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Sabine Nagel

From my earliest days on, I had contact with animals, and since I remember, my answer to the question, what my Christmas wish was – “ I want a dog!”
With 8 Years, my wish came true, and we got our first dog, a St. Bernhard.
Unfortunately, Mirko died early, Bibo who took his beloved place, turned ten years old. After him, we had two cats, Grisu turned 19(!) years in spring 2007, and he`s still healthy living with my family.
My first exposure to basenjis happened at a dog show in Dortmund/Germany in the early 90ties. The dog of my dreams became reality.
With few breeders in Germany, I turned towards Great Britain, where I got in contact with
Sally & Marvin Wallis. It took more than 1 1/2 years, before I got my first basenji in 1995 –
Zande Asali.
Since then, I have been infected by the basenji virus, and I can not get rid of him anymore.
But it took 11 more years, to get a second basenji – Loki`s Iloua arrived in 2006.
Since 2002 I live at a lovely lake in Bavaria/ Germany called Ammersee, together with my big love Andreas.

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