first red-white girl of the Msumari`s D-Litter!
About 1 hour later, another red-white girl followed, followed only 10 minutes later by a red-white boy!
Youhli did a great job and she allowes her mommy Minouh and her granny Loua to be with her and the puppies in the whelping box!
4 generations in the whelping box is so great and very unusual!
All puppies of the Msumari`s D-Litter already found their new homes!

The presentation of the puppies and daily news out of the whelping box can be seen in the
D-Litter Diary!

21.01.2016 Finally, there are bellypics of Youhli ♥

Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli is expecting 3 puppies after Ch. Faraoland Point Taken


The Msumari`s whelpingbox is build up for the Msumari`s D-Litter!

"Youhli" - Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli  X  "Faro" - Ch. Faraoland Point Taken

In the year 2013 "Youhli" was born in this box, her mommy "Minouh" in the year 2009!
And now "Youhli" will soon have her puppies in it ♥

3 generations on one photo: (from left)
"Loua" - Ch. Loki`s Iloua
"Minouh" - Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh
"Youhli" - Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli



"Youhli" is having 3 puppies

Today we`ve been to the vet to take an x-ray, and 3 puppies can be seen!
Actually I didn`t want to take an x-ray, but "Youhli" didn`t gain that much weight & belly, so I was not sure, if she`ll get a singleton. To be prepared for a c-section we took an x-ray now, but there are 3 puppies, which will be born around 24th of january 2016.
We´re really excited!
Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli is pregnant after Ch. Faraoland Point Taken ♥

10.01.16 - Today, we felt the puppies moving for the first time!

"Youhli" (Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli) is pregnant - day 49 - with the Msumari`s D-Litter after the male "Faro" (Ch. Faraoland Point Taken)



3 years ago, the Msumari`s B-Litter was born!
Happy Birthday to
"Benji" - Msumari`s Bayobenji owned by Eva
"Nayla" - Msumari`s Baynaylah  owned by Alexandra & André
"Baya" - Msumari`s Bayabaya  owned by Ivana & Marek
"Moyo" - Msumari`s Baymoyo,  owned by myself, living with my dear friend Katrin
"Youhli" - Msumari`s Bayouhli,  owned by myself

Happy 3. Birthday Youhli & Moyo

YouhliBDay_(2).jpg _MG_0714_(2).jpg


1 year ago, the Msumari`s C-Litter was born!
Happy Birthday to
"Hiro" - Msumari`s Chi`Madahiro owned by Sandra, Luigi, Vincenzo & Dorian
"Malou" - Msumari`s Chi`Malou owned by Dani, Chris, Sina & Nick
"Zuri" - Msumari`s Chi`Mazuri owned by Marijke, Stefan & Max
"Tayo" - Msumari`s Chi`Matayo owned by Alex and myself