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People, who are interested in one of my puppies should please read the items "The Basenji" and "My Breeding"/"What to know" very carefully!!!

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Happy New Year 2018


27.12.2017 ♥ Happy Birthday, Msumari`s A-Wurf ♥

The very best for Msumari`s Aza Aminouh (Minouh), Msumari`s Aza Amina (Amina), Msumari`s Aza Aloua (Lulka) & Msumari`s Ayo Azibo (Beau) and their owners!!!


♥ Happy Birthday, Minouh ♥

The very best to my cute Minouh, the very first Msumari´s puppy! Minouh was already born on 26.12.2009 at 23.30h ♥



Minouh is pregnant and we`re expecting puppies around 16.01.18!

Minouh is expecting the Msumari`s F-Litter !
♥ Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminoih  X  Ch. Kazor`s Make Way For Riley ♥

A cute video of Minouh und Riley in England can be seen here!

02.12.2017 HAPPY 12. BIRTHDAY, LOUA ♥♥♥

All the best for your 12. birthday, my Grand Dame Multi-Ch. Loki`s Iloua! Boss of the Msumari`s pack and my foundation girl! We love you ♥♥♥


19.11.2017 ♥ Happy Birthday, Msumari`s E-Wurf ♥

All the best for Msumari`s Ema Eyala (Yala) & Msumari`s Ema Eyolo (Kenji) and their owners!!!


"Minouh" was mated sucessfully on 14.11.2017 by "Riley" gedeckt and we`re expecting the Msumari`s F-Litter on 16th of january 2018!!!

Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh  X  Ch. Kazor´s Make Way For Riley

Wir hatten eine aufregende Reise nach England, die wir sehr kurzfristig antreten mussten, nachdem ein Progesterontest zur Läufigkeitsbestimmung in Holland ein falsches Ergebnis gebracht hatte und wir wieder umgekehrt waren.
Letztendlich waren wir aber noch rechtzeitig in England, und Minouh wurde erfolgreich gedeckt!
Wir haben die lange Reise natürlich auch genutzt, um ein bisschen Sightseeing in England zu machen!
Die Ostküste mit Grimsby, dem Wohnort von Riley, Cleethorpes an der Küste, Ely und Cambridge standen auf dem Programm, sowie natürlich Londen!
Wir hatten eine tolle Zeit und nun hoffen wir, dass der Trip auch noch anderweitig erfolgreich war!
Bald wissen wir mehr!
EIn paar Impressionen von unserer Englandreise gibt es im Anschluß!

0002.jpg IMG_0794.jpg IMG_0832.jpg IMG_0858.jpg IMG_0919.jpg IMG_0930.jpg
IMG_0943.jpg IMG_0950.jpg IMG_0976.jpg IMG_9775.jpg IMG_9812.jpg IMG_0986.jpg
IMG_1006.jpg IMG_1007.jpg IMG_1059.jpg IMG_1087.jpg IMG_1103.jpg IMG_1155.jpg
IMG_1210.jpg IMG_1214.jpg IMG_1236.jpg IMG_1246.jpg IMG_1285.jpg IMG_1328.jpg

10.11.2017   World Dog Show Leipzig
Judge: Lois Wilson (ZAF)

Youhli - Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli), female Champion Class, Excellent and with the last 7 of 12 entered females
Noué - Ch. Msumari`s Dayo Younoué, Female Intermediate Class,excellent and with the last 7 of 16 entered females

I´m so proud of my girls!
After the season it`s always uite hard for them to be in the showring but they did a great job!
Thank you so much to Santa Usenko, who showed my girls so great so I was able to take photos of the other Basenjis which can be seen here!


When dreams come true...

Msmari`s Basenjis proudly presents
Planned Msumari`s F-Litter

"Minouh" (Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh) will be the mommy of our Msumari`s F-Litter in autumn/winter 2017/2018
It will be Minouhs third and last litter and we`ve choosen again a very special boy for her!

It will be the american boy "Riley" Ch. Kazor´s Make Way For Riley who is living in England!
We´re very happy to get the chance to use "Riley" who only mated in England and the US till now!
"Minouh" und "Riley" are both going back to the famous tri male AM Ch. Penda Tajis Tri-Umphant One JC and out of this exciting combination we`re expecting red-white and tri puppies with beautiful heads, good bone & stucture, great gait and outstanding temperament!

On the announcement "Minouh" & "Riley" are pictured in a young age.
"Minouh" will be  8 years old soon, pictured with about 2 years.
"Riley" will be  12 years old soon, pictured with about 3 years.

Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh
Fanconi & PRA BJ-1 clear, HD A1, 42 cm,
scissors bite, full dentation, PRA & Katarakt free, minor PPM, no allergies
INT, D, A, CH & SLO - Champion
* 27.12.2009

Ch. Kazor`s Make Way For Riley
Fanconi & PRA BJ-1 clear, HD good, 44 cm,
scissors bite, full dentation, PRA & Katarakt free, minor PPM, no allergies
AM & GB - Champion
* 03.01.2006
Owners: Denise Hardy (GB), Trish Hallam (GB), Carol Webb (USA)


Leistung-Coursing Grab (D), WRSV Solitude 14.10.2017

The dogs had a lot of fun at the demanding track at Grab  and my girls got the following great results:

1. Place
Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli with 113 Points
2. Place
J-Ch. Msumari`s Dayo Younoué with 111 Points
4. Place
Ch. Msumari´s Aza Aminouh with 107 Points (same score as place 3)

Thank you so much to Tina, who came with us and helped me so much!


♥ Moyo ♥

Lovely new photos of Ch. Msumari`s Baymoyo


5 Msumari`s Basenjis with a racing licence at the track!!!

What a great photo in october 2017!
All puppies of the Msumari`s D-Litter are having an official racing licence now and they are having a lot of fun running with their relatives!
From left:
Youma - Msumari`s Dayo Youma (Owner: T. Stinglwagner)
Youhli - Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli
Noué - J-Ch. Msumari`s Dayo Younoué
Minouh - Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh
Dayo - J-Ch. Msumari`s Dayo Youyaro (Owner:  P. Keitel)

1504464664220_(2).jpg Enlight226_(2).jpg Enlight235_(2).jpg


We have been at the race at Lorch (D) and the Msumari`s girls have been succesful!
Youma (Msumari`s Dayo Youma) owned by Martina & Siegi Stinglwagner has her licence for one week now, won her very first official race an run a new track record
There have been 4 females and 3 males entered.
Youma (Msumari`s Dayo Youma) was first and she run a new track record with 1/100 sec faster than her mommy Youhi who had the record before!
Youhli (Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli) finished third,  Minouh (Ch. Msumari´s Aza Aminouh) finished fourth!
It was Minouhs last official race, because she will be 8 years soon and therefore she got a lovely gift!
Noué was allowed to do one showrace, becasue she has no licence yet.
Thank you to the WRV Staufen for everything!



We have been at the track at Mammendorf!

Youma (Msumari`s Dayo Youma) owned by Tina & Siegi did a lot of training in the last time so she was ready for her first group runs with mommy "Youhli" and granny "Minouh"!
She was totally focused on the lure, and was first on both races! She is ready now for the licence runs!
Noué did two solo runs and Loua two short veteran runs!
And all had a lot of fun!


"Noué" & "Moyo" succesful in Switzerland!!!

We´ve been at the CACIB at Kreuzlingen (CH), 05.08.2017
Judge: Knut Sigurd Wilberg (NO)

"Noué" - J-Ch. Msumari`s Dayo Younoué
Female Intermediate Class, Exc.1, CAC & Res-CACIB
"Moyo" - Ch. Msumari`s Baymoyo
Male Champion Class, Exc.1, CAC, CACIB & BOB
With a great judge report:
Beautiful dog, high class, lovely outline, very well constructed, moves like a professional athletic!
And in the main ring "Moyo" won under the judge Anatoli Zhuk (BY) Best of Group 2!
And he is now new Suisse Champion!!!
Besides this "Noué" and "Moyo" in the main ring under the judge Victor van Raamsdonk
Brace Best in Show!!!
So great!


40 Years Jubilee Clubwinnershow at Groß-Gerau with great success!

Loua - Ch. Loki`s Iloua - Best Veteran in Show!!!
Dayo - J-Ch. Msumari`s Dayo Youyaro - Best Male German Breeding!!!

It was a great jubilee weekend!

We had a very inteeressting breeders seminar held by the president of the German Kennel Club Peter Friedrich about the temper of dogs.
After that we had a successful breeding permission of the sibblings Noué (Msumari`s Dayo Younoué) und Dayo (Msumari`s Dayo Youyaro, Q.: P. Keitel) under the breed judge Nico Kersten!
Both have been successful with high score!

At the Jubliee Clubwinnershow Mrs. Anneli Pukkila (FIN) judges us and we had the following super results;
Dayo - Msumari`s Dayo Youyaro, Male Intermediate Class, Exc.2 & Res-CAC
Moyo - Ch. Msumari`s Baymoyo, Male Open Class, Exc.2, Res-CAC
Noué - J-Msumari`s Dayo Younoué, Female Intermediate Class, Exc.2 & Res-CAC
YOuma - Msumari`s Dayo Youma, Female Intermediate Class, Exc.4
Youhli - Ch. Msumari´s Bayouhli - Female Open Class - Exc.3
Minouh - Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh - Female Champion Class - Exc.
Loua - Ch. Loki`s Iloua - Hündinnen Veteran Class, Exc.1, V-CAC & Best Veteran!!!
Moyo & Youhli - Best Brace Place4
Msumari`s - Best Breeders Group with Moyo, Minouh, Youhli & Noué
Contest "Best Male" & "Best Female" of German Breeding judged by  Siegfried Peter (D)  Noué was with the 3 best girls and Dayo won Best Male German Breeding!!!

At the jubille evening I was honoured vor my 22 years membership in the BKD and I got the golden needle of the German Kennel Club!

We met Fam Aspacher with Malou (Msumari`s Chi`Malou) and Nala, a daughter of Moyo!
We met Mali, another daughter of Moyo!
Besides this all the girls of the Msumari`s A-Litter have been here and we had a familiy meeting with Loua and her daughters Minouh, Amina & Aloua!
We had a great 3 days event with a lot of friends! Thank you BKD for everything!

Some pics can be seen below!
All pics and the results can be seen here!

IMG_4074.jpg IMG_4141.jpg IMG_4175.jpg IMG_4177.jpg IMG_4204.jpg IMG_4246.jpg IMG_4293.jpg
IMG_4316.jpg IMG_4349.jpg IMG_4383.jpg IMG_4438.jpg IMG_4481.jpg IMG_4493.jpg IMG_4497.jpg
IMG_4498.jpg IMG_4539.jpg IMG_4624.jpg IMG_4583.jpg IMG_4652.jpg IMG_6061.jpg IMG_6062.jpg
IMG_6121.jpg IMG_6199.jpg IMG_6221.jpg ZZP_Dayo1.jpg ZZP_Noué1.jpg ZZP_Noué2.jpg ZZP_Noué4.jpg

On 15.07.17 we`ve met "Msumari`s Ema Eyolo" again!

"Yolo" is called "Kenji" now by his new family and he developped very lovely. He is a handsome and beautiful young male now, who is a joy for his family! He recongized us and the girls and he was sp happy to see us all again!

IMG_3994.jpg IMG_3990.jpg IMG_3992.jpg
IMG_3973.jpg IMG_3988.jpg IMG_3972.jpg

Noué succesful in Italy

CACIB Terni/Orveito, Narni Scalo (I), 25.06.2017
Judge: Francesco Balducci (I)

Noué - Msumari`s Dayo Younoué
Female Intermediate Class, Exc.1, CAC, CACIB & BOS!!!


Dayo new Austrian Juniorchampion!!!

CACIB Klagenfurt (A), 10.06.2017
Judge: H. Kirschbichler (A)

Dayo - Msumari`s Dayo Youyaro (Eigentümer: Peter Keitel. München)
Male Junior Class, Exc.1, J-CACA and new Austrian Juniorchampion!!!

Noué - Msumari`s Dayo Younoué (left on the photo)
Female Intermediate CLass, Exc.1 & CACA!


Noué new Austrian Juniorchampion!!!

CACIB Wieselburg (A), 20.05.2017
Judge: Darko Korosec (SLO)

Dayo - Msumari`s Dayo Youyaro (Owner: Peter Keitel. München)
Male Junior Class, Exc, 1, J-CACA and in the main ring he was the pick of the group 5 juniors and finally with the last 5 best junior under the handling of Evija Fasching!
Super, well done both! Thanks, Evija!

Youhli - Multi-Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli
Female Champion Class, V1, CACA und CACIB

Noué - Msumari`s Dayo Younoué
Female Junior Class, Exc.1, J-CACA and then BOS !!!
She is now as well new Austrian Juniorchampion !!!

And all 3 together in the main ring breeders group Best in Show place 3!
Thank you to Dayos owner Geli for the lovely company!


Noué & Dayo - w
e have two new Msumari`s Juniorchampions!!!

CACIB Erfurt (D), 07.05.2017
Judge: Nico Kersten (D)

Dayo - Msumari`s Dayo Youyaro (Owner: Peter Keitel. München)
Male Junior Class, Exc.1, J-CAC and new GermanJuniorchampion VDH !!!
Besides this passed the test for good temperament which will be needed for the breeding permission!

Noué - Msumari`s Dayo Younoué
Female Junior Class, Exc.1, J-CAC, Best Junior and then BOS!!!
She is now as well new German Jugendchampion VDH & Club!!!
So great!
Again no main ring for the juniors but we had a great day together with Dayos owners at Erfurt!
A lovely and succesful weekend!

IMG_3208_(2).jpg IMG_3266_(2).jpg

Noué was succesful!

National Show at Erfurt (D), 06.05.2017
Judge: Peter Król (PL)
Msumari`s Dayo Younoué
Female Junior Class, Exc1, J-CAC und Best Junior!
And she passed the test for good temperament which will be needed for the breeding permission!
Unfortunatly no main ring for the juniors so we went shopping and took the lovely pic of Noué in front of the dome of Erfurt!


09.04.2017 - We´ve been at the Coursing-Training at Ingolstadt

There we met as well "Yolo" and his family for the first time again, Yala with Helga and Youma with Tina & Siegi have been there as well! Loua, Minouh, Youhli, Noué, Dayo, Youma & Yolo had so much fun at the coursing track!

IMG_1363.jpg IMG_1366.jpg IMG_1103.jpg IMG_1104.jpg IMG_1128.jpg
IMG_0907.jpg IMG_1226.jpg IMG_1229.jpg IMG_1179.jpg IMG_1183.jpg
IMG_0974.jpg IMG_0977.jpg IMG_1303.jpg IMG_1310.jpg IMG_1311.jpg
IMG_1068.jpg IMG_1073.jpg IMG_1331.jpg IMG_1336.jpg IMG_1337.jpg
IMG_1143.jpg IMG_1208.jpg IMG_1158.jpg IMG_1166.jpg IMG_1192.jpg


We have been at the CACIB at Salzburg with great results:
Judge: Monika Blaha (A)
Dayo - Msumari`s Dayo Youyaro - Male Junior Class, Exc.1 & J-CACA, Jugendbester & BOS!!!
Noué - Msumaris Dayo Younoué - Female Junior Class, Exc. 1, J-CACA, Jugendbeste and in the Main Ring out of over 60 Juniors with the last 6!



We had a successful weekend in the black forest!
Togehter with Dayos owners, we`ve been in the balck forest from friday till sunday and we visited Baden-Baden, the Casino and we made a trip to Strasbourg.

Saturday we`ve been at the CACIB at Offenburg with the following great results:
Judge: Peter Machetanz
Dayo - Msumari`s Dayo Youyaro - Male Junior Class, Exc.1 & J-CAC
Noué - Msumaris Dayo Younoué - Female Junior Class, Exc.1, J-CAC, Best Junior & BOS!
So great!



The destiny of a breeder...
You can`t keep them all and you have to let them go...
But we`re always in tears... a lot of tears!

Yolo left us today...
He moved to his wonderful new home, to a lovely family, who lives only about 50min drive from us in the south of Munich andwe`ll see him often!
But it´s always so hard to let the little ones go, specially when they stayed longer...
Bye bye, beautiful little Yolo, we`ll always love you ♥

Msumari`s Ema Eyolo
Dam: Multi-Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli
Sire: Ch. Khani`s Teazer She Thinks My Tractor`s Sexy



We have been successful at the CACIB at Graz in Austria, 04.03.17!
Under the irish judge Michael Leonard  Loua - Loki`s Iloua - wins Veteran BOB!
Noué - Msumari`s Dayo Younoué -  gets Exc.1 in the female junior class and in the main ring under the judge Zelijka Fon-Zidar (SLO) she wins junior best of group!!!
Super! A great success!

03.03.17 - Yolo is in the austrian mountains for the first time!


01.03.17 - Yala was here for a visit for some days!

Yala was here for some days and the Msumari`s Pack, specially Yolo und Noué had a lot of fun with her!


Life doesn't require that we be the best, only that we try our best!
(H.J. Brown)

I always try to find the best homes for my puppies...
For several reasons the home for my precious boy of the Msumari's E-Litter is not what I expected...
So he will be renamed into  "Yolo" (Msumari's Ema Eyolo) and he is now looking for his new, great, basenji suitable forever home!
Serious inquieries are warmly welcome!
"Yolo" is born on 19.12.2016 and he is the son of my "Youhli", Multi-Champion Msumari's Bayouhli and "Kenny", Ch.
Khani's Teazer She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy.
More pics of „Yolo“ can be seen below and more pics of the Msumari`s E-Litter can be seen in the E-Litter Diary!

IMG_4327_Kopie.jpg IMG_4566_Kopie.jpg IMG_4802_Kopie.jpg IMG_4654_Kopie.jpg IMG_5439_Kopie.jpg IMG_5612_Kopie.jpg IMG_5856_Kopie.jpg IMG_5872_Kopie.jpg
IMG_5969_Kopie.jpg IMG_6376_Kopie.jpg IMG_6528_Kopie.jpg IMG_6631_Kopie.jpg IMG_6963_Kopie.jpg IMG_6973_Kopie.jpg IMG_7205_Kopie.jpg IMG_7127_Kopie.jpg

Today, we`re exactly 8 weeks old and Mr. Heckelsmüller was here to give us the approval from the Basenji Club for the E-Litter!
Everythink was ok, means we can move to our new homes pretty soon!
Thank you to Mr. Heckelsmüller for coming!

IMG_6168.JPG IMG_6172.JPG

12.02.17 - It was an exciting day today - the vet visited us!

The vet Johannes Klimek was here today, examined, chiped and vaccinated the puppies! Everything was fine and with a yummy treat they forgot the pain of the injection!



♥ Happy Birthday "Youhli" & "Moyo ♥

The two great sibblings of the Msumari`s B-Litter

BISS/Multi-Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli & Res-BISS/Multi-Ch. Msumari`s Baymoyo
(Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh X Ch. C-Quest Jokuba Dandy Shandy)

Both have been the favourites of my Msumari`s B-Litter and stayed in my Msumari`s Kennel!
Youhli lives with us and is the proud mommy of the Msumari`s D & E-Litter!
Moyo lives with my friend Katrin and is the proud daddy of the Abhilasha`s A-Litter in Germany and the Abuluka P2-Litter in Belgium!



Happy 4. Birthday Msumari`s B-Wurf

♥ Baya, Youhli, Nayla, Benji & Moyo ♥

Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh X Ch C-Quest Jokuba Dandy Shandy

Ch. Msumari`s Bayabaya
Ch. Msumari`s Bayouhli
Msumari`s Baynaylah
Msumari`s Bayobenji
Ch. Msumari`s Baymoyo



Happy 2. Birthday Msumari`s C-Wurf

♥ Malou, Tayo, Hiro & Zuri ♥

Ch. Msumari`s Aza Aminouh X Ch Crystal Javelin Lusien

Msumari`s Chi`Malou
Msumari`s Chi`Matayo
Msumari`s Chi`Madahiro
Msumari`s Chi`Mazuri